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Get a new Shared Resource in Outlook


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Request an Outlook Resource

A common request from CAS Faculty and Staff is to have a separate mailbox or calendar for managing some sort of non-user entity, like a scholarship or degree program. An Outlook Resource allows you to do just that.

The primary benefit of a Outlook Resource is having its own mailbox, calendar, etc. and giving the flexibility to have multiple users read and send messages on behalf of the resource. A resource also helps in areas of high-turnover by keeping all messages in the resource mailbox and not scattered among various mailboxes. Here are a few examples of Outlook Resources in CAS:

  • The Physics department uses a resource to manage correspondence on all purchase order requests submitted via a web form
  • The Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism manages thier conference correspondence with a resource
  • KNTU and NTTV have resources shared among their part-time student employees for them to corresponde on behalf of the stations
  • The Dean's office uses a resource for scheduling the GAB 210M conference room

If you need an email address that distributes to a group of people, you probably want to Request an Electronic Mail List.

Once you've determined a Outlook Resource is really what you need, read through the following notes and submit the form information below. The CAS Postmaster will contact you once your Outlook Resource is created.


  • Electronic mail travels over the internet unencrypted; you should never include sensitive information in email
  • All users needing to access a resource must have a Outlook account; the resource is accessed via the Outlook Proxy feature. Student Outlook accounts may be requested by their full-time supervisor.