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User-Supported Laptop Encryption Suggestions

All UNT-owned laptops are required to be encrypted: regardless of whether they are CAS-supported or self-supported. If you have a self-supported laptop, CAS ITS can't encrypt it for you nor can we assist you with encrypting it. As a self-supported laptop you are responsible for making sure it adheres to all applicable UNT and state policies. While we can't directly offer assistance with the encryption process, we will offer a few suggestions.


macOS includes a system feature called FileVault, which offers full-disk encryption. We recommend enabling FileVault for your full-disk encryption needs on a Mac.


Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro, and Education editions contain "BitLocker", which is Microsoft's proprietary encryption software. This is our recommendation for implementing encryption on a Dell. If you are running an older (XP/Vista/etc.) or different (Home) version of Windows, it is recommended to upgrade to obtain BitLocker as well as for security reasons. BitLocker is also included in the "Pro" version of Windows 8.1, so upgrading to 8.1 Pro is a viable option as well.

As an alternative, there are also 3rd-party solutions for encryption such as: Symantec Endpoint Encryption

General Information

Here is an external article with more information/alternatives for encryption. *Note: Use of any of this software is at your own risk.