Adding webforms in Drupal

Webforms are a great way to set up forms for receiving data—such as e-mail or registration forms—on your website. 

To create a webform:

  1. Go to Content Management » Create Content » WebformThis page allows you to change the title and menu location of your webform.
  2.  Put a description of the form, such as a due date, in the "Body" field; this information will appear above the form.
  3.  Hit "save" at the bottom of the page.

After saving this page, you will be redirected to the page to add fields to your form. The most common field types that are used are:

  • Textfield (default) - allows the user to input plain text information, such as Name or City
  • E-mail - saves the user's e-mail; useful for forms with autoresponse functionality
  • Select options - dropdown box, checkboxes, or radio buttons