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Exchange Distribution Lists

Exchange Distribution Lists are limited to e-mail UNT e-mail addresses only. These lists will show up in the Global Address Book and can be managed by the List Owner there. A good case for a distribution list is: a department chair wants an e-mail list for their faculty and/or staff.

You can restrict this list in the following ways:

  • Choose whether owner approval is required to join the group.
  • Choose whether the group is open to leave.
  • Message Size Restrictions.
  • Message Delivery Restrictions.
    • Accept messages from everyone or certain people.
    • Reject messages from noone or certain people.
    • Require that all senders are authenticated
      (Using Outlook, OWA, or Exchange client -- this setting is designed to eliminate address spoofing).
  • Message Moderation.
    • Require messages sent to this group to have to be approved by a moderator.
      • The owner will moderate messages unless he/she supplies a list of allowed moderators.
      • A list of non-moderated (safe senders) can be supplied.
    • Moderation Notifications:
      • Notify all senders when their messages aren't approved.
      • Notify senders in your organization only when their messages aren't approved.
      • Don't notify senders when their message aren't approved.

Request an Exchange Distribution List via our webform.