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Order a PC

Instructions on how to get UNT Standard Computer quotes.

Grant remote access to a computer

Need to access a computer remotely? Fill out this form to get Windows Remote Access (RDP) set up for a specific person to a specific computer.

Request enhanced user privileges

Do you need administrator privileges on your computer? If it helps advance research and education at UNT, you can request administrator privileges after taking a quiz and submitting an agreement form.

Order a Mac

You can purchase a customized Apple computer if the device supports your research needs.

Add Device to Apple School Manager

Request to add a device to Apple School Manager. This form is intended for CAS employees, or users who were instructed to complete this form by a CAS employee.

View FAQs & documentation

Need help with something related to Computers? Check out our FAQs, how-tos, and other documentation for this service.

View FAQs & documentation