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UNT Standard Configurations

UNT System has created quotes for Standard Configurations which can be submitted for purchase.

The quotes listed on that page are the only options and there is no ability to customize them beyond that quote.

The quotes should be purchaseable by the BSC regardless of the date of the quote. If you run into problems, email us.

Custom Quote

If the UNT standards do not meet your needs, you can create a custom Apple quote with the hardware that you need, just follow the instructions below.

Then, once you have submitted a custom quote, an Exception Request (or an Authorized Variance, just send the justification reasoning and quote) will need to be filled out and sent to: CAS-ITServices@unt.edu

Before you fill out the form below ...

Visit the Apple Mac Store and configure the device you want. Supported Devices:

Save your configuration as a PDF ...

Before adding your configured Apple Mac to the cart, print a PDF of the web page. If you need help doing this, please contact us. Here's an example of a PDF that is at the screen that we would want -- make sure you have your settings marked before making the PDF.

CAS ITS will add 3 year AppleCare to your quote. This AppleCare package is required for CAS ITS & MMS to support your hardware. This AppleCare package will raise your final price by $40-$200 depending on your selected hardware. These prices are determined by Apple Inc. and are subject to change without notice.

CAS ITS requires an Ethernet Adapter with all computers. Apple MacBooks do not have ethernet ports included. In this case, CAS ITS will add an appropriate Ethernet Adapter to your quote.

We will respond with your Custom Apple Quote as soon as possible. However, all quotes must be finalized by Apple Inc. representatives. Thank you for your patience.

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