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CAS Technical Support during COVID-19 restrictions

Basic Support:

The CAS Service Desk is ready to respond to receive and release your machines that were being worked on or in-person support by scheduling an appointment Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM via phone (940-565-4498) or email ( We are also available for phone calls & emails during regular work hours, Monday through Friday 8AM to 7PM and Saturdays from 10AM to 2PM. We are capable of remoting into your machines, even while off-campus, to provide the assistance you expect from us and encourage you to reach out for any issue you're running into.

Please see our Contact Us page for our hours, contact methods, and postal / shipping addresses.

CAS Support Considerations:

Protection Procedures:

  • Any computers coming into the office will be wiped down to ensure no danger to IT staff. If it's in a shipping box, we will open it with gloves and be able to work on it without a waiting period.

  • Any in-person interactions require users to be wearing a mask.

  • Users will be served in the GAB atrium outside the GAB 313 office rather than inside 313.

  • If CAS temporarily runs out of gloves or masks, interpersonal interactions will be suspended until additional PPE is acquired.

In-Office work & Warranty Delays:

  • For any issue that requires the machine to be in our office to get worked on, or any warranty repairs needed, expect some delays.

Issues impacted by reduced service capacity:

Inoperable UNT machines:

  • If your UNT machine has stopped working please call us at 940-565-4498 or email us at
  • Once a ticket has been created, you'll be contacted and scheduled a time to drop off your machine GAB 313, and pick up a loaner mac. We are currently out of any loaner windows desktops.
  • After the machine is backed up, imaged, and ready, we will work with you to schedule a time to pick up the machine.

Low performance UNT machines:

  • If the computer you're working remotely on is slow, not the OS you're used to, or other issue that doesn't prevent you from working but is annoying, you will need to work with the resources you have, to the best of your ability, at this time.
  • Some users have found a solution in using a personal computer or tablet and remoting into their desktop machine, and you're encouraged to test that if your UNT machine isn't working as efficiently as you'd like.

Newly purchased computers:

  • Please restrict computing purchases to only those that are essential for continuing business.
  • If possible, ship the computers directly to the CAS office instead of to department during this period (please let us know it's coming!). Otherwise, schedule a time to deliver the machine to GAB 313 via phone or email when the machine arrives.
  • Once the machine is imaged, the user or a representative of the department will need to schedule a time to come pick the machine up from GAB 313.

On-Campus, out of 313 work:

  • For any work that needs to be done outside of 313 in an office, research lab, etc., you must schedule it with us via email or the ticket we create for the issue.

Laptop Loans

  • If you need a laptop, email us at where we will schedule a time you can come pick one up at GAB (at the corner of S. Ave B and W. Mulberry St.).
    • You will receive only the mac and a charger.
    • These will have a unique username and password and will not use your UNT credentials. You will receive an email after it is checked out with this information.