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Understanding Email Lists

A common request from CAS Faculty and Staff is to have an email list. Here are a few common examples of email lists in use:

• A center wants to distribute an electronic newsletter

• A workgroup wants an email list for collaboration

If you are a professor teaching a class and want to email your students, you should use the UNT Bulk Mail System. The UNT Bulk Mail system works within the UNT email system and automatically updates with email data from EIS. Access to this system is granted based on teaching assignments and enables UNT employees to email a class, major, or entire college of students.

If you are familiar with traditional mainframe "ListServ" style mailing list UNT provides a service that joins together disparate mailing lists across the Internet. Use this option when you prefer to use a System-wide solution, are familiar with "ListServ" list management, and when some recipients do not have a UNT email address.

If you need a separate mailbox for a non-user entity, an Outlook Resource is probably a better fit; see Requesting an Outlook Resource for more information.

CAS ITS Supported Lists

We support:

  • Outlook Distribution Lists
    This list allows all members to send email to all other members, who must all have UNT email addresses.
  • Mailman Lists
    This list is for when some recipients do not have a UNT email address. You can choose whether members have have the ability to email each other.

If you've decided that you need a Mailmain or Outlook Distribution List, click through to submit a request.