Y  the letter `Y':  wàyka
y'all  you (of more than one), y'all:  hasna.   to be yours, your (of more than one), y'alls:  hasno
yankee  yinki
yard  itaakali.   backyard:  itaakali oobàali
yardstick  istalpisa2, istapiska
yaupon  ittokchakko, aatichoosanàyli
yawn  to yawn:  afalohka
year  lokbaha.   last year:  lokbáahaako, lokbahaakítto.   next year:  lokbáahaama, ostillokbaha
yearling cow  waakimanihtasi
yeast  issofooli, sofohlichi
yell  to holler, yell, shout:  ispahka.   to fuss at, yell at, scold, reproach, dress down:  illikitka.   to holler at, yell for (someone):  imaksobaachi
yellow  to be yellow, orange, brown, gold, beige, pink:  laana.   to be yellow colored:  laanat balaanayàhchi.   to be yellower:  láhna.   to dye yellow, brown, orange, gold, beige:  laanachi
yellow fever  holpalàana
yellow horsemint  snoktaɬaylichoba
yellowjacket  fofchanassa, hanifatala
yellow jasmine  aatyammichi
yes  yamá.   yes, okay:  how, ìiⁿ, yaama
yesterday  pihaako.   yesterday morning:  pihaakoniɬálli.   yesterday at noon:  pihaakopontókkòoli.   day before yesterday:  pihaakokoɬaako
yet  yet, whenever:  -mo.   but, yet:  máhtik.   anyhow, nevertheless, yet, although, despite:  sáhtík.   to still do, do yet, keep on doing, continue doing:  onáami
yoke  ox yoke:  waakhoba iⁿwataaka.   yoke or tether (for a cow that gets into the garden):  waaka iwwataaka
yolk  chicken egg yolk:  akaakochòosi illaana
yonder  over yonder, a little ways over there, a little farther away:  yáafàasi.   this place here, right over there, that place over yonder:  yàafa
you  <as>, -chi3, chi-, <chi>, is-, <is>, <s2>.   you, y'all:  -hachi, hachi-, <hachi>, has-, <has>.   you (of one):  isna.   you (of more than one), y'all:  hasna.   just you, your own self:  isnaakáali.   you all, yourselves:  hasnaakáalo.   you, yours (of one):  isno
young  young person:  aatimaníhta.   to be young:  imaníhta, imaníhtàasi.   to be younger than:  istimanihta, istiⁿsíhnotíkko, oobáali.   to be younger than someone:  ibahlo.   to be younger, to have an older sibling of the opposite sex:  bíkno
younger  to be younger (of kin):  ibahlo
your  yours, your:  chisnooli.   yours alone:  isnàasáɬɬi.   you, yours (of one):  isno.   just you, your own self:  isnaakáali.   to be yours, your (of more than one), y'alls:  hasno
yourself  by yourself:  isnáɬɬi.   to be by yourselves:  hasnáɬɬi.   you all, yourselves:  hasnaakáalo
yucca  tosìina istatakka
yuck!  hmm!.   yuck! it's bad!:  hmm! kánkobi!
yum!  amm!