Getting New-Hire PIN Numbers | Computing for Arts + Sciences

Getting New-Hire PIN Numbers

The Account Management System requires an AMS PIN to activate a new-hire's account.

If the new-hire is a Faculty member, Melissa DeLozier ( will have the EUID and PIN number (she gets it from CAMREQ). Melissa sends the PIN to the user via e-mail (used to be a snail mail welcome letter) - the subject line of this e-mail is "Welcome to UNT! <lastname>"

Remember new Faculty don't have access to a UNT mailbox at this point, so it'd be sent to a personal mailbox that Melissa has, likely the e-mail address the new Faculty used when they applied for their job here.

If this was a Staff member, Business Services will send out the Welcome Letter with the PIN; the number remains their responsibility.

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