UNT email strengthens your status (via UNT branding) and enables you to share mail boxes and other resources (calendars, equipment, rooms, etc.) while limiting your legal and policy risk.
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Integrate tightly with UNT

Showcase your official affiliation with the university to your contacts 

Make your legacy sustainable by establishing your name as a clean, concise brand within your email address

Find professors and other students easily with the built-in UNT directory 

Get help from UNT IT experts 

UNT IT experts possess in-depth, UNT-specific knowledge and resources to keep our email system and you working

Protect yourself and our students

Protect your intellectual property, per laws and policy

Block 90% of virus-laden, fraud, and unsolicited marketing (a.k.a. "spam") email

Keep sensitive email, that colleagues and/or students send you, private