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Add Device to Apple School Manager


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Newly purchased Apple devices need to be assigned within Apple School Manager (ASM) in order for us to manage and support them. Devices are assigned to our Jamf server, allowing Automated Device Enrollment (ADE/DEP) to automatically enroll and configure devices as soon as they connect to any network connection. When a user gets a new device, submit this form with the serial number and UNT asset tag to get it added. If this is an iMac or Mac mini, or the user provided an Ethernet adapter that they'll be using to connect to the wired UNT network, remember to submit the Request Dynamic IP and DNS Service for a Computer form. Please select whether you need to add or remove a device from ASM. You should only remove a device from ASM if it is being surplussed. If you make a mistake submitting this form, reply to the OTRS ticket.

You'll receive a notification after your request has been completed, so that you can start the setup process. Do not connect the device to the UNT network or start the Setup Assistant process until you've received a notification.

You can find the serial number on the back of the device, on the device packaging, or in recoveryOS by running this command in Terminal.

ioreg -l | grep IOPlatformSerialNumber

Remember to please double-check both the serial number and asset tag before submitting this form.