waaka cow { Spanish `vaca'}
  waakasi  calf
waakaayòoli to lift up, hoist (of more than one)  -LI/CHA-  (-, waakaayòohili, waakaayòohachi)   [/waakaayòo-li] [Irr: SgStem=wakayli] Var: wakaayòoli  (VC)  «...waakaayòolit stamaakahchoolikha. They used to lift (a log) and go off with it. (NWK)»  «Itto akàamiyon waakaayòolit hokanàalichihch ommihchootoska? Did they use to lift the logs so they could move them? (NWK)»  «Oiyyamíitaason ònkatok aatik páhkabáanat aayintolíhnafa amàakaayok pahkabáanat, aamaamàakat, ittimapiilat itto howakaykóot ommiimon itto yaabanàakoot ommiimon howaakaayòolit yaabanàalit ispaaɬopotlit. [nwk]. They would get very excited and everyone would whoop; when they were on their way to their place of work, they whooped; they whooped along the way there. They helped one another, when there were logs to lift and carry, they lifted and carried and lay them down across it (the creek)... (NWK)»wakayli
waakaboska barbecued beef   [/waaka /abos-ka1]
waaka illapihchi hobaski longhorn cattle   [/waaka im- /lapihchi ho- /baski]
waaka inkamàaya cowbell   [/waaka im- /kamàaya]  (VC)
waaka isholisso cattle brand, branding iron   [/waaka ist- /ho<li>sso]
waaka iwwataaka yoke or tether (for a cow that gets into the garden)   [/waaka im- /wataa-ka1]
waakanaani bull   [/waaka /naani]
waakanipo beef   [/waaka /nipo]
waakanipo solotka dried beef jerky   [/waaka /nipo /solot-ka1]
waakapaapoksi Brahma bull   [/waaka paa- /poksi]
waakasbatka bull whip, horse whip, buggy whip   [/waaka ist- /bat(at)-ka1]  (VC)
waakasi calf   [/waaka-osi]  (VC)waaka
waakatayyi heifer   [/waaka /tayyi]
waakhoba iⁿwataaka ox yoke   [/waaka /hoba im- /wataa-ka1]  (VC)
waakhòoba cattle rustler   [/waaka /hòoba]
waakimaayilpa meadow, pasture   [/waaka im-aa-il- /(i)pa]
waakimanihtasi cow not fully grown, yearling   [/waaka im-a- /nihta-osi]  (VC)
waakimpíchi mother cow   [/waaka im- /píchi]
waakimpisháhpa fresh milk   [/waaka im- /pisi /hahpa]  (VC)
waakimpisi cow's milk, udder, cow's teat   [/waaka im- /pisi]
waakimpisi aayokbòokachi butter churn   [/waaka im- /pisi aa- /okboo-ka1-chi2]  (VC)
waakimpisi champolit chihbi condensed milk   [/waaka im- /pisi /champoli-t /chihbi]  «Waakimpisi champolit chihbihchi. It's condensed milk.»
waakimpisi imokpalàali risen cream   [/waaka im- /pisi im- /okpalàa-li] Var: impisi okpalàali  (VC)
waakimpisi ishachàali milk pitcher   [/waaka im- /pisi ist- /hachaa-li]
waakimpisi okbòokachi buttermilk   [/waaka im- /pisi /okbòo-ka1-chi2]  (VC)
waakimpisipóosi powdered milk   [/waaka im- /pisi /póosi] Var: waakimpispóosi  (VC)
waakimpisisolotka Var. of waakimpissolótka 
waakimpisniya butter, cheese   [/waaka im- /pisi /niya]
waakimpisniya okchi buttermilk   [/waaka im- /pisi /niya /okchi]
waakimpispóosi Var. of waakimpisipóosi 
waakimpissolótka powdered milk   [/waaka im- /pisi /solot-ka1] Var: waakimpisisolotka  (VC)
waakimpiswilohka Var. of waakimpiswolohki 
waakimpiswolohki clabbered milk; cottage cheese   [/waaka im- /pisi /wolohki] Var: waakimpiswilohka  (WP)
waakinchoswa gut string  Cul: Used in making kapachi (stickball racquet).    [/waaka im- /choswa]
waakiⁿholihta cow pasture   [/waaka im- /holihta]  (VC)
waakintakba cow tripe   [/waaka im- /takba]
waakisbatka bullwhip   [/waaka ist- /bat(at)-ka1]
waakistimataakachi cattle guard, grate across road preventing entry of cattle   [/waaka ist-im- /ataa-ka1-chi2]
waakníiya apala Var. of waakniya apala 
waaknipo aboska barbecue   [/waaka /nipo /abos-ka1]  (VC)
waakniya Var. of wakniya 
waakniya apala candle   [/waaka /niya /apala] Var: waakníiya apala  (DB)
waakossiki breed cow   [/waaka /ossiki]
waamaapa Var. of woomaapa 
waaya to be ripe, mature, mellow (e.g. of fruit), ready to harvest (may refer metaphorically to people)  CHA-
  wakìiyo Neg.  immature
  waayatilka  growth
  waayachi  to grow something
    waayàachi  grower
waayàachi grower   [/waaya-chi1] [fgr] ☞waayachi
waayachi to grow (something) to maturity; to raise  -LI/CHA-  (waayachitiska, waayachitilka, waayachitaska)  (waayachiska, waayachilka, waayachaska)   [/waaya-chi1] ☞waaya
waayatilka growth   [/waaya-tilka] ☞waaya
  waayohli  to make fly off (pl. obj.)
  waayohlichi  to make fly (pl.)
  waayohka  to fly (of a few)
    waayòoka  to fly (of several)
      waayoíkko Neg.
waayohka to fly (of a few)  -LI  (-, waayohilka, waayohaska)   [/waayoh-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=wakayka; PlStem=waayòoka] Var: waayòoka  (VC)waayohli
waayohli to make or let fly off (plural objects)  -LI/CHA-  (waayohchi, waayohhili, waayohhachi)   [/waayoh-li]  (VC)waayoh-
waayohlichi to make or let fly (plural objects) (e.g. kites)  -LI/CHA-  (waayohchichi, waayohhilichi, waayohhachichi)   [/waayoh-li-chi1]  (VC)  «Foosi impíchik ochoskin waayohlichihchi. The mother bird made her babies fly.»waayohli
waayoíkko Neg. ☞waayòoka
waayòoka to fly (of several), swarm  -LI  (waayòohilka, waayòohaska)   [/waayo(h)-ka1] [dsfx2] [fgr] [Irr: SgStem=wakayka; DlStem=waayohka or wakaayohka; PlStem=wakaayòoka] Neg: waayoíkko  «Choklahpa waayòokaama fohok waayòokatonko hokahchoolikha. When the winged ants fly the bees are going to swarm, they used to say.»  «Chooskanik waayòokat ɬopohlo. Ducks are flying by.»waayohka
wachàakachi  1.  squeaking, creaking, cracking, popping sound   [/wachaa-ka1-chi2] [fgr]  2.  to squeak, creak, pop, make a cracking sound  «Ittok wachàakachin háalolo. I hear the trees creaking.»  «Okhichak wachàakachi. The door is squeaking.»wachàalichi
wachàalichi to squeak, creak, screech, crackle or groan (e.g. of trees in a wind)  -LI  (wachàachichi, wachàahilichi, wachàahachichi)   [/wachaa-li-chi2] [fgr]  «Awwilok wacháalichimoolo. My shoes are squeaking.»
  wachàakachi  1.   cracking sound  2.   to creak
    wachachahkachi  1.   cracking sound  2.   to creak
  iswachàalichi  to make squeak
wachachahka Var. of wachachahkachi 
wachachahkachi  1.  squeaking, creaking, cracking, popping sound   [/wachachah-ka1-chi2] {poss. reduplicated form of wachàakachi} Var: wachachahka  (VC)  2.  to squeak, snap, creak, pop, make a cracking sound  «Okhichak wachachahkachi. The door is creaking.»wachàakachi
wachikka tickle, a tickling feeling   [/wachik-ka1]  «Aⁿwwachikka. My tickle, the tickle that I feel.»  (VC)wachikli
wachikkachi to be tickled  CHA-   [/wachik-ka1-chi1]  «Chawachikkachi. I've been tickled.»wachiklichi
wachikkìicho Neg. ☞wachiklichi
wachíkko Neg.  CHA-wachikli
wachikli to be ticklish  CHA-   [/wachik-li] {prob. a doublet with wasihli from a root */wach-}  «Chawachiklihchi. I'm ticklish.»  (VC)
  wachíkko Neg.
  iwwachikli  to feel a tickle
  wachikka  tickle
  wachiklichi  to tickle
    wachikkìicho Neg.
    iwwachiklichi  to tickle for
    wachikkachi  to be tickled
wachiklichi to tickle  -LI/CHA-  (wachikchichi, wachikhilichi, wachikhachichi)   [/wachik-li-chi1] Neg: wachikkìicho  «Chawachikchichínnà! Don't tickle me!»  «Chiwachiklichili. I tickle you.»wachikli
wachina to speak English  -LI  (wachinatiska, wachinatilka, wachinataska) { English `Virginia'}
  wachinatíkko Neg.
wachinatíkko Neg. ☞wachina
wahaako to open branch stores or banks; to spread (as a family or group); to spread out, branch out (as horns, limbs, any sturdy thing)  -LI  (wahaakotiska, wahaakotilka, wahaakotaska)  «Presbyteriankaya wahaako. The Presbyterian church is branching out.»  «Wahaakotilkaski. We are branching out.»
  wahaakochi  to cause to spread out
wahaakochi to cause to spread or branch out  -LI/3  (wahaakochitiska, wahaakochitilka, wahaakochitaska)   [/wahaako-chi1] ☞wahaako
wahkacháaha Var. of wakhachàaha 
wakaayohka to fly (of two)  -LI  (-, wakaayohhilka, waakohhaska)   [/wakaayoh-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=wakayka; PlStem=waayòoka or wakaayòoka] ☞wakayka
wakaayòoka to fly (of more than two)  -LI  (-, wakaayòohilka, waakòohaska)   [/wakaayo(h)-ka1] [dsfx2] [fgr] [Irr: SgStem=wakayka; DlStem=wakaayohka] ☞wakaayohka
wakaayòoli Var. of waakaayòoli 
wakaskila Var. of wakaskola 
wakaskola wooden or river cane flute  (VC) Var: wakaskila  (VC)
  waskachi  flute
  waskola  whistle
  wakayli  to lift up
    iswakayka  jack; to fly in an airplane
    waakaayòoli  to lift up
  wakayka  to fly (sg.)
    wakayíkko Neg.
    wakaylichi  to fly (a kite)
      wakaykachi  flight
    wakaayohka  to fly (dl.)
      wakaayòoka  to fly (pl.)
wakayíkko Neg. ☞wakayka
wakayka to fly (of one)  -LI  (wakayiska, -, -)   [/wakay-ka1] [Irr: DlStem=waayohka, wakaayohka; PlStem=waayòoka, wakaayòoka] Neg: wakayíkko  «Foosik wakayko. A bird just flew by.»wakay-
wakaykachi flying, flight   [/wakay-ka1-chi1] ☞wakaylichi
wakayli to lift up, hoist (of one)  -LI/CHA-  (wakaychi, -, -)   [/wakay-li] [Irr: PlStem=waakaayòoli]  «Oiyyamíitaason ònkatok aatik páhkabáanat aayintolíhnafa amàakaayok pahkabáanat, aamaamàakat, ittimapiilat itto howakaykóot ommiimon itto yaabanàakoot ommiimon howaakaayòolit yaabanàalit ispaaɬopotlit. They would get very excited and everyone would whoop; when they were on their way to their place of work, they whooped; they whooped along the way there. They helped one another, when there were logs to lift and carry, they lifted and carried and lay them down across it (the creek)... (NWK)»wakay-
wakaylichi to make fly (as a kite)  -LI/3  (wakaychichi, wakayhilichi, wakayhachichi)   [/wakay-li-chi1]  (VC)  «Kàytka wakaylichi. Go fly a kite.»wakayka
wakchakaalichi to spread the legs of (esp. a baby)  -LI/CHA-  (wakchakaachichi, wakchakaahilichi, wakchakaahachichi)   [/wakchakaa-li-chi1]
  wakchakaalichitíkko Neg.
wakchakaalichitíkko Neg. ☞wakchakaalichi
wakchalaali to stand with the feet apart, stand with the legs spread, spread the legs, stand astraddle  -LI  (wakchalaachi, wakchalaahili, wakchalaahachi)   [/wakchalaa-li]
  ilawakchalaalichi  to spread the legs of
wakchaɬaalichi to spread apart, pull apart, open up (two things together, such as the prongs of a bobby pin separated so it will catch in an opening)  -LI/CHA-  (wakchaɬaachichi, wakchaɬaahilichi, wakchaɬaahachichi)   [/wakchaɬaa-li-chi1]  «Wakchaɬaalìichoko. Spread them apart.»
wakha lower back  (VC) ; backbone  (IB)  CHA- Var: wakka  (WP)
  wakhachàaha  long legged bird
wakhachàaha great blue heron, crane, any long legged bird Usage: Older people use wahkacháaha; younger people use wakhachàaha.   [/wakha /chaaha] Var: wahkacháaha  (IB)wakha
wakha chanahki vertebra, backbone   [/wakha /chanahki]
wakha chofkoni collar bone   [/wakha /chofkoni]
wakhoba steer, ox   [/waaka /hoba]  (VC)
wakìiyo Neg. green, immature, unripewaaya
wakínho Neg. to be soft, limber, flexiblewanha
wakka Var. of wakha 
wakkachi  1.  dance rattle   [poss. /wakka-chi2]  (VC)  «Aⁿwakkachi. My rattle.»  2.  to shake (a rattle)  -LI/3  (wakkachiska, wakkachilka, wakkachaska)  (wakkachitiska, wakkachitilka, wakkachitaska)
wakla  1.  to have a crack, chink, narrow opening, or space between two things (refers to a separation between two things that should be flush together or sealed but have warped, shrunk, or caved in)  2.  crack, opening, long narrow space between two things not fitting flush
  maawakla  to have a space between two things
wakniya tallow   [/waaka /niya]  (VC) Var: waakniya
wakohka to have lots of cracks, be cracked in several places, break into pieces; to erode, break and chip off   [/wako<h>s-ka1] Var: wakòoka Var: wakooka  (VC)  «Okchaakok wakòokaaso. The watermelons got cracked.»wakohli
wakohli to crack (part way) more than one  -LI/3  (wakohchi, wakohhili, wakohhachi)   [/wako<h>s-li] Var: wakòoli Var: wakooli  (VC)wakosli
wakòoka Var. of wakohka 
wakòoli Var. of wakohli 
wakosíkko Neg.  (VC)wakoska
wakoska to be cracked (but not all the way through); to have a piece broken or chipped off (e.g. of sheet rock, watermelon, etc.)   [/wakos-ka1] Pl: wakohka Neg: wakosíkko  (VC)  «Okchaakok wakoskaaso. Oh, the watermelon got cracked.»wakosli
wakosli to crack part way (one object), chip off, put a break in  -LI/3  (wakoschi, wakoshili, wakoshachi)   [/wakos-li]  «Okchaakon wakoslilo malìichilok. I dropped the watermelon and cracked it.»
  wakoska  to be cracked
    wakosíkko Neg.
  wakohli  to crack (pl. obj.)
    wakohka  to have lots of cracks
waliichi Var. of waliilichi 
waliihíkko Neg. ☞waliika
waliika to run away, run (of one); to operate, function, start up (of a machine)  -LI  (waliihiska, -, -)   [/walii-ka1] [Irr: DlStem=tooɬka; PlStem=tooɬooka]  «Yanasa walíikon híichaliti. I saw a running buffalo.»  «Yanasa walìika híichaliti. I saw a runaway buffalo.»  «Waliika! Run! (the bull is right there).»
  waliihíkko Neg.
  wállìika  to be running
    iwwállìika  to avoid
  waliilichi  to make run
    okiwaliilichi  1.   to drain a lake  2.   water pump
    waliikìicho Neg.
    wállìilichi  to operate (something) on a regular basis
    iswaliikachi  paddle
    iwwaliilichi  to drive for
    waliilìichi  driver
    waliikachi  driving
  iswaliika  to run away with
  onawaliika  to run towards
  oowaliika  to run downward
waliikachi driving   [/walii-ka1-chi1]  «íiskot waliikachiya kánkooma. Drunk driving is bad.»waliilichi
waliikìicho Neg. ☞waliilichi
waliilichi to drive (a car), run, operate, turn on or start (a vehicle or machine), fly (an airplane); to run someone off  -LI/CHA-  (waliichichi, waliihilichi, waliihachichi)   [/walii-li-chi1] Var: waliichi  (IB)  «Istilamahkachin waliichi. Turn on the fan.»waliika
waliilìichi driver   [/walii-li-chi1] [fgr] ☞waliilichi
wállìika to be running  -LI  (wállìihiska, wállìihilka, wállìihaska)  «Yanasa wállìika híichalo. I saw a buffalo's tracks.»  «Yanasa wállìikon híichalo. I saw the tracks of a runaway buffalo.»  «Wállìika! Run, get out of its way! (the bull is a little farther away than if one said `waliika').»waliika
wállìilichi to manage, run, drive or operate (something) on a regular basis (as a branch business)  -LI/3  (wállìichichi, wállìihilichi, wállìihachichi)  «Wállìilichilihchi. I'm manager (VC puns: It's my Wal-mart).»  «Wállìilìichi. You drive!»waliilichi
walohli to be fresh (of vegetables)   [/waloh-li]  (VC)
walwáaki to be very ripe, fully mature, still very tender (of vegetation) [lgr] ☞walwaki
walwáakòosi to be tender (as young animals or vegetation), almost ripe   [/walwaki-osi] [fgr]  «Walwáakòosiima. It's almost mature.»walwáaki
walwaki to be tender (as of ripe fruit, young shoots or young animals) Usage: Older word.
  walwakitíkko Neg.
  walwáaki  to be fully mature
    walwáakòosi  to be almost ripe
walwakitíkko Neg. ☞walwaki
wananaalichi Var. of wananahlichi 
wananahkachi to shake, quiver (esp. as leaves on a tree)   [/wananah-ka1-chi2] ☞wananahlichi
wananahlichi to shiver all over, shake with cold  CHA-   [/wananah-li-chi2]  (IB) Var: wananaalichi Var: wananatlichi  (VC, IB)
  wananahkachi  to shake
  iswananaalichi  to shake (something)
wananatlichi Var. of wananahlichi 
wancholàski chiggers, red bugs
wanha to be hard (the opposite of soft), tough; to be frozen solid  CHA-  «Wanhat challilahoolikàhmo. I'm freezing to death.»
  wakínho Neg.  to be soft
  wánhàasi  to remain hard
  isbakwanha  to be hard to get along with
  awanha  to have something too tight to get into
    imawanha  to be constipated
  ichoowanha  1.   nightmare  2.   to have a nightmare
  istiⁿwwanha  to have an erection
  noowanha  to have a stiff neck
  wanhachi  to make tough
  onawanhachi  to tighten
wánhàasi to remain hard  CHA-   [/wanha-osi] [fgr]  «Wánhàastok onáamo. It's still hard.»wanha
wanhachi to make tough, overcook, cause to harden  -LI/3  (wanhachitiska, wanhachitilka, wanhachitaska)  (wanhachiska, wanhachilka, wanhachaska)   [/wanha-chi1] ☞wanha
wasaatíkko Neg. ☞wasatka
wasaawòoka to be gone (of more than one)  -LI  (-, wasaawòohilka, wasaawòohaska)   [poss. /wasa<h>t-oo-ka1] [fgr] [Irr: SgStem=nakaaɬa]  «Wasaawòokatilko. We are gone.»wasatka
wasahka to go, leave, disappear (of more than one)  -LI  (-, wasahhilka, wasahhaska)   [/wasa<h>t-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=nakaaɬa]  «Istafinapkon wasahliisok onko. The keys have disappeared.»  «Finsi ittàashiliiya wasaahilkào. Vincent and I are going to be gone.»  «...isfilkohkat stootalàakafòokan ontìichit onkok aksobáachitók ɬopòolit wasahkatóóóón... They took the fork and were floating (in the boat on it) when they (the Choctaws) were apparently coming making noise, and they passed on by and were long gone... (HCW)»  «Ilkókkot naho sisisi-ka islokòolok stamaakafòokan; naho nàasin oachìhkookat stamàakat iswasahkatok ommi? But wasn't it when they brought in and started to organize the C.C.C. here, so they didn't plant anything along the way and so they just left it off all together? (NWK)»wasatka
wasahli to get rid of (plural objects)  -LI/CHA-  (wasahchi, wasahhili, wasahhachi)   [/wasah-li]  «(God-kayok) wasahtoolín mìnton altobat maatoonon aɬíinat aɬíinat. He (God) would get rid of them and then send another one to take their place and this went on and on. (HPC)»wasatli
wasakohchi Var. of osakohchi 
wasasàalichi Var. of wasasahlichi 
wasasahkìicho Neg. ☞wasasahlichi
wasasahlichi to make a crunching noise, crunch  -LI  (wasasaachichi, wasasaahilichi, wasasaahachichi)   [prob. /wasasah-li-chi2] Var: wasasàalichi
  wasasahkìicho Neg.
  wasatli  to get rid of (sg. obj.)
    wasàtko Neg.
    wasahli  to get rid of (pl. obj.)
  wasatka  to leave
    wasaatíkko Neg.
    wássatka  to leave and not come back
    iwwasatka  to have (pl.) get lost
    wasahka  to leave
    wasaawòoka  to be gone
wasatka to go, leave, disappear, be gone (of two)  -LI  (-, wasatilka, wasataska)   [/wasat-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=nakaaɬa] Pl: wasahka Neg: wasaatíkko  «Aatitòklot wasatka. The two of them are gone.»wasat-
wasàtko Neg. ☞wasatli
wasatli to get rid of, lose (one object)  -LI/CHA-  (wasatchi, wasathili, wasathachi)   [/wasat-li] Pl: wasahli Neg: wasátko  «Istafinapkon wasatliisok onko. The keys have disappeared.»wasat-
wasihka itch, raw spot   [/wasih-ka1]  «Wasihkok annàahobi. I have an itch.»wasihli
wasihko  1.  to have chapped, dried out skin, mange  CHA-  «Wasiikohchoota. It used to be mangy.»  2.  itch, tickle Var: wasiiko  (WP)  «Wasihkok annàahobi. I have an itch.»
  ibiiwasihko  to have chilblains
  ichoowasihko  to have chapped lips
    ichoowasihkotíkko Neg.
  wasko  to have mange
wasìhko Neg.  «Chalbiya wasíhko. My hand doesn't itch.»wasihli
wasihli to be ticklish; to itch, have a rash, have eczema  CHA-   [/wasih-li]  «Wasihliiyok aⁿhoopahchommo. My rash is hurting me.»  «Chawasihlo. I feel itchy.»  «Chawasihlihchi. I'm ticklish.»
  wasìhko Neg.
  ichoowasihli  to have chapped lips
    ichoowasìhko Neg.
  iwwasihli  to have an itch
  noowasihli  to have a tickle in the throat
  wasihka  itch
  ibiiwasihli  to have a wind-chapped face
  wasihlichi  to tickle
    waslichi  to tickle (pl.)
      iliwaslichi  to scratch oneself
wasihlichi to tickle (one), make itch, scratch an itch  -LI/CHA-  (wasihchichi, wasihhilichi, wasihhachichi)   [/wasih-li-chi1] Pl: waslichi ☞wasihli
wasiiko Var. of wasihko 
waskachi flute; a buffalo tail used to make rain with, bullroarer?  (VC)wakaskola
waskila Var. of waskola 
wasko to have mange, be mangy  CHA-   [/was(ih)-ko] [dsfx1] ☞wasihko
waskola whistle; any flute, esp. cane flute   [/wask-? /ola]  (VC) Var: waskila  (VC)wakaskola
waslichi to tickle (plural objects); to scratch an itch, rub, scrape  -LI/CHA-  (waschichi, washilichi, washachichi)   [/was(ih)-li-chi1] [dsfx1] ☞wasihlichi
waso wolf, coyote
wasobitka wolf dance   [/waso /bit-ka1]  (VC)
waso iⁿhapanchokko unidentified plant species (a low plant with half-inch yellow berries with green stripes and many small seeds; leaves have small thorns on underside) Lit: wolf's tomato   [/waso im- /hapanchokko]  (VC) Var: wasontometo  (VC)
wasontometo Var. of waso iⁿhapanchokko 
wassalakchi limb, branch (of tree or creek), antlers
wássatka to leave and not come back (of two); to be (still) gone (of two)  -LI  (-, wássatilka, wássataska) [ggr] ☞wasatka
wataaka anything worn around the neck (may refer to necklace, necktie, bowtie, string tie)   [/wataa-ka1] Var: wataka Var: watàaka  «Aⁿwwataka. My necktie.»wataali
wataali to put around the neck, put on (a tie), wear (a harness)  -LI/3  (wataachi, wataahili, wataahachi)   [/wataa-li]
  wataalichi  to put a tie on (someone) (sg.)
  wáttàali  to wear around the neck
  wataaka  anything worn around the neck
  ilbiswaatali  to wear the arm in a sling
  iswaatali  harness
  iswataali  to hang around the neck
    iswataaka  sling
    iswáttàali  to wear (arm) in a sling
    iswataalichi  to hook up a harness
  watasli  to put on a necktie (pl.)
    wataslichi  to put a harness on (a team of horses)
wataalichi to put a tie on (someone), put a harness on (a horse) (one object)  -LI/CHA-  (wataachichi, wataahilichi, wataahachichi)   [/wataa-li-chi1]  (VC)  «Chiwataalichilo. I put a tie on you.»  «Chawataachicho. You put the tie on me.»wataali
wataka Var. of wataaka 
watasli to put on a tie, wear a necktie, wear a harness (of more than one)  -LI  (-, watashili, watashachi)   [/wata<s>-li]  (VC)wataali
wataslichi to put harnesses on (a team of horses)  -LI/3  (wataschichi, watashilichi, watashachichi)   [/wata<s>-li-chi1]  (VC)watasli
watola type of powerful bird of prey; eagle  (VC)
wáttàali to wear around the neck (of one)  -LI/3  (wáttàachi, -, -) [ggr] ☞wataali
wayàali to wave  -LI/3  (wayàachi, wayàahili, wayàahachi)   [/wayàa-li] Var: wiyaali  «Ilbin wayàalit ittabóoton wayàalihchi. He waves his arms and legs.»
  iwwayàali  to wave at
  maawayàali  to wave at a distance
    maatiwwayàali  to wave to from a distance
  wayli  to raise (the hand)
    maawàyli  1.   to be sticking out in front  2.   to stick out
wàyka the letter `Y'   [/wày-ka3]
wayli to raise (the hand)  -LI/3  (waychi, wayhili, wayhachi)   [/way-li]  «Chilbin wayli. Raise your hands.»wayàali
wihaachi to haul, carry (a load)  -LI/3  (wihaatiska, wihaatilka, wihaataska)   [-/wiha-chi1] Var: wiyaachiiswiha
wihilka Var. of iwwìilka 
wíhko Neg. ☞wihli
wihli to look for, hunt for, search for, seek; to collect, gather, pick (things that have to be looked for such as pine needles, berries, mayhaws)  -LI/CHA-  (wihchi, wihhili, wihhachi)   [/wih-li] Var: wiili  «Choyyissi wiilaalàa. I'm going to collect pine needles.»
  wíhko Neg.
  aawihli  to investigate
  ilwihli  to come for
  maawihli  to go search for
  naaɬiika kanotíkko wihli  to be looking for something bad to say about someone
  oswihli  to go pick up something and bring back
wihlichi Var. of wiilichi 
wíiha Var. of óyha 
wìihíkko Neg.  «Ana yáaliiya wìiyákkohchi. I don't live here.»wìika
wìika to live somewhere, stay at a place, be located, hang around (of one)  -LI  (wìihiska, -, -)   [/wii-ka1] [fgr] [Irr: DlStem=àswa; PlStem=ìisa; 3Pl=wìikachi]  «San Antonio-fa wìikalikítto. I used to live in San Antonio.»  «Yostifan wìikalo. I live in Houston.»
  wìihíkko Neg.
  iwwìilka  dwelling
  wíika  to keep on doing
  iswìika  to still be doing
  oswìika  to live away
  aatosi iwwìika  to be pregnant
  wiikàachi  to live somewhere
wíika to keep on doing; to still be living (of one) [lgr] [Irr: PlStem=íisa]  «Aati boykahchok wíikaton chokfok ilatoolimpati. There once was a man who was hoeing when a rabbit came by, it seems. (RAF)»  «...intokíinot píila wíiⁿkat sáhtik níhta íisifòokamon. ...he was not working at all, he just kept hanging around, yet he got credit for a day's work. (NIA)»  «Wíikoolo. He's still living.»wìika
wiikàachi to live somewhere, stay at a place, be located, hang around (of two)   [/wii-ka1-chi2] [fgr]  «Heɬan Donka ittàasaayok Dentonkafan wiikàachihchi. Heather and Don live together in Denton.»wìika
wiili Var. of wihli 
wiilichi to shake (something) (of one)  -LI/CHA-  (wiichichi, -, -)   [prob. /wii-li-chi2] Var: wihlichi  (WP)
  iliiwilihkachi  to shake oneself
wilichoolaksi tongue of a shoe   [/wilo /ichoolaksi]
wiliksi to be gathered (of fabric)
  ichoowiliksi  lips
  istiwwiliksi  gathers
    istiwwiliksichi  to put gathers in
wilintalka heel (of a shoe)   [/wilo im- /tal(àa)-ka1]
wilintalka hochaaha high heel shoes   [/wilo im- /tal(àa)-ka1 ho- /chaaha]
wilistiyyòoka shoe lace, lace   [/wilo ist-im- /yòo-ka1]
wilitapatkáachi flat heeled shoes, tennis shoes   [/wilo ita- /pat(àa)-ka1-chi1] [lgr]
wilo shoe
  iwwilíkso  to go barefooted
wilohakcho ishobaski pair of boots   [/wilo /hakcho ist-ho- /baski]  (VC)
wilo iⁿhakchíisa boot; high top shoes Lit: shoe that has ears Usage: Older meaning `high top shoes'   [/wilo im- /hakcho /(i)sa]  «Wilo iⁿhakchíisan háaɬoko. Put on your boots.»
wilo iⁿhakcho top of the shoe   [/wilo im- /hakcho]
wilo paahaɬka overshoes   [/wilo paa- /haɬi-ka1] Var: wilospaahaɬka  (VC)
wiloshamohka shoe polish   [/wilo ist- /hamoh-ka1]  (VC)
wilospaahaɬka Var. of wilo paahaɬka 
wilostalpasoilka shoe polish   [/wilo ist- /a<l>posoh<il>-ka1]  (VC)
wilostalpasooha Var. of wilostaposooha 
wilostalposooha shoe polish   [/wilo ist- /a<l>posoh-a] Var: wilostalpasooha  (VC)
winàali to swing; to flutter, jiggle  -LI  (winàachi, winàahili, winàahachi)   [/winàa-li] [fgr]  «Winàaliikát aɬɬo chobaayók. He's so big he jiggles as he goes.»
  aawinàaka  swing
    poskòosi imaawinàaka  sling for a baby
  winàalichi  to swing (someone or thing) (rep.)
  iswinàali  to swing (on something)
    iswinàalichi  to swing (somebody)
    iswinàaka  seesaw
winàalichi to shake, jiggle, or swing (someone or thing) (repeatedly)  -LI/CHA-  (winàachichi, winàahilichi, winàahachichi)   [/winàa-li-chi1] ☞winàali
wininìhka Var. of wininihkachi 
wininihkachi rumble, rumbling noise (e.g. thunder)   [/wininih-ka1-chi2] Var: wininìhkawininihlichi
wininihlichi to make a rumbling noise, rumble   [/wininih-li-chi2]
  wininihkachi  rumbling noise
  maawininihkáachi  to be making a rumbling noise in the distance
wininiilichi to shiver, shake all over  -LI  (wininiichichi, wininiihilichi, wininiihachichi)   [/wininih-li-chi2]  «Heɬak wininiilichiimoolo. Heather's shivering.»
winóhlóosi Var. of winóolòosi 
winòoli to shake oneselves repeatedly, jiggle, swing (of more than one)  -LI  (-, winòohili, winòohachi)   [/wino(t)-li] [dsfx2] [fgr] ☞winotlichi
winòolichi to shake repeatedly, rock (e.g. a baby)  -LI/CHA-  (winòochichi, winòohilichi, winòohachichi)   [/wino(t)-li-chi1] [dsfx2] [fgr] ☞winòoli
winóolòosi to sway (as an old person walking or as a truck under a heavy load), shake under the strain of a load (as a bridge)  -LI  (winóolòostiska, winóolòostilka, winóolòostaska)   [/winoh-li-osi] [lgr] Var: winóhlóosi  (VC)  «Winóolòosit ispaaɬopotliti. It's swaying as it goes across.»winòoli
winotlichi to shake (once), jar, jerk, rock (one time)  -LI/CHA-  (winotchichi, winothilichi, winothachichi)   [/winot-li-chi1]
  winòoli  to shake oneself
    winóolòosi  to sway
    winòolichi  to shake (rep.)
      iswinòolichi  to shake (rep.)
wisisihka something that will make one nervous   [/wisisih-ka1]  «Aⁿwwisisihka. My thing that makes me nervous (e.g. a sailor would say that a storm is his iⁿwwisisihka).»  (VC)wisisihlichi
wisisihkachi to be nervous  CHA-   [/wisisih-ka1-chi2]  (VC)wisisihlichi
wisisihlichi  1.  to shake, shiver, quake, tremble, quiver involuntarily (as with palsy, chills, fever, nervousness)  CHA-   [/wisisih-li-chi2] Var: wisisìilichi  (WP)  2.  to make somebody nervous  -LI/CHA-  (wisisihchichi, wisisihhilichi, wisisihhachichi)  «Chawisisihlichi. I'm nervous.»
  wisisihkachi  to be nervous
  wisisihka  something that will make one nervous
wisisìilichi Var. of wisisihlichi 
wiyaachi Var. of wihaachi 
wiyaali Var. of wayàali 
Wodba Var. of Wodwiila 
Wodfiilka Var. of Wodwiila 
Wodwiila Woodville, Texas { English} Var: Wodfiilka Var: Wodba
wohka to bark  -LI  (wohiska, wohilka, wohaska)   [/woh-ka1] Var: wowohka  (VC)  «Balaakiya wóohkastíkkohchooti. Blackie never barks.»
  woíkko Neg.
  wohlichi  to bark at
wohlichi to bark at  -LI/CHA-  (wohchichi, wohhilichi, wohhachichi)   [/woh-li-chi1]  «Amifak ifason howohlichiti. The dogs were barking at the puppies.»wohka
woíkko Neg. ☞wohka
woksipaali egret, `whooping crane', prob. any large long-legged white bird  (JS) Var: oksipàali  (VC, IB)
wolohíkko Neg. ☞wolohki
wolohki to gel, congeal, turn to jelly, clot (of blood), curdle (of milk), clabber
  wolohíkko Neg.
wóokìicho Neg. ☞wòolichi
wooksi to be furry, woolly, bushy; to be mussed, unruly, wild (of hair)  CHA-  «Chiwooksikáamo. Your hair is wild (like you just woke up).»  «Ifa wooksok annàahohchooti. I have a furry dog.»
  ichoowoksi  beard
  paawoksi  to have the hair stand up
wòolichi to root up (e.g. of a hog or armadillo), sniff out (food), root around, dig up (food)   [/wòo-li-chi2]
  wóokìicho Neg.
woomaalpa deafness   [/woomaa<l>pa] ☞woomaapa
woomaapa to be deaf; to be unable to hear because the ears are ringing  (VC)  CHA- Var: waamaapa  (DB) Var: oomaapa
  woomaapachi  to make deaf
  woomaalpa  deafness
  woomaapatilka  deafness
woomaapachi to make deaf  -LI/CHA-  (woomaapachitiska, woomaapachitilka, woomaapachitaska)   [/woomaapa-chi1] ☞woomaapa
woomaapatilka deafness   [/woomaapa-tilka] ☞woomaapa
wotòolichi to crunch with the teeth; to grind (the teeth); to chew something up into pieces  -LI/3  (wotòochichi, wotòohilichi, wotòohachichi)   [/wotòo-li-chi2] [fgr]  «Aataksisolotkan wotòolichilo. I'm crunching on potato chips.»
wowohka Var. of wohka