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Share Calendars in Outlook

Follow these steps to share your calendar, or the calendar of a resource you manage, with other Outlook users at UNT. In Microsoft Outlook 2007, do the following:

  1. In the Calendar view of Outlook, right-click the calendar you want to share in the left pane and choose Properties:
  2. Under the Permissions tab of the the Calendar Properties window, click Add to bring up the Add Users search dialog:
  3. In the Add Users search dialog, find the person you want to share with, highlight their name, click Add then click Ok
  4. Back on the Calendar Properties window, select the newly-added person and choose the permissions model from the Permission Level: drop-down menu or customize your own then click Ok.
  5. The two most commonly used permissions profiles are Publishing Editor and Reviewer. Publishing Editor gives full add, delete, change permissions to all calendar items while Reviewer allows read-only access.
  6. The Default and Anonymous entries should be left at their defaults to prevent anonymous users from viewing your calendar content and to allow other UNT Outlook users to perform "busy searches" on your calendar. Confirm that the person has the permissions you want then click Ok:


The Share My Calendar... option is a quick way to share your calendar read-only with someone.