Request New Software

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Before you request new software, please check to see if it is one of the dozens of software titles available through and supported by CAS IT Services.

If the software you want is not already available, please fill out the Request New Software form below to have the software:

  • purchased (or otherwise acquired) by either:
    • the College
    • your department
    • you, using research or grant funds
  • supported by CAS IT Services
  • made available to some or all of the following:
    • faculty and instructors
    • departmental staff
    • student computing facilities

When allocating college funds for software purchases, CAS IT Services (CAS ITS) gives preference for software that will be used by the largest number of people. For example, we would favor software used for Core Courses, by multiple departments, or used in multiple courses. We encourage you to contact colleagues who may also have an interest in or a need for the software you're requesting, to illustrate its potential audience.