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Adobe CC Application Manager for Windows


Rather than having every single massive Adobe package in SCCM/JAMF, we utilize this console that Adobe gives us so that users can install Adobe software without needing admin rights.

How to Launch the Adobe Application Manager on Windows

Once you've installed the Adobe Application Manager, you should be presented with an Adobe Creative Cloud sign-in window each time you login to your computer.

Adobe CC login screen

If you don't get the sign-in window, or if you cancelled out of it at sign-in, follow these steps to launch it:

1. Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on your Windows desktop, then proceed to Step 3.


2.a. If you don't have the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on your desktop, click on the Windows icon in the Windows System Tray to open the Start menu.

Windows System Tray and Start Menu Icon

2.b. Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon.


3. In the Adobe Creative Cloud login window, enter your official UNT email address (e.g., then click the Sign In button without entering your UNT password.

Adobe CC login screen

4. You will be redirected to the UNT System Authentication page, where you will login using your EUID and password.

UNT Authentication Window

5. Once authenticated, you may notice the Adobe Application Manager performing an update. If so, wait until that update is complete.

Creative Cloud Update Process

6. When the Adobe Creative Cloud application window opens, click on the Apps tab to see a list of available Adobe applications.

Applications Tab in Creative Cloud

7. To run or install a specific Adobe application, click the "Open" or "Install" button to the right of that applications title.

Adobe Applications List

8. If using Adobe Creative Cloud on a computer shared with other people, be sure to Sign Out of your Adobe account when you're done:

8.a. Click the blue circle in the top right corner of the Creative Cloud app.

Adobe User Account Icon

8.b. Click the Sign Out link under your name.

Adobe Sign Out Link