Mount Currie is close to the town of Pemberton, about two and a half hour’s drive from Vancouver (about forty minutes north of Whistler) on Highway 99. B.C. Rail runs from N. Vancouver to Mt. Currie daily, if you prefer to take the train. There is a range of accommodation in the Pemberton area, ranging from campsites to bed and breakfast and hotel facilities. An accommodation list and a map of the conference site will be mailed to you when you preregister or upon request.


A registration fee of $35.00 CDN will be charged for the conference (students $25.00, elders no charge). This will cover on-site costs.


This year the conference preprints will be printed and distributed by the UBC Working Papers in Linguistics. If this works well, it is possible that UBCWPL will assume ongoing responsibility for ICSNL preprint publication, thereby providing a permanent home for the papers and taking some of the strain off local conference organizers, as well as ensuring a higher production standard than has hitherto been possible.


o Please follow the UBCWPL style sheet, as follows:

Manuscripts should be printed camera-ready on a laser printer. Do not number pages, but pencil numbers lightly on the back of the page.


-10 point font throughout, footnotes 8 point, all in Times font.


-No right justification.

-All margins should be 1 inch except the outside (binding) margin which should be 1.5 inches. (For example: first page 1.5 inches on the left, 1 on the right, second page 1 inch on the left, 1.5 on the right.) 1.5" 1" 1" 1.5" Page 1 Page 2

First Page:

-Leave a blank line, then enter the title of the paper on the next line, centred and bolded.

-Only capitalize the first word and other standardly capitalized words.

-Leave a blank line, then enter your name, centred but not bolded. On the next line, state your affiliation i.e. University of British Columbia centred, but not bolded

-Leave two blank lines, then enter the abstract of the paper. Abstract should be indented 0.5 inches on both sides and fully justified. The abstract should summarize the main point of the paper and should be less than 150 words.

-Leave two blank lines then begin with the text.

Spacing and section headings:

Single space. Do not leave a blank line between paragraphs. Indent each paragraph 0.5 inches. Please number starting at 1 (not 0). Do not include a final period i.e. 1 Introduction 1.1 Consonant inventory

-Bold the headings and left-align (not underlined, centred or italicized.)

-Leave one blank line before each heading, and one after.

-Separate example sentences from the text with one blank line.


-Put footnotes at the bottom of the page and separate from the text with a two inch line. -Footnotes should be single-spaced with no blank line between entries. -Do not indent.


-Leave two blank lines after the last line of text and then enter the bolded heading ‘References’ left-aligned. Do not start a new page.

-Leave one blank line, then begin listing references.

-Single-space references; do not leave blank lines between entries.

-Additional lines of individual references should be indented 0.5 inches.


Book: Kim, E. 1998. How to Write a Style Sheet. New York: Academic Press.

Article in Journal:

Caldecott, M. 1998. A Day in the Life of a Graduate Linguistics Student: A Theoretical Approach. Linguistic Inquiry, 200, 145-160.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the editors : Sun-Young Oh (, Kayono Shiobara (, or Suzanne Gessner (


Papers for the 35th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages MONDAY, June 12, 2000. Papers received after this will not be accepted.

Papers should be submitted to:

The editors: Suzanne Gessner, Sun-young Oh, Kayono Shiobara

ICSNL 2000


c/o Department of Linguistics, UBC

E-270 1866 Main Mall

Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1



Mail order form to UBCWPL at the above address, together with a check or money order made out to the UBC Department of Linguistics.

ICSNL 35 Conference Proceedings Order Form:

I enclose $25.00 CDN/ $20.00 US each, for ( ) copies of ICSNL 35.

Check one:

( ) Please mail my copy to the address below.

( ) Please hold my copy for pickup at the conference.

Add the following mailing charges if you wish your copy to be mailed to you before the conference:

If ordering from Western Canada: $3.50 CDN

If ordering from Eastern Canada: $5.50 CDN

If ordering from US (surface mail): $6.80 CDN or $4.50 US

If ordering from US (air mail): $9.05 CDN or $6.00 US

If ordering from outside N. America (surface mail): $7.60 CDN or $5.00 US

If ordering from outside N. America (air mail): $17.00 CDN or $12.00 US


Mailing Address:

e-mail address:


Deadline for ordering a copy of the proceedings:

o Orders for a copy of the conference proceeding must be received by June 20, 1999. Only a limited number of copies of ICSNL 35 will be available for purchase at the conference.


o Late papers will be scheduled as time permits. Authors of late papers are expected to bring 40 to 50 copies of the entire text of the paper and make them available the first day of the conference. Be sure to contact Henry Davis at before July 30, if you plan to present a late paper, to ensure that you can be included in the conference schedule.

o If you plan to attend the conference, submit a paper, or order preprints, please e-mail Henry Davis at your earliest convenience. Your response will help us plan. In addition, feel free to pass this e-mail message on to anyone else who might be interested in the conference.