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Adobe CC (Creative Cloud)

Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) is available to all UNT faculty, staff, and students through the following methods:

Students: Get a discounted Adobe CC subscription for $53.00/school year

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Faculty & staff: Use your UNT-provided license

UNT faculty and UNT staff (at least 75% FTE) have full access to Adobe CC on both their work computer and up to 2 personal devices.

Faculty & staff: How to access your UNT-provided license

When you launch an Adobe application that is part of Creative Cloud, you will be presented with an Adobe login screen asking you to login using your Adobe ID and password. For your Adobe ID, enter your official UNT email address but do NOT enter your password. Your official UNT email address is:

for faculty/staff, typically

Upon entering your email address and clicking the OK button, you should be redirected to the UNT System login page, where you will login using your EUID and password.

Availability details
Available on: 
Available to: 
May be installed on: 
UNT-owned computers on campus
Lab and classroom computers
Faculty laptop or home computer
Student-owned devices