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UNT Standard Configurations

Pre-approved and pre-configured options for Apple Products

UNT System standard Apple Quotes can be found at the bottom of this link: UNT Standard Configurations

  • Any changes desired to the standard quotes, must go through the Custom Quote process below

  • The quotes listed on that page are the only available options and no cosmetic or internal component customizations are possible without an exception.

  • If the "Quote Valid Until" date has passed, submit it to the BSC anyway as they may have a more updated quote that hasn't pushed to the website yet.

  • Departmental staff do the purchasing and the department receives the computer, notifying CAS when it arrives.

  • If you run into problems, email us.

Custom Quote

For when the standard doesn't meet your needs

If the UNT standards do not meet your needs, follow this procedure:

Once we have your quote and request, we will re-quote your selection with the following changes:

  • CAS will add any Educational discounts we apply for
  • CAS will add 4 year AppleCare+, if possible, to your quote to ensure your device aligns with UNT best practices.
    • AppleCare+ package is required for CAS ITS to support your hardware.
      • This AppleCare package will raise your final price by $40-$200 depending on your selected hardware. These prices are determined by Apple Inc. and are subject to change without notice.
  • CAS will add an appropriate Ethernet Adapter to your Apple MacBook quote as they do not have ethernet ports included,

We will respond with your Custom Apple Quote as soon as possible. However, all quotes must be finalized by Apple Inc. representatives. Thank you for your patience.