Wireless or remote access


Login to webfile.cas.unt.edu for the easiest and fastest way to quickly get your files to your (any Internet) location.  

With this solution, you copy a file from UNT, make edits, then upload again. This process may be easier for quick access, but involves more steps to edit documents than VPN authentication. 


On campus or through the a VPN connection, users can map drives directly. When prompted for a username and password, you may need to specify, "UNT\<EUID>", to successfully authenticate.

After installing the Cisco AnyConnect software, you can connect and use (edit, change, etc.) your home, shared, and research files as easily as when you access them on the campus network.  

With this solution, you access the file directly where it lives, so, "saving" it updates the original file without having to go through the steps required for webfile access.

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