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MRI brain

Spike Train Analysis

  • Apply research methods:
    • Multiple spike train analyses
    • Stochastic statistical analyses
    • Corrleation analyses
    • Spike time and phase relationship analyses
    • Neural encoding/decoding analyses
    • Neural information processing

Neural Simulation

  • Generic object-oriented realistic neural simulator
  • Spike train simulator

Neural Networks

  • Learning rules -- Hebbian associative reinforcement learning
  • Time-delayed network architecture
  • Neural network analyses
  • Neural net algorithms
  • Computational model of consolidation in neural circuitry to pass on to next generation

Emotional Cognition

  • Emotional model for cognition
  • Computational roles of emotions in neural processing
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Computational decision making affected by emotions

Computational model of neural-compatible learning for teaching

  • Apply associative learning model for teaching
  • Apply reinforcement behavioral model for learning
  • Apply virtual learning technology