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Order a PC

Standard Configurations:

Currently the Dell Premier site is not easily accessible and is not being reliably updated. Until a new process is finalized, please view the attached PDF for a list of all current Dell Standards.

When you find a build that you want, submit a request for a quote via email to CAS-ITServices@unt.edu. Include in the email which build you're looking for (either the type and configuration, or select the numbers on the side) and the quantity of each selection.

Non-Standard Requests:

If what you want is not available on the standard list, please fill out the PDF "Personal Computer and Tablet Purchase Exception Form.pdf" (located at the bottom of this page) with the build you're wanting (shopping cart of a full detail of components is useful) and the justification for the deviation from one of the standard builds. Please send the form (without signatures) to CAS-ITServices@unt.edu with a short description restating the justification with any additional details you want to include to help us determine approval viability that was not included in the form, what funding type will be paying for the exception, and the email of your departmental purchasing agent who will be making the purchase on your behalf.