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Stroop Effect

  • Stroop Test is a conflict-resolution test to resolve conflicts between the discrepancy between the color and meaning of a word.
  • When the color and the meaning of a word is incongruent, the brain circuit requires additional processing to resolve the conflict.
  • People often recognize the meaning of a word much faster than color recognition.
  • This results in error in recognizing the color when the meaning of the word is in conflict wtih the color.
  • The error in recognition is due to inattention, fatigue and impulsivity.
  • To resolve the conflict, inhibition is required to suppress the faster/stronger process of word-recognition to allow color-recognition be processed by the brain.
  • It takes longer processing time for the brain to resolve this color-word conflict than color-words without conflict.
  • With insufficient inhibition, it often results in error in recognizing the color.
  • Take the Stroop Test now to see it for yourself.

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