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CAS Faculty and Staff Laptop Checkout

CAS Service Desk Faculty and Staff Laptop Checkout

Laptop and Accessory Information:

CAS IT has twenty-five laptops (20 at Main Campus, 5 at Discovery Park) that are used as short-term replacements for machines being worked on and for short term loans to take to a conference or for a meeting. They are 14" 2018 Dell Latitude 7490's with the following specifications:
* Quad-Core i5-8350U processor
* Windows 10
* 8GB of RAM

Each laptop also comes with a charger, a video adapter, an Ethernet adapter, and a carrying case.


Each laptop comes pre-loaded with a majority of the software we offer for your convenience. There are specific programs that are restricted to users of certain departments; these programs will still be available through the Software Center, but are not pre-loaded.

Here is the list of software that comes pre-loaded on the laptops:

CAS Remote Firefox Office 2016 Flash Player


McAfee Anti-Virus Cisco Anyconnect 7Zip Chrome MS Project 2016
MC Visio 2016 R R Studio VLC Media Player
Zoom Meeting Client Adobe DC Adobe CC After Affects Adobe CC Audition Adobe CC Bridge
Adobe CC Dreamweaver Adobe CC Illustrator Adobe CC InCopy Adobe CC InDesign Adobe CC Lightroom
Adibe CC Media Encoder Adobe CC Muse Adobe CC Photoshop Adobe CC Premiere Adobe CC Preview

Checkout Procedures:

For Short-Term Loans:

Laptops may be checked out by any full-time faculty or staff of COS, CLASS, CI, or Mayborn for up to 2 weeks. This may be extended up to a month (see "Extensions," below). If we're working on your machine and are loaning you a laptop to have a machine to work on, you can use the laptop until we get your normal machine back to you.

Come visit our office with your UNT ID and ask any Tech for a Laptop Rental. We will get the laptop and accessories ready for you, have you log in while you're in the office, and answer any other questions you may have.

You will then receive an email from us, containing the rental agreement as well as information related to UNT computer use policy and Information Security.

Check-In Procedure:

Just bring the device back to our office, or have us come pick it up from your office or department front desk.

Please ensure that the power adapter, video adapter, Ethernet adapter, and the laptop are all in the bag that was issued.


You can extend the duration of your short-term loan by a week four times. Unfortunately, the laptop must be checked back in to CAS in the office for maintenance and updates before being checked out again after being out for 5 weeks.

Late Returns:

If a Rental has been out for longer than a month, and emails prompting for the return of the device have been unsuccessful, CAS will first inform the chair of the department and extend the duration by another week before taking additional measures.

Things we recommend:

  • Don't save anything you want to keep, locally on the hard drive. Please use OneDrive, our shared drives, or an external USB drive.
  • Don't sync any devices or accounts with the machine
  • Use OneDrive or an external drive to save your data.
  • Use the USB-to-Ethernet adapter instead of the Ethernet Port

Other Information:

  • What if I damage the device?
    • We appreciate you taking care with the machines, but understand that sometimes accidents happen. If the laptop or an accessory is damaged, please inform us as soon as possible and bring the device back to our office.
  • Do you have any Apple products?
    • We will be adding Apple MacBook Airs to our list of available machines to check out in the near future.
  • What if I left data on the device when I turned it in?
    • We do not perform a back-up or save any data left on the device when it is returned, and as part of the normal process when it comes back all local user data is deleted.