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Agreement for Enhanced User Privileges

We want to work well together to maintain and grow our physical and intellectual assets. To that end, in addition to Federal and State laws and applicable policies and practices, I understand, agree, and will (unless specifically exempted by the final, agreed purpose):

  1. Use enhanced privileges only for the final, agreed purpose to advance UNT CAS education and research while actively limiting risk to our institution, clients, colleagues, students, and myself.
  2. Work effectively and collegially with IT and administrative staff for our mutual benefit:
    • Only install/update software that is not already available and maintained.
    • Contact CAS ITS before making changes that may negatively impact services in use by others.
    • Report security incidents to CAS ITS.
  3. Protect system and information:
    • Confidentiality:
      • Protect unauthorized access to information.
      • Respect the rights of others.
    • Integrity:
      • Limit access to only users/systems who/that need it.
      • Only use enhanced privileges as necessary.
      • Patch and maintain system enhancements.
      • Prepare to re-install enhancements in case CAS ITS re-installs the system.
    • Accessibility:
      • For non-public systems/services, ensure access only by authorized (includes CAS ITS staff) and managed user accounts.
      • Put processes in place such that, in the event of my separation from the institution (e.g., employment termination or death), UNT personnel (department or other) stand ready to take over to sustain the purpose, as needed.