Current Research Grants

In Israel:

Research Topic Funding Agency Total Grant Time Period
PCD in plants Alon Research Fellowship $29,000 10/1996-10/1997
Role of PCD in the Defense of Plants Internal Grant, Hebrew University $25,000 12/1997-09/1998
Developing Drought Resistant Transgenic Plants Internal Grant, Hebrew University $10,000 12/1998-09/1999
Developing pathogen resistant crop plantsĀ  Chief Scientist Ministry of Ag. $90,000 01/1999-01/2002
Minerva Ecocenters funding Minerva Foundation $15,000-20,000/ year 01/1999-01/2006
New Strategies for the production of resistant Crops Internal Grant, Hebrew University $25,000 09/1999-09/2000
Molecular Analysis of Oxidative Stress Response in Plants Israeli Science Foundation $200,000 10/1999-10/2003
Special Minerva funding for Arid Ecosystem Center Minerva Foundation $40,000 10/1999-10/2000
Molecular ecology of desert plants Israeli Science Foundation $160,000 10/2000-10/2004
Mitochondrial ROS Israeli Science Foundation $60,000 07/2008-06/2009
ROS signaling EU FP7 - MARRIE CURIE 447 €100,000 07/2008-06/2012

In United States:

Research Topic Funding Agency    Total Grant      Time Period            
Response of plants to a combination of drought and heat shock Plant Sci Institute, ISU $24,000 06/2002-06/2003
Transcription factors involved in oxidative stress SPRIG grant, ISU $18,000 06/2002-06/2003
Proteomics of protein oxidation Carver Grant, ISU $48,000 06/2003-06/2005
Using a functional genomics approach to study ROS-metabolism in Arabidopsis (NSF-IPB) NSF $514,000 02/2003-02/2007
Integrating the "Unknown-eome" with Abiotic Stress Response Networks in
Arabidopsis (NSF 2010)
NSF $3,850,000 09/2004-09/2008
Drought and Heat UNR-Hatch $114,000 07/2005-06/2008
Analysis of Centrate Composition Cities of Reno and Sparks, NV $148,500 03/2007-09/2008
Dissecting the ROS network (NSF-IOS) NSF $480,000 03/2008-02/2012
Stress combination: Bridging the gap between Arabidopsis stress research and agriculture (NSF 2010) NSF $842,858 12/2008-11/2010
ROS as Mediators of Rapid Long-Distance Self-Propagating Signals NSF $575,000 01/2010-12/2014
Ultrafast Omics Reveals Key Players in the Response of Plants to Abiotic Stress. NSF $720,000 04/2014-03/2018