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Exchange Distribution List

A good case for a distribution list is when a department chair wants an email list for their faculty and/or staff.

  • limited to emailing UNT email addresses only
  • shows up in the Global Address Book
  • managed by the List Owner

Mailman Mailing List

You may want to use a Mailmain list for discussion groups, announcements lists, or any variation of list.

  • can send email to any email address
  • does not show up in the Global Address Book
  • managed through the web interface.

phpList Mailing List

phpList is best suited for sending announcements and advertising events, while also providing statistics on the number of recipients who open the message and the links they click in the mesage.

  • can send email to and email address
  • manged through the web interface
  • best used with a shared mailbox for receiving replies from recipients


Your list password will be randomly generated and emailed to you. We recommend resetting your password as soon as you receive your confirmation email.

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Note: The person filling out this form will be marked as the owner of the list.

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