Reserve a Lab

Please note: If a class is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled reservation without providing us any notice, we will cancel the reservation and open the lab for regular student use.

Select the preferred lab for your requested reservation. If unsure which lab would be best, or if you have no preference, select "Any available." Which lab should I choose?

Tell us if this request is for the entire semester, or if it is for a limited set of dates.

Typically listed as the department abbreviation and course number, such as PSCI 2300.
If not for a specific course, please describe the event, i.e. "COGNOS training" or "Counseling program comprehensive exam."

The specific section number of the class requesting the reservation, where applicable.

Date reservation is needed. Requested date should be no sooner than Monday of the week after the submitting the reservation request.

If you need the reservation on a weekly basis or for several specific dates, please provide that information here.


Time you will begin class. Reservations start either on the hour or half-hour. The lab will typically be available 10 minutes prior to start time for instructors and students to get seated and ready prior to the start of class.


Length of time the reservation will last, in minutes. Classes lasting 1hour 20 minutes should schedule reservation for 90 minutes

Person submitting the reservation request.

Email address of person submitting the reservation request.

Name of person who will be in the lab conducting the class or who is the instructor of record for the class.

Instructor's email address is needed in the event we need to contact the instructor in case of an emergency or last-minute changes or problems in the lab.

The department or organization name for which the reservation is being requested.

Please include area code and use format: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Please list any/all software you will be using during the reservation (see list of available software).

Please do not expect to be able to download and install software for a reservation, as most applications require administrative privileges to install.

List how many people, excluding the instructor, will attend the reservation. This is important, as each lab has a limited number of chairs.

Select the type of computer, or "platform", needed for the reservation, either PC or Mac. If students may use either (assuming needed software is available on both platforms), please select "Any."