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Departmental Shared Laptops

Some departments may have laptop computers that staff and faculty can use temporarily. If you use a loaned laptop, please be aware of some of these additional responsibilities.

Departments with shared laptops are encouraged to connect the laptops to the network and power, and turn them on, they do not have to log in, so that they can contact our servers to perform updates and maintenance tasks. Tuesday evenings are the ideal times to do this as Wednesday mornings are the scheduled time to install Windows Updates.

Note: CAS ITS offers a laptop checkout service.

All Laptops

You must log into the laptop with your EUID while it is plugged into an active UNT wired network port before you take the computer off-campus. If you do not have a UNT wired network port available, come by the CAS IT Helpdesk and use one of ours.

To help prevent data loss, save or backup your data on something besides the local hard drive, such as:

Apple macOS

After your initial login, while plugged into an active UNT wired network port, you must contact the CAS IT Helpdesk to be added to the list of FileVault users on the laptop.