COVID Dual-Mode Instruction Kits | Computing for Arts + Sciences

COVID Dual-Mode Instruction Kits

These kits are available to checkout by any instructor in need of a document scanner to support classroom instruction, and include some basic supplies to assist in using the document scanner. For a quick tour of this document scanner and its features check out this video!

To schedule an appointment to pick up one of these kits feel free to give us a call at x4498 or email us at These Kits are first come first serve, We have 100 kits to hand out and once they're gone, they're gone. These kits are also for instructional use only!

Once you're ready to use your kit you'll want to make sure to connect all relevant devices (document scanner and headphones) to your computer and check the default device in your application of choice (Zoom, Teams, etc.) to make sure the document scanner and headset are properly selected.

Items Included in the Kit

  1. Backpack
  2. V4K Document Scanner for use to:
    • Serve as a microphone for nearby students and instructors
    • Share nearby views of yourself, students, boards, or the included dry erase board
  3. Dry erase board & markers
  4. Headset
  5. USB hub and adapter
    • When the computer (especially laptops) lack sufficient connections to enable the document camera and/or headset towork.
    • USB A to USB C Adapter for laptops that only have USB C Connections
  6. Power Strip
    • SAFETY WARNING: If using in a room shared with others, route/block strip/cable to prevent mobility hazards.
    • SAFETY WARNING: Do NOT connect this power strip to other power strips
    • SAFETY WARNING: When necessary, ONLY connect to an extension cord temporarily. E.g., connect during class, then disconnect.