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Access the UNT computer labs remotely

Need to access a lab to use specific software you don't have? Find the lab you need on this page and connect to it online.

If you're having trouble connecting to a lab, check out our guide that explains how to connect and covers issues you may encounter.

Step 1 Connect to the UNT VPN The labs are only available on the UNT VPN. Not sure how to connect to the VPN? Read our guide
Step 2 Find and connect to a lab Instructions on how to connect differ if you're running Windows or MacOS. Read our guide
Step 3 Log in You'll use your EUID to login, though you may need to enter it as STUDENTS\euid. Read our guide
Any files or data you save to a lab computer will be lost when you log out.
0% in use
Terrill Hall 220 Academic Technologies
TH 220
Chilton Hall 255 HPS
CHIL 255
0% in use
Physics Tutoring Lab Physics
PHYS 209
CCIL Course-restricted Chemistry
CHEM 232
Dance/Theatre Technology Lab Dance and Theatre
DATH 127
CVAD Student Computer Lab CVAD
ART 375
Adaptive Lab UIT
SAGE 330
Willis Library Libraries
LIBR 136
Laptop checkout availableVisit this page for more information

Don't see the lab you're looking for? Visit the Student Computer Labs page for availability and hours on other UNT student computer labs affected by COVID-19.

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