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Adobe Application Manager for macOS


Rather than having every single massive Adobe package in SCCM/Jamf, we utilize this console that Adobe gives us so that users can install Adobe software without needing admin rights.

How to Launch the Adobe Application Manager on macOS

Once you've installed the Adobe Application Manager, follow these steps to launch it:

1. Click on the Adobe Application Manager icon on the right side of the Finder menu bar, then proceed to Step 3.

Adobe Application Manager icon

2.a. If you don't see the Adobe Application Manager icon, click on the Spotlight search icon in the Finder menu bar

Spotlight search icon

2.b. Begin typing "Adobe Applications Manager" in the Spotlight Search text box

Spotlight Search text field

2.c. In the Spotlight search results window, find and double-click on Adobe Application Manager

Adobe Application Manager in Spotlight search results

3. In the Adobe Creative Cloud login window, enter your official UNT email address (e.g., then click the Sign In button without entering your UNT password.

Adobe login window

4. You will be redirected to the UNT System Authentication page, where you will login using your EUID and password.

UNT authentication screen