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COVID-19—CAS's offices are closed on-campus, but we're open for business with some restrictions and working remotely to serve your academic IT needs.

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Grant remote access to a computer

Need to access a computer remotely? Fill out this form to get Windows Remote Access (RDP) set up for a specific person to a specific computer.

Order a PC

UNT faculty and staff can browse a customized Dell Premier store to purchase PCs. To purchase a Dell PC, look at what's available, decide what you need, and start the purchase process with your department's purchasing agent.

Order a Mac

You can purchase a customized Apple computer if the device supports your research needs.

Request enhanced user privileges

Do you need administrator privileges on your computer? If it helps advance research and education at UNT, you can request administrator privileges after taking a quiz and submitting an agreement form.

View FAQs & documentation

Need help with something related to Computers? Check out our FAQs, how-tos, and other documentation for this service.

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