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Unlocking Your Mac

While your Mac is both encrypted by FileVault and locked with your UNT password, you can leverage unique features of the Apple ecosystem to further secure your Mac. By reducing the number of times you enter your password and using biometric authentication like Touch ID, you can increase the length and security of your UNT password.

Touch ID

If your Mac or Magic Keyboard has Touch ID, you can use it to unlock your Mac, authorize purchases from the App Store or other Apple digital stores, and make purchases on the web using Apple Pay. Touch ID can also be used to sign into some third-party apps. You will always need to enter their password when starting or restarting your Mac, or after 48 hours. Touch ID is located at the top-right corner of the keyboard, next to the Touch Bar or row of function keys, depending on the model of Mac. We highly encourage the use of Touch ID.

Note: Touch ID on Magic Keyboard is only compatible with Mac computers with Apple silicon.

Set up Touch ID on your Mac

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Watch Unlock

If you have an Apple Watch and choose to enable it, you can use Watch Auto Unlock. While wearing Apple Watch, a Mac can sense when you are nearby and automatically unlock your screen. Apple Watch can be used to approve prompts for your password. Your password will always need to be entered when starting or restarting your Mac, or after 48 hours. Auto Unlock is available on watchOS 3 or later, and all Macs introduced after 2015. To use Watch Unlock, you must be signed in with their Apple ID on both Apple Watch and Mac.

Set up Watch Unlock on your Mac

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