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Approved Network Devices

Network Switch Recommendations

If you find that you don't have enough physical connections to the UNT network, you can buy additional switches. The table below displays recommended network switches for customers who require additional switch ports:

Allied Telesis GS900/8E

Price: $88
  • 8-port 10/100/1000 auto sensing - Allows for seven computers to access a single network port
  • Lifetime hardware warranty from UNT Datacommunications
  • Can purchase with IDO to CITC

How to Purchase

  1. Decide which switch you'd like to buy
  2. Have your department's purchasing agent (e.g., Administrative Assistant or grant account holder):
    1. Issue an Inter-Departmental Transfer order (IDO) to ITSS for the Allied Telesis switch.

You can contact Blake Meyer Ext. 4732 for assistance with completing your IDO.

Please direct questions regarding your purchasing account, the purchase process, order status, etc. to Financial Reporting Ext. 940-565-4875.

Please contact us with questions regarding the network hardware we've recommended.