Laptop Checkout for UNT Students | Computing for Arts + Sciences

Laptop Checkout for UNT Students

UNT students who are currently enrolled can check out a laptop computer from two of the CAS Student Computer Labs:

  • GAB 330
  • Wooten Hall (WH) 120

What's Available for Checkout?

Each check-out comes as a "kit," and each kit includes the following items:

  • 1 (one) 15-inch Macbook Pro with Touchbar
  • 1 (one) power adapter
  • 1 (one) USB-C charging cable
  • 1 (one) USB-C - to - USB adapter
  • 1 (one) carrying bag

How does the Check-out Process Work?

When you go to the help desk of the GAB 330 or WH 120 computer lab and ask to check out a laptop:

  1. The lab attendant will scan your UNT Student ID card to verify identity and enrollment status.
  2. The lab attendant will print an agreement form, listing:
    • the specific computer and equipment being checked out to you
    • when the equipment is due back
    • the conditions you agree to by checking out the equipment
  3. The lab attendant will issue you a laptop "kit"
  4. You should check to make sure that all listed components are present in the kit (since you will be held responsible if any are missing later).
  5. You will receive an automated email listing the equipment you checked out.
  6. You will receive a reminder email to return the equipment approximately 10 minutes before the return deadline.

When you return the equipment to the lab, the lab attendant will verify that all the kit components are there and that the laptop is in working order. This may take a couple of minutes, so plan in advance; don't expect to be able to just drop it off and go.

Once everything has been checked and verified, the lab attendant will "check in" the equipment, and you will receive an automated email confirming you have returned the equipment. If you do NOT receive such an email within 15 - 20 minutes of returning the equipment, you should return to the lab to verify your equipment return was properly logged.

If you are late returning equipment, you will receive an automated email reminding you when the equipment was due. Excessively late returns may result in loss of check-out privileges for a period of time, to be determined by the lab manager. You are financially responsible for lost or damaged equipment.

What are the Requirements?

To check out a laptop kit from one of our labs, you must:

  • be a UNT student (COS and CLASS faculty and staff should visit the CAS Faculty and Staff Laptop Checkout page)
  • be enrolled in classes for the current semester
  • present your UNT Student ID card to check out a laptop. No, you can't use your roommate's ID!
  • sign an agreement form taking financial responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment while it's checked out to you

What are the Restrictions?

  • Laptop checkouts are limited to four (4) hours (or less, if you are checking out equipment within four hours of the lab closing for the day).
  • Laptops must remain on the main UNT campus.
  • Late returns of equipment may result in loss of check-out privileges.