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Accounts & Servers

Get an account

Are you a new employee who needs a UNT email account or access to other employee resources? Or do you need to give someone--like a visiting scholar or vendor--guest access to something? Get started here.

Request enhanced user privileges

Do you need administrator privileges on your computer?

Reasonable requests that are technical in nature (i.e., not personal preference or convenience) and are required to advance research and education at UNT can request administrator privileges after taking a quiz and submitting an agreement form.

Get Wireless Account

This form is for creating wireless accounts for guests and events. If you have an EUID, then you should already have access to wireless.

Get Wireless Guest Account

UNT Guest wireless accounts are provided to guests attending UNT for a short time & when requested by an existing UNT Faculty or Staff member.

Request a Firewall Exception

UNT allows only pre-approved access to specific computers on the UNT network. Ask for an exception to the firewall rules if you need to make something on the UNT network available to non-UNT colleagues to make collaboration easier, or you provide a public service from the UNT network.

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Need help with something related to Accounts & Servers? Check out our FAQs, how-tos, and other documentation for this service.

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