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Access a Shared Resource


  • The resource you want to manage is listed in the Outlook global address book.
  • You must have an Exchange Mailbox. Not sure?
  • You have appropriate permissions granted by the CAS Postmaster or the resource manager.

Note: Outlook may need to be closed and re-opened in order for your permissions to the new mailbox to be detected.

Adding an Additional Account in Outlook

Adding an Additional Account in Outlook

  1. Click the File menu in Outlook.
  2. Click Info, if you're not already in the Account Information section.
  3. Click Account Settings to show the additional options.
  4. Click Account Settings... from the drop-down menu, as shown:
  5. Click New..., in the E-mail tab of the Account Settings window, as shown:
  6. Click Next on the Add New Account window with E-mail Account selected, as shown:
  7. Enter your %SharedResourceName% and your %SharedResourceEmail%, as shown (leave password blank):

    %SharedResourceName% is the name of your Shared Resource.
    %SharedResourceEmail% was e-mail in the confirmation notice.
  8. After you click next, you may be prompted to login to that mailbox.
    1. Enter your UPN (typically and password, as shown:
  9. Click Finish if you get three green checkmarks, as shown:

    If you get a red X for any of those three, please do the following:
    1. Take a screen shot.
    2. Reply to your confirmation e-mail (keeping the Ticket# in the subject line), and paste the screen shot into your reply message.
  10. Restart Outlook, so your settings will take effect.
  11. After you restart, you may be prompted to login to that mailbox again.
    1. Enter your UPN (typically and password, as shown:
  12. You may get prompted with a request to allow autodiscover to configure your server settings, as shown:
    1. Check the checkbox, so you don't have to see this prompt anymore.
    2. Click Allow.

Manage a Resource With Webmail Using Internet Explorer or Firefox

Manage a Resource With Webmail using Iternet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari

  1. Using any web browser, visit the web site
  2. Login with your full e-mail address ( and your EUID password
  3. In the upper-right corner click the user icon, and on the drop down menu, select "Open another mailbox..."
  4. Type in the mailbox you'd like to open, and click the "Open" button

  5. The new window that opens contains the mailbox, calendar, etc. for the resource you chose
  6. Closing this separate window disconnects from the resource mailbox. Clicking Log Off closes both the resource session and your email session.

Accessing a Shared Resource from Mobile Device

Accessing a Shared Resource from a Mobile Device

  1. Install the Outlook app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone or iPad)
  2. Add your UNT email account
    • If it already lists your UNT address, make sure any other accounts are deselected then touch "Add Account"
    • If your UNT account is not already listed, touch "Skip" then type in your UNT email
  3. You will be redirected to a UNT page. Input your email and UNT password. Touch "Sign In"
  4. If it asks "Would like to add another account now?", touch "Skip"
  5. Touch the button with the three horizontal bars in the top left next to where it says Inbox. Then touch the mail icon with the + symbol and then touch "Add a shared mailbox"
  6. Select your UNT account, which will be used to authenticate to the shared mailbox.
  7. Enter the address of the shared mailbox you would like to add then touch "Continue"
  8. The icon for the shared mailbox should now appear in the left column under your UNT account icon.