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Installing Windows Software via Software Center

To see what programs you can add to your computer, launch Software Center. Software Center shows you the programs that are available for you to install.

Launching Software Center

For computers running Windows 7, Software Center can be found in the Start Menu:

  1. Open the Start Menu, either by clicking on the Start Menu icon or by pressing the Windows Key:

    Windows 7 start menu with blank search box
    Notice your cursor is already in the "Search" field...

  2. Type "software" in the search field:

    Windows 7 start menu with "software" typed into search box
    Windows will locate Software Center and display it in the Search Results.

  3. Press the Enter Key or click on Software Center in your search results.

If you would like Software Center to always appear at the top of your Start Menu, go through the steps above but replace Step 3 with:

  1. Right-click Software Center with your mouse.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select Pin to Start Menu.

If you encounter errors while trying to install software, please review the common issues encountered while installing software using Software Center.

If you are still unable to install software, or if you need specific assistance with Software Center, please contact CAS IT Services. Please include the following information:

  • Computer Name
  • Name of software that failed to install
  • The exact content of any error message you may have received

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