Nagyborzsony, Hungary


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Elements: Tellurium
Location: Nagyborzsony
Scientist: Kitaibel

northern surburbs of Budapest

The Börzsony Mountains

turning westward

Driving westward

Turning northward

Sunflowers in the countryside

Wheat fields

75 kilometers from Budapest

toward Nagybörzöny

sign post announcing Nagybörzöny

village of Börzsöny

approaching Saint Stephen Church

Saint Stephen Church

Plaque to the church

sketch of the Saint Stephen Church

Driving into town

house once belonged to the mining officer

The "ház."

Sign on the museum

Outside the ház

city known for its wine

miner's church

Memorial. Miners church

Above the door

photograph of the Miner's Church

Danube Ipoli National Park

"Youth camp."

site of the ancient silver and gold mines

Walking into the park

available for short trips

Walking up the narrow-gauge tracks

Scene within the park

Entrance to a 18th

century mine

Underneath these beautiful wooded lands

journeying to the wedding of a friend.

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