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Order a PC

Instructions on how to get UNT Standard Computer quotes.

Grant remote access to a computer

Need to access a computer remotely? Fill out this form to get Windows Remote Access (RDP) set up for a specific person to a specific computer.

Request enhanced user privileges

Do you need administrator privileges on your computer?

Reasonable requests that are technical in nature (i.e., not personal preference or convenience) and are required to advance research and education at UNT can request administrator privileges after taking a quiz and submitting an agreement form.

Order a Mac

You can purchase a customized Apple computer if the device supports your research needs.

Add Device to Apple School Manager

Request to add a device to Apple School Manager. This form is intended for CAS employees, or users who were instructed to complete this form by a CAS employee.

View FAQs & documentation

Need help with something related to Computers? Check out our FAQs, how-tos, and other documentation for this service.

View FAQs & documentation