UNT CAS Account Terms


A selectable "Accept Terms" option exists at the end of this electronic document. By clicking or selecting the "Accept Terms" option you agree to abide by ALL United States of America and/or State of Texas laws. Furthermore, you agree to abide by ALL University of North Texas and/or College of Arts and Sciences policies. In the bulleted list below, the term "I" refers to you, the person requesting the account. UNT computing policies include but are not limited to the following:

  • I will only use this account for university related work and will not use the account for commercial purposes or financial gain.
  • I will respect the rights of authors including authors and publishers of software, as well as authors and publishers of information, and will abide by any restrictions placed on their usage.
  • I will not break into or use other people's computers/accounts or read or use their information without their consent.
  • I will not write or knowingly acquire, distribute, or allow intentional distribution of harmful software like bombs, worms, trojan horses, or computer viruses.
  • I understand that the unauthorized use of files, information or user ID's is a felony violation of Federal and Texas State laws and will result in the immediate revocation of my privilege to use this facility and possible disciplinary and/or criminal action.
  • The State of Texas prohibits unauthorized use, monitors/tests usage, and prosecutes abusers.