Software licensing network

The network software license manager is a management tool used by UNT and software vendors to control where and how software products are able to run. License managers protect software vendors from losses due to software piracy and enable end-user organizations to comply with software license agreements.

CAS ITS along with ACUS maintain central license servers dedicated to serving "flexible" network and concurrent licenses for UNT-owned software products that use them.

UNT maintains centralized software licenses for several applications. Please contact the helpdesk for a current list of products supported, and how to connect to the server(s).

If you or your department are considering a purchase of a product that offers, recommends, or requires a floating, concurrent, feature-based, metered, or otherwise controlled license, please contact the helpdesk.

Read about the benefits of using our Software licensing network service.

The primary benefits of these software management tools are that they greatly reduce the difficulty, cost, and time required for reporting and can increase operational transparency in order to prevent litigation costs associated with software misuse.

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