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Please search our current titles before placing a request. If we do not offer the title or version you need, please submit the following form.

Expect it to take longer (sometimes a lot longer) to happen than non-UNT individual or group purchases. Some examples of the UNT processes follow (not necessarily done in this order, processes differ across products):

  • Ensuring our highest priority remains with keeping existing software working rather than adding new software
  • Learning how we plan to use the software
  • Understanding the vendor and product's licensing types and methods that work for our use cases
  • Identifying fund sources and getting committment for our use cases
  • Testing deployment feasibility for use cases
  • Learning if people need training to use the software
  • Using the appropriate purchase method
  • Getting approvals from UNT System IT Security, UNT System IT Compliance, and the UNT ITPP Committee
  • Paying the vendor for the product so we can get the product
  • Creating and testing production software deployment packages for viability and the use case
  • Deploying the software
  • Announcing the software's availability


  • Departments or grants typically fund individual small group purchases.
  • CAS IT can help identify funding for larger scale purchases that benefit multiple departments, colleges, or UNT institutions.

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