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Accessing the CAS File Servers

CAS Information Technology Services provides several methods for CAS faculty and staff to access data resources. CAS-managed computers automatically map drives while on campus, but users who manage their own OS or are off-campus will have to use one of the methods below to access the servers. The documents listed below explain how to establish a connection using various operating systems from on and off campus. The three primary network data volumes are:

  • HOME, houses personal directories named after users' EUIDs
  • SHARED, houses departmental shared folders
  • RESEARCH, houses purchased folders for specific groups/projects that need more space than the default space on SHARED
  • CASResearch, houses folders for specific groups/projects that need more space than what is on RESEARCH

We provide a web-based graphical file explorer useful for access from off-campus, wireless, or non-CAS-supported devices.

On campus or through the VPN connection you can map the drives directly. When prompted for a username and password, you will have to specify, "UNT\<EUID>", to successfullly authenticate.

Windows machines can access volumes through the following UNC paths by entering them into Windows Explorer or the "Start/Run" field:

  • \\\home
  • \\\shared
  • \\\research
  • \\\CASResearch

Mac users have to "Connect to Server" in Finder using the following paths:

  • smb://
  • smb://
  • smb://
  • smb://