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UNT faculty and staff can browse a customized Dell Premier store to purchase PCs.

To purchase a Dell PC, simply follow 3 steps to get your departmental purchasing agents the information they need:


Dell desktops are either a SFF (Small Form Factor size), or an AIO (All-in-one) :

We have listed the options below (excluding tablets and accessories) and included their core components for easy decision making if you know approximately what you're looking for but what a quick comparison chart between the offerings.


  • Optiplex 7050 - CAS ITS Recommended


    Intel® Core™ i5-7500 Processor (Quad Core, 6MB, 3.4GHz) (recommended for normal daily work)


    Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor (Quad Core, 8MB, 3.6GHz) (recommended for researchers)


    8 GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Memory


    16 GB (2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Memory (recommended)

    Hard Drive

    256 GB 2.5inch SATA class 20 Solid State Drive (SSD)

    with optional

    2TB (2000GB) 2.5inch SATA 5400RPM Hard Drive (slow but lots of space)

    Video Card Intel® Integrated Graphics
    DVD Drive


    8x DVD+/-RW Optical drive

    For more specifications of the 7050, click here.

  • Optiplex 5250 AIO (All in One) - Best for kiosks, labs, short duration, current option has no height adjustment for the monitor

    CPU Intel® Core™ i5-7600 Processor (Quad Core, 6MB, 3.5GHz)

    8 GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Memory


    16 GB (2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Memory (recommended)

    Hard Drive 256 GB 2.5inch SATA class 20 Solid State Drive (SSD)
    Video Card Intel® Integrated Graphics
    Display 21.5" FHD (1920x1800) WLED

    For more specifications of the 5250 AIO, click here.


  • Dell Latitude E7480 - The standard laptop. Highly recommended to purchase accidental warranty in the options.
    CPU Intel® Core™ i5-7300U (Dual Core, 2.6GHz)

    8 GB (2x4GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Memory


    16 GB (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Memory

    Hard Drive 256 GB Solid State Drive
    Weight 3.01 lb

    14" HD (1366x768)

    Screen reduced in quality from previous year

    For more specifications of the E7480, click here.

  • Dell Latitude 12 5285 - Dell's recent 2-1 that is more a tablet than a laptop. DOES NOT COME WITH KEYBOARD OR PEN, NOR ARE THESE AVAILABLE IN DELL PREMIER
    CPU Intel® Core™ i5-7300U (Dual Core, 2.6GHz)

    8 GB DDR3 Memory

    Hard Drive 256 GB Solid State Drive

    12.3" Touchscreen (1920x1280)

    For more specifications of the Dell 5285, click here.


Now that you've seen what is on offer, you need to decide a few things:

  1. The standard machines do not come with a mouse or keyboard and must be purchased separately, so if you want new ones you'll have to add them to your cart from within the Premier site before finalizing your quote. You can also purchase a mouse and keyboard from an online retailer if you want something other than a basic dell keyboard or mouse.
  1. The 7050 desktop only has 2 DisplayPort slots and a HDMI slot, so if your monitors don't have DisplayPort slots or an HDMI slot, or you don't have those cables, you'll need to purchase those from the site of your choice (amazon, monoprice, etc.). For reference, here are the types of video plugs:
DVI HDMI VGA DisplayPort (DP)

Most common is bottom type.

Not included on newer computers

Included on current desktops and most monitors.

Older standard, not included on new machines

Included on some monitors

Included on all new monitors

Included on all new machines

Icon is letter P inset into letter D

  • Keep in mind that these desktops can only support TWO monitors. If you need more than that, you'll have to request an exception that includes an additional video card.
  1. Do you need a new monitor? Dell monitors come in two sizes, 22" and 24". Both are identical in terms of quality and performance.
22" Monitor - P2217H 24" Monitor - P2417H
1x HDMI / 1x DisplayPort (DP) / 1x VGA 1x HDMI / 1x DisplayPort (DP) / 1x VGA
H:13.95'~18.81' / W: 19.64' / D: 7.09' H:14.26'~19.37' / W: 21.65' / D: 7.09'
  1. If you want speakers, be sure to include the Dell AC511 Stereo USB Sound Bar which should work with many Dell branded Monitors.
  1. Do you need a CD or DVD drive? The new models do not come with one by default, similar to all the Apple models. You'll need to add in the "Dell 8x External USB Optical DVD+/- RW Drive" listed in the standards. This is not an 'option' you can select when customizing a computer.
  1. Want to get us to double check it? Need to ask another question? Call us at x4498 or email us at CAS-ITServices@unt.edu.

Now you're ready to fill your cart and make an E-Quote, so move ahead to Purchase.


Filling your cart

Navigate to the UNT System Dell Premier page using an on-campus computer. There you will be presented with an image like the one below:

Go ahead and click on "Standard Configurations" where you'll see the following chart:

Here, you should go ahead and add the accessories you need (keyboard, mice, monitors, sound bar) to your cart by hitting the "Add to Cart" option.

Once you've done that, you should hit "Customize" for the model of computer that you want to purchase where you will be presented a part list for the machine. The areas you can change are what was labeled above in the "Look" section, but to assist here's the areas you should pay attention to:

Processor The 7050 allows you to choose either an i5 or an i7 processor
Memory All three dells (SFF, AIO, Laptop) allow you to choose either 8GB or 16GB of ram
Additional Hard Drive The 7050 allows you to add an additional 2TB drive for large storage
Hardware Support Services

You can choose to have either 4 or 5yrs of hardware and labor support from Dell. We recommend 5.

Complete Care On the 7480 (laptop) you can get Accidental Damage Coverage which allows you to get a new machine in the event the laptop is destroyed by fire, liquid, or otherwise. We highly recommend you getting 5 years on any laptops.

Once you've customized your machine the way you want, hit review and continue to double check it all then hit

Creating an eQuote

Now that you have all your accessories and the core machine added to your cart, you need to create an eQuote to prepare a purchase order. The next step is to create an "eQuote" for your purchasing agent in your department to use to create a Purchase Order. Your cart page should have a large button that tells you to , so go ahead and click that.

Quote Detail

Fill out the form as necessary, feel free to ignore the fields that say (optional). Once you fill it out, hit 'Save eQuote'.

Billing Information

Choose the one that lists the following:



Don't choose the one for UNT SCIENCE CENTER, which is listed as 245 COMMERCE.

Shipping Information

Search the company contacts field for your name and select it. If you can't find yours, add a new shipping address with your department's PO BOX. This will ship it to Central Receiving who will then deliver it to your department.

Printing your eQuote

Once you reach the page that says your eQuote has been saved, you need to print it. Click the "Print" button to the right side of the page. This will make a printable page, which then has yet another "Print" button at the top of the page that you can press to bring up your print menu. Then, change your "Destination" or "Printer" (depending on browser, etc.) and select "Save as a pdf" or the "Adobe PDF" printer to create the PDF that you send to your purchasing agent or attach to your PO if you are the purchaser.

Non-Standard Requests

If the above devices do not meet your needs, you will have to fill out an exception form unless you qualify for an authorized variance request.

Either way, email CAS ITS either the exception form or your reasoning for the authorized variance. Please include the following items in this email:

  • Quote or direct link to the product you want to purchase
  • Technical reason why the standard configurations do not meet your needs. Including software or hardware requirements will assist this.

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