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MRI brain

Spike Train Coding/Decoding Theory

  • Neural signal encoding theory
  • Neural signal decoding theory
  • Neural code representation
  • Abstraction of neural code at multiple levels of representation
  • Neural coding algorithms and schemas
  • Stochastic encoding theory
  • Statistical signal processing theory in spike coding

Neural Network Theory

  • Autonomous auto-associative learning theory
  • Neural reinforcement learning theory
  • Neural dynamics and complex interaction
  • Neural network and fuzzy logic theory
  • Statisical processing in neural network ensemble
  • Abstraction in information processing
  • Time representation in neural circuitry

Brain Model Theory

  • Comprehensive unified theory bridging neural processing, cognition and behavior
  • Behavioral model of emotion in learning and cognition
  • Incorporation of emotions in intelligent decision making

Emotional Processing Theory

  • Theory of emotional cognition in neural processing
  • Theory of emotions in cognition
  • Theory of emotional intelligence in decision making
  • Theoretical prediction of emotional responses
  • Theory of emotional assessment in assisting decision

Computational model of neural-compatible learning for teaching

  • Apply associative learning model for teaching
  • Apply reinforcement behavioral model for learning
  • Apply virtual learning technology