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UNT REDCap Migration

UNT will be moving the current REDCap (https://survey.cas.unt.edu) to a new REDCap (https://redcap.untsystem.edu) and will require each project to be migrated by the project owners themselves. Project creation on the old site has been disabled, as all new projects should be created on the new site.

We plan to turn off the old REDCap on July 1st, 2024. You'll need to move all existing projects you'd like to keep to the new site before this date.

Login to the new REDCap (click on "Azure AD" and use your UNT email address associated with your current REDCap account). If you're unable to login, please send us an email at survey@cas.unt.edu.

Important things of note

  • When exporting any data from REDCap, be aware of where any files are downloaded and delete them as soon as you're done importing. This is especially important if your project is gathering senstive data.
  • Please discuss with your REDCap project colleagues on when and who will do the migrating. Migrating one project multiple times could get confusing.
  • It's suggested to find a point in-between survey arms and events where you can send a new survey URL, as the URL will change when migrating. If you have a long-running survey where the published URL can't easily be redistributed, please let us know.

Project Migration

Follow the instructions on this article. Note: we don't host this article, but it's the official article suggested by the REDCap Consortium. Please email us with any questions, instead of following their support links.

For reference, when the article mentions:

Post-Project Migration

Once you and your team are sure all the data has been migrated for your project, please mark the project on the old site for deletion:

  1. Navigate to the project
  2. Click on the "Other Functionality" tab
  3. Click "Delete the project"
  4. This will notify the administrators to delete the project