At this time, CAS ITS does not support widespread wireless network printing. 

Security Problems 

The UNT network would be easier prey for hackers with wireless printing, the dangers include:

  • Compromising a system here can lead to compromising many remote sites more easily.
  • Compromising UNT's Network architecture.
          UNT has tens of thousands of networked devices and services.  At home, you risk compromise to just your data.  On campus, you risk compromise of  
          your data, your colleagues' data, and student (and/or client) private information.
  • Printing of protected information:
    • HIPAA
    • FERPA
    • Intellectual property

Technical Problems

We know from the above we need to promote security over convienence, but here are some techincal current issues regarding wireless printing on campus:

  • CITC Data Comm considers wireless networking on campus a “convenience” network and does not support it to the same high standard of the wired network (which is extremely reliable and robust and more secure).
  • Eaglenet
    • Current "production" wireless network.
    • Not secured with any encryption (simply not a viable option when created).
  • Wireless technology is a "broadcast" medium (unlike wired networks, which are typically directed).  That means anyone with a wireless device within range of the broadcast (e.g., your private correspondence or work heading for a printer) may collect the information without your knowledge.

For those reasons, we do not connect printers directly to the wireless network unless they have access through VPN services.

WARNING: If your home wireless network uses WEP (the default installed by Verizon, Charter, etc.), then it is little better than using nothing at all for protecting your family's confidential information.  Contact your vendor to find out, and mandate they upgrade it to at least WPA2 methods (almost all equipment made in the last five years supports WPA2).  For the highest level of security, request WPA2 AES (AKA:  WPA2 CCMP).

Future Plan 

The wireless network replacement for "Eaglenet," which you may see in testing mode, is currently named "UNT."  It is secured much more strongly.  It has been in a testing phase for the past year and we continue to work with our vendor to overcome some serious authentication problems.  After it goes into production, we can then consider adding wireless printers to the “UNT” wireless network.

Current Method

We do have a less convienent and more secure solution for wireless printing that works well.  Once set up, users may print from any Internet connection (including across third party networks such as Verizon, Charter, Spring, AT&T, etc.).  Do the following to make that work:

  • Work with CAS ITS to select and install an enterprise-grade workgroup printer that can securely integrate into the campus network.
  • Use a CAS-configured computer so it has UNT "domain" membership.
  • Connect wirelessly to the campus network (and "domain") through UNT VPN services to securely encrypt all communications.
  • Print via a network print queue to ensure authorized use and limit waste.

For information on which printer to buy, how to set up the printer for network access, etc., please contact your building's computer tech or our office.