T  the letter `T':  tìika
table  table, dining room:  aayoolìmpa.   cup, plate, bucket, table, blocks:  paatalàaka
tablecloth  aayoolimpa aɬipìika, aayoolimpa paapatàaka, aɬipìika
tablespoon  serving spoon, tablespoon:  lapihchi oolimpa istakka.   tablespoon (measure):  lapihchichoba
tablet  paper tablet:  holisso hatka
taboo  aybachitilka, nàashollo.   to be evil, wicked, dangerous, taboo:  hollo
tack  achoska1, istachosòoli, achoopasi.   to tack, staple something on (more than once):  istonachosli
tack room  aba
tadpole  sokpanòoli, yalba, okwaalasi
tag  to touch, tag:  halayli.   to play the game of tag:  halàyko
tail  hachi.   fish tail:  ɬaɬohachi.   to beat the tail on the ground, thump the tail:  hachistitabatli.   to hang by the tail (as a possum) (of one):  hachistatákkàaka
take  to take:  istoɬa.   to take, catch, accept, get credit for (one object):  isi.   to take hold of in the hand, grasp, wrestle:  chitiika.   to take (more than one thing):  pihli.   to take (one object) away from:  imisi.   to take (one thing in a container), get (one thing in a container):  istisi.   to take little pieces of to nibble:  niplichi.   to take somewhere for, carry for:  istimaɬɬa, istimaɬɬachi.   to be picked up and taken (of more than one):  pihka.   to be taken, picked up or arrested by the police (of one):  iska.   to take and leave somewhere, drop off (plural objects):  ilsoofi.   to cause or let someone take or get (one object):  isiichi
take along  to take along with:  ilasaachi, ilapihli
take apart  to take apart:  ittasihlichi.   to take apart at the seams:  istiⁿsihlichi.   to take apart (one object):  ittasokaffi.   to take apart (plural objects) (e.g. a horse from a wagon):  inchìllichi.   to pull off, pull out, take apart:  istonasokli
take away  to take away (one object) from, subtract:  onayíisi.   to take away from (e.g. a job):  istayapka.   to take (more than one) away from, subtract from:  iⁿfilohli, impihli.   to take (one thing in a container, such as a purse) away from:  istimisi.   to let someone take something away from one:  istilayaplichi.   to make (someone) take (something) away from:  istayaplichi.   to reach for, take away, go after (one object in a container):  maastisi.   to snatch away from, take away from, catch from:  impaffichi
take back  to take back, return (something):  ɬoylíichit istoɬa
take care  to care for, take care of:  iyíihòssi.   to take care of, not allow anything to happen to:  ayyihoochi.   to be looking after, taking care of:  áhhìicha.   to take care of in a nice way, treat with respect:  ayyiho.   to watch (something) for, take care of for:  imahíicha
take from  to take (more than one thing in a container) from:  istimpihli
take home  to take back home (one object):  ospiɬka
take medicine  to take medicine orally:  aissipa
take off  to make (someone) pull off, take off (one object):  siiplichi.   to take off (clothes):  iliisiihli.   to take off of, remove:  onayisi.   to start up, take off suddenly, fly away, bolt:  boyotli.   to ascend, take off (as an airplane):  abahlichi
take on  to take on a position (of one):  hachàali
take out  to take out of water:  ooyaskahli, oopaffichi, ooyisi.   to take out, take away, pick, pull out, pluck:  paffichi.   to take out of the throat (one object):  maanootaɬafka.   to take out the tonsils:  maanoopihli, noopihli
take over  to take over:  istisi
take turns  to exchange places, trade, take turns:  ittatooba.   to take turns with each other:  ittootamáali
take up  to pick up, take up (more than one) from below:  itapihli.   to take up or alter (a garment):  sawwachi
take up for  to take up for, help with something, alibi, witness for:  istapiila, istimapiila
tale  náasifatka, óohchafatka.   teller of tales and legends:  nàasóochafatli.   teller of tall tales:  chokfinaaɬìika
talk  babble, prattle, baby talk:  poskòosi innaaɬiilka.   deceptive or misleading talk:  naaɬiilka lamatíkko, naaɬiilka máalitíkko.   sleepwalking, talking in one's sleep:  haktiimochitilka.   to talk, speak (a language):  naaɬiika.   to talk a long time:  isbaskíichi.   to talk low, talk softly, whisper:  lóomhòosit naaɬiika.   to talk through the nose, nasalize the speech:  ibisaani isnaaɬiika.   to talk or walk in one's sleep:  haktiimochi.   to talk into a microphone, talk on the telephone:  maanaaɬiika.   to talk to (on the telephone), telephone:  maatinnaaɬiika.   to speak one's mind to, give a talking to:  inkostini.   to teach, train how to talk (as a baby):  naaɬiilichi.   to be talking to one another, be talking something over, be planning:  ittinnaaɬiika.   to talk angrily, argue with:  ittimakayiha.   to not be able to talk plainly, be inarticulate:  hochífko.   to be unable to talk:  naaɬiihíkko.   to be unable to talk plainly (as after a stroke), aphasic:  káanon naaɬiíkko
talk about  to talk about or gossip about someone:  naaɬiilichi.   to talk about one another, gossip about each other:  ittinnaaɬiilichi.   to be talked about:  naaɬiikachi
talker  talker, wordy person:  aatinaaɬìika
talk for  to talk for, speak for (someone):  imittinnaaɬiika
talk to  to talk to, speak to, counsel:  innaaɬiika.   to bawl out, give a good talking to:  illikitkat piɬka
tall  tallness:  chaliiha.   to be tall:  chaaha.   to be taller, tallest:  cháhha.   to be more than, superior to, taller than:  ímmàyya
tallow  wakniya, nàasistalaami inniya
Taloola, Texas  Talòola
tame  taming:  pakaamachitilka.   to tame (an animal), break (a horse):  pakaamachi.   to be raised, cultivated, domesticated, tame:  alpooba.   to be tame, gentle:  pakáamàasi, pakaama.   to be very tame, gentle, not a bit wild:  pakáamàssi
tamp  to tamp down, pack down, press down:  abitlichi.   to tighten, tamp down tight, screw down tight:  onawanhachi
tan  tanned deerhide, buckskin:  ichaffakchilipha.   tanned, stretched hide, leather thongs:  ɬahka.   tool for scraping hide in tanning:  isɬahka.   to cure (leather), tan (hide):  liphachi, ɬahli.   to rub all over, rub to soften (as in tanning hide):  kasohlichi.   to rub all over with (as in tanning hide):  iskasohlichi
tangle  to tangle:  ittihalatlichi.   to tangle (as someone's hair in the wind):  imaamatli.   to tangle (something of somebody's):  imittihalatlichi.   to tangle up:  ittapànnichi.   to tangle up, tie a bunch of knots in:  ittasikohlichi.   to be tangled, attached:  ittihalatka.   to be tangled up:  ittapànkachi, ittasikòokachi, ittihalahka.   to be wrapped up, tangled up in (of one):  atánnayka.   to have a lot of knots, be knotted, tangled:  ittasikòoka.   to untangle:  fakohlichi
tangy  kaskaha
tank  water tank, water tower:  okispaachokòoli.   open water tank, rain barrel:  okispaatállàaka, oki ispaatalàaka
tanned  to get burned (on the whole body), sunburned, suntanned:  tobiila
tantrum  to throw a tantrum:  siffi, siffichi
tap  for there to be the sound of tapping:  kapàaya.   to rap with the knuckles, tap:  kibìilichi.   to make a rattling, banging, hammering, tapping or rumbling noise:  kapàalichi.   to hit (plural objects or repeatedly), tap, rap:  batli
tape  cellophane tape:  istimalakpa.   recording tape:  naaɬiilka paffichi.   tape measure:  ilokfastalpisa, istalpisa2, istapiska
taperecorder  naaɬiilka paffichi, ochana naaɬiilka, ochonanaaɬiilka
tar  istinchakissa locha kosooma, hinipaapatàaka
tardy  tardiness:  obaltanka
tarpaulin  nàasaɬipìika
tart  kaskaha
tassel  corn tassel:  chassichokhiska.   to ripen (of corn), turn brown (of corn tassels):  alabosli
taste  what one says if something tastes very good:  amm! kanobi!.   to taste good, taste sweet:  champoli.   to have (food) taste good to one:  inchampoli.   to taste, sip, lick once:  lasapka.   to taste (someone's food):  illasapka.   to be over spiced, strong tasting:  yammifíhna2.   to be strong tasting (as strong coffee):  ooyammi.   to have a bad taste in the mouth:  ichootakba.   to taste sour (as a lemon or orange), tart, tangy:  kaskaha.   to have a bitter or burnt taste in the mouth:  ichoohomi.   to have a bitter taste in the throat:  nokhomi.   to make something taste bitter:  homiichi.   to have a salty taste in the mouth:  ichoohapi.   to have a sweet taste in the mouth:  ichoochampoli.   to leave a bad taste in the mouth:  ichootakbachi.   to taste bad (as hard water or a green persimmon), a taste between bitter and sweet, but not sour:  takba
tasteless  to be bland, tasteless (of food), weak in flavor, light tasting (as weak coffee, soup without salt, etc.):  taksi
tasty  champoli
tattoo  sakbafaholisso.   to be tattooed:  chokchoki
taut  to be taut, be pulled tight, be stretched tight (of one):  maapka.   to pull to tighten, stretch taut, tug on to tighten (one object):  ismaapka
tavern  aayisilka
taxi driver  mobìlka waliilìichi
tea  tìika.   to make tea, brew tea:  tìikan talbòoli.   to brew (as tea from roots):  poyatlichi
teach  teaching:  aabachitilka.   to teach (a subject):  aabachi, ponnachi.   to teach (a subject) to:  imaabachi.   to teach (a skill, how to do, the practical applications) to:  imponnachi.   to teach school:  holisson aabachi, holisson sobaylichi.   to teach, train how to talk (as a baby):  naaɬiilichi.   to be taught (a subject):  imaabachitilka
teacher  aabàachi, tìicha, aatatka, holisso aabàachi, holisso sobaylìichi
team  ball team:  pokkotòoliha.   partner (on a job) forming a team working together:  intáɬɬa.   to hitch up (a team) (to a wagon or sled):  halahlichi
tear  binafka.   to tear (something) once:  ɬilaffi.   to tear apart, rend in two:  binaffi.   to tear into pieces:  ɬilli.   to rip apart, tear (as clothing):  istintipli.   to tear down, tear up (one object):  yiɬapli.   to break something, tear up, ruin:  alwahli.   to be torn:  binafka, ɬilafka.   to be torn apart:  istintipka.   to be torn up:  binàaka.   to be torn in several places, several torn:  ɬilka.   to have a tear, be tearing (of one):  ɬíllafka.   to have tears in several places:  ɬìilka.   to have broken or torn skin (on a part of the body):  iⁿɬilafka
tear down  to tear down, tear up (one object):  yiɬapli
tears  ittiɬokchi
tease  joker, braggart, tease:  istibitchi.   to laugh at, ridicule, tease:  afaalichi.   to make fun of, mock, tease, joke or kid about (something):  istállàamiichi.   to tease someone because of jealousy:  istimposaachi
teaspoon  lapihchosi
teat  pisi, waakimpisi
teddy bear  nitaholba, nitaholbasi
tedious  to be difficult, hard, tedious, sad (of circumstances):  achihba
teepee  albinafa iisa
telephone  naaɬiikapalki, masnaaɬiilka, maanaaɬihilka.   to answer (the telephone):  imootamatlichi.   to call (someone) on the telephone:  maatiyyowwa.   to talk into a microphone, talk on the telephone:  maanaaɬiika.   to talk to (on the telephone), telephone:  maatinnaaɬiika.   to ring (of the telephone):  maatolaachi
telescope  hopaaki maastilhicha
television  ochonanaaɬiilka, olaatilka, nàasóyha maaholbachi, tiifiika
tell  story, tale, something told:  náasifatka.   teller of tales and legends:  nàasóochafatli.   teller of tall tales:  chokfinaaɬìika.   to tell, say, ask:  onka1.   to tell (something):  fatli.   to tell (something) to:  iⁿfatli.   to be told, be known:  fatka.   to lie, tell a lie:  loska.   to tell a lie about, falsely accuse:  aloska, onaloska.   to warn, forbid, tell (someone) not to do something:  imaybachi
tell on  to not inform on, not tell on (someone):  alomhichi
temper  quickly, suddenly, jerky (as a car on a drag strip or someone with a quick temper):  tóospàasi.   to have a quick temper, get mad easily:  ilaapalàskano
ten  pókkòoli.   dime, ten cents:  iskalàaba.   tenth:  ispókkòoli.   ten times:  istapókkòoli.   to do ten times, make ten, score ten points:  pókkòolichi
tend  to make ready for, tend (a garden):  imakanoochi
tender  to be tender:  okcháako.   to be tender (as of ripe fruit, young shoots or young animals):  walwaki, walwáakòosi.   to be very ripe, fully mature, still very tender (of vegetation):  walwáaki
tendon  assikchi, inchoswa.   Achilles tendon:  iyyassikchi, iyyikonìiɬa
tennis shoes  wilitapatkáachi
tense  to be uneasy, tense, nervous, apprehensive (as when watching an acrobat):  yowaapa.   to make someone nervous, make tense, make uneasy:  yowaapachi
tent  iisatakàaka, iistalka.   to put up a tent, raise a tent:  iistalkan talbòoli.   to stand up (several things) (for example, posts or a tent):  hislichi
tent guides  istimmaapilka
tent pole  iisastiⁿhachàali
tent stake  iisatakàaka istiⁿhachàali
tepid  to be lukewarm, tepid:  íikba
terminate  to be terminateed, left, stopped:  fayka.   to have a term in office end, have a position terminate:  istimanooka
termite  iskaniyòosa waayóhka.   ant, esp. fire ant, termite ant:  iskanniyòosa.   winged ant, termite?:  choklahpa
terrapin  large edible turtle, terrapin:  hachitakna.   terrapin, tortoise:  sattapolo
testicle  bonka
testy  to be testy, touchy:  maahoyoopa
tether  reins, tethers:  chichoba istiⁿhalailka, chichoba istiⁿhalatilka.   yoke or tether (for a cow that gets into the garden):  waaka iwwataaka
Texas  Teksi.   the State, the state of Texas:  stìitka
thank  thanks, thank you:  alíila, kano, tá!
that  mók.   that one:  yáafaaya.   that one (distal):  ma.   that one (not close), that previously mentioned one:  akka, akka.   there, that place:  akko.   over there, that way, towards:  màafa.   this or that way, this or that direction, over here, over there:  tàala.   this place here, right over there, that place over yonder:  yàafa
theater  movie theater:  holba.   amphitheater, gymnasium:  aahompanka
theft  holìiba
then  now, now then:  mooliiya.   then, next, and then, so:  máamòosi.   well, then, uh, er, let's see...:  naho1
there  right there:  akki.   there, that place:  akko.   this or that way, this or that direction, over here, over there:  tàala.   this place here, right over there, that place over yonder:  yàafa.   beyond, past (in time or space), over there:  koɬa.   over there, that way, towards:  màafa.   over yonder, a little ways over there, a little farther away:  yáafàasi.   look out!, watch out, hey!, wait! there!:  má! má!.   to be there, exist:  nàaho.   to go over there:  òoɬa.   to be there, be around, be located at a place (of one or two):  àaya.   to be located, be here, be there (of one or two):  àata.   to be here and there, every which way:  ossofka
thermometer  lokba issobayka, lokba sáhmòosi issobayka.   fever thermometer:  yalinha issobayka, yanha issobayka
thick  to be thick, dense, deep:  chihbi.   to be thicker:  chíhbi.   to lie thick (of snow), be a heavy snowfall:  chihbichi.   to thicken, make thicker:  chihbichi, chihbichi
thicken  to thicken with (a thickener such as cornmeal or flour):  istoochihbichi
thickener  istasolotka
thicket  ittaposa, abohli.   canebrake, cane thicket:  iɬanistalàaka
thief  aatihòoba, nàashòoba.   thief (also an animal that steals food):  hòoba.   chicken thief:  akaakhòoba.   cattle rustler:  waakhòoba
thigh  obi
thimble  chofistiɬka
thin  to be narrow, thin:  ɬibaata.   to be thin, slim, slender, skinny (of people or animals):  sowi.   to be dry, thin (of more than one):  solohka.   to be flat and thin (as a sheet of paper, cloth, etc.), sheer:  tapáaⁿskòosi.   to be thin, sheer, light-weight, fine-grained:  tapaski.   to be thin, watery, not thick:  chikíhbo.   to be thin (not dense), watery, diluted:  oktakasbi, oktapaski.   to be getting thin around the face:  ibiisanífkàasi.   to be getting thinner, more watery:  oktákkasbi.   to be narrow, small, thin in diameter (as a small tree, broom handle, etc.):  chokíibossi.   to thin out, water down, dilute:  oktakasbichi.   to make a bit thinner, dilute some, water down:  oktákkasbìichi
thing  nàasi
think  mind, thinking, thought:  kostinka.   to think about, consider:  akostiniichi.   to wonder about, think about, guess at, worry about:  áalo.   to think about someone in the context of something, remember someone:  akostínnìichi.   to think about what is best for someone:  imakostínnìichi.   to be mentally still a child, unable to think for oneself:  háakti.   to be thinking clearly, to know right from wrong:  kostíini.   to be thinking about, wondering:  akostiníichi.   to think about someone when doing something:  istakostínnìichi.   to mix up someone's thinking (as by hitting on the head, doubletalk, or trickery):  kostínkochi
thin out  to thin out, clear, hoe (a field, usually for planting), knock down (e.g. weeds, apples):  baɬɬichi
third  the third, three times:  istatótchìina.   third base:  imiisistatótchìina
thirsty  to be thirsty:  okibanna
thirty  poolihchitótchìina
thirty-aught-six rifle  bihichoba2
thirty-five  poolihchitótchìinan awah táɬɬàapi
thirty-thirty rifle  bihichoba2
this  akki.   this, this here:  ya.   only this one:  yáɬɬi.   this one, here it is:  yaha.   here, this place, this vicinity, right here, this way:  yàali.   this or that way, this or that direction, over here, over there:  tàala.   this place here, right over there, that place over yonder:  yàafa.   to do a certain way, go like this (gesture):  yamíhchi, yàhmi
this side  on this side of a certain location (of a place):  ilotàɬɬà
thistle  ɬohpo
thong  leather thongs:  koskalpi, chaɬka, ɬahka
thorns  bakcho.   any plant with thorns, brier:  bakcho.   stickers, thorn, sliver, burrs, dart, needle, arrow, knife, etc.:  achosòoka1
thorough  to finish doing, do completely, do thoroughly:  anosli, anooli
though  káasok.   but, even though, although, even:  -tika2.   even though, despite:  -bíino
thought  kostinka, akostinitilka.   to have thought about a particular thing, figured out a problem:  iskostini.   to lose one's train of thought, forget what a word means:  imayosba
thousand  taɬɬìipaspókkòoli
thrasher  brown thrasher (?):  chaɬchachoba.   small, brown bird of winter and spring, poss. brown thrasher or a kind of woodpecker (?):  chaɬcha
thread  baksa.   sewing thread:  baksaatka.   to thread (a needle):  ɬopotlichi.   to pull out loose threads, unravel (thread):  sihlichi
threaten  to be threatening or imminent (of weather):  hátchàali
three  tótchìina.   the third, three times:  istatótchìina.   three times:  atótchìina, hitótchìina.   to do three times, score three points, produce three offspring:  tótchìinachi.   to have three:  intótchìina
throat  istillimitilka.   to burn the throat (as hot coffee or spicy food):  noolibatli.   to clear the throat, ahem:  ilinookanòochi.   to cut (one object) off of the throat:  nootaɬafka.   to have a pouched throat (as a lizard):  noopoksi.   to have a tickle in the throat, have an scratchy throat:  noowasihli.   to have a bitter taste in the throat:  nokhomi.   to have something (as a cold) in the throat, have a frog in the throat:  nooláppàali.   to remove (objects) from the throat of a choking victim:  maanoopihli.   to take out of the throat (one object):  maanootaɬafka
throb  to throb, throb with a pulse, have a heartbeat:  hifoska.   to throb with, as a pulse (in the neck) (from a fever, running hard, etc.):  nokchoffichi.   to have a pulse, throb, heartbeat:  inchoffichi.   to ache, throb, hurt all over (as with the flu):  komohlichi
through  to pass through (of one):  ɬopotli.   to pass (something) through, put through:  ɬopotlichi.   to pass through or by, cross in front of (of more than one):  ɬopòoli.   to have something too tight to get into or through:  awanha
through with  to stop, quit doing, be through with:  faayahli, faayàali, fayli.   to be over with (e.g. of a movie or an event), finished, through:  istanooka.   to finish off, get through with, use up:  anooli.   to go through with to the end (of one):  istittaɬopotli, ittaɬopotli
throw  to throw at:  bakahli.   to throw to (one object):  maatimmaalichi.   to throw to (someone at a distance):  maastimbakahli.   to throw a tantrum:  siffi, siffichi.   to lower, throw in (one object):  maatoomaalichi.   to spill, throw, discard (more than one thing):  soofi.   to (throw and) hit once against something at a distance:  ostisbatatli
throw away  to throw away, pour out:  tilìika.   to throw away (something in a package or container):  ismaalichi.   to throw off, throw away, drop, discard (one object):  maalichi.   to leave, abandon, throw away (plural objects):  maakahli.   to throw away (plural objects) for, throw away (someone's possessions):  immaakahli.   to be thrown away:  isbakahka.   to be thrown away, divorced, abandoned (of one):  maakachi
throw down  to pull down, throw down:  ɬaalichi.   to throw down, throw (one object) to the ground:  maamaalichi.   to throw down (as in wrestling):  isbakahli.   to throw down, knock down (one object):  maapiɬka.   to throw down on top of:  paamaalichi
throw into  to throw into water (one thing):  oomaalichi
throw net  ɬaɬo istokbohòokachi
throw off  to throw off or drop (more than one):  ɬàali
throw on  to be thrown on the water (of more than one):  oomaakaaka
throw out  to throw out (a liquid, such as dishwater):  maasoofi.   to impeach, throw out of office (one person):  maalichi
throw up  to vomit, throw up:  ahoota
thrush  tikbahiɬɬi
thumb  ilbiki, ilbikichòoba, ilbossiki
thumb tack  achoopasi
thump  to beat the tail on the ground, thump the tail:  hachistitabatli.   to make the sound of running footsteps, thump:  kipìilichi
thunder  boom! sound of a thunder clap:  pas!.   rumble, rumbling noise (e.g. thunder):  wininihkachi.   for there to be thunder or a rumbling noise in the distance:  maatimiikáachi, maatimimihkáachi.   to thunder:  kolkohka.   to be making a rumbling noise in the distance (as thunder):  maawininihkáachi.   to explode, go off (of an explosion), crash (of thunder):  tokafka.   to make a loud crashing, boomming noise in the distance (especially a clap of thunder):  pasàaya.   to make a ponderous sound, as of heavy footsteps, thunder, the rumble of a train:  timìilichi
thunderbird  kolkohkafoosi
thunder snake  kolkohkachinto
Thursday  istonóstàaka, nihta istóstàaka, nihta onóstàaka, onóostàaka
tic  tic in the eyelid:  ittiɬi iyyòokachi.   to have a muscle spasm, twitch, tic:  yóllichi.   to have a tic or twitch in the eye:  ittiɬi iyyòolichi.   to have a facial tic:  ibiyòokachi, ibiyòolichi
tick  satani, satanpatha, iskanpatha, satanochoski, satanichoba.   deer tick:  icho iⁿsatani.   seed tick:  satanosi
ticket  aayaltobaachitilka, ahachàaka holisso
tickle  wasihko, wachikka.   to tickle:  wachiklichi.   to tickle (one), make itch, scratch an itch:  wasihlichi.   to tickle (a part of the body) for, scratch an itch on for:  iwwachiklichi.   to have a tickling feeling (on a part of the body):  iwwachikli.   to have a tickle in the throat:  noowasihli.   to be tickled:  wachikkachi
ticklish  to be ticklish:  wachikli, wasihli
tie  necktie:  wataaka.   tie, draw (in a contest):  ittáhhòoba.   railroad ties:  tàiska.   to catch up to, tie with (someone):  ahooba.   to put around the neck, put on (a tie):  wataali, watasli.   to tie a knot onto something, tie up something with:  istasikopli.   to tie (one object) onto:  onasikopli.   to tie (one object), tie onto, tie (two ends) together, tie (a knot):  achitìili.   to tie (two ends) into a knot, make a knot in:  bonotlit ittachitìili.   to tie (something) in the hair:  bachaali.   to tie with each other:  ittahooba.   to tie small lines onto (esp. on the main line of a trotline):  baksa achitli.   to be tied:  achitìika.   to be roped, tied with rope:  talikcho.   to be tied in a bunch of knots, snarled:  ittachitìika.   to be tied in a knot (of one):  asikopka.   to knot once, tie a knot in:  asikopli.   to knot repeatedly, tie knots in:  asikòoli.   to lace up, tie with laces:  istiyyòoli.   to tangle up, tie a bunch of knots in:  ittasikohlichi
tie-snake  chintokàwkachi
tie up  to tie up (something alive):  imachitìili.   to tie up to an upright, tie to a stake, stake up:  onasihka.   to tie up with something, to bind up (hay, load of logs on truck, etc.):  asihka.   to be tied up:  achíttìika, achitli, alsiha.   to have (one object) tied up:  achíttìili.   to have been tied up:  asihilka
tiger  kowibasbaki, kowiɬahkachi
tight  to be taut, be pulled tight, be stretched tight:  maapka, maaka.   to have something too tight to get into or through (as clothes):  awanha.   to pull to tighten, stretch taut, tug on to tighten (one object):  ismaapka.   to screw (one object) in tight:  onasanayli.   to squeeze very tight (once):  tiɬifka
tighten  to tighten up (a screw), screw (a bolt) back in:  imosannichi.   to tighten, tamp down tight, screw down tight:  onawanhachi
till  to plow, till, cultivate the ground:  binaffichi.   to be plowed, tilled:  binafkachi
tiller  isbinafkachi
tilt  to tilt, lean (something) to one side:  chaknaaskichi.   to tilt the head back (of one):  abaanatahli.   to tilt (someone's) head back:  abaanatahlichi.   to be tilted, to lean to the side, slope or slant (of ground):  chaknaaski
time  it's that time, it's time for it:  óoɬaamoolo.   it's time to (do something):  imoɬa.   when (what day):  sáhmifòoka.   when (what time), whenever:  sáhmòosi.   about what time, about when:  sáhmíffìina.   again, a second time, again and again:  atokláali.   as soon as, quickly:  náasíkson.   later:  istaɬíina, hímmàaka, óohchaama, opíiyàasi.   a little later:  hímmáakàasiimon, hímmàakasima.   a little while before:  bíknòosi.   next, subsequent:  mìntama.   next time:  atokláali, atóklama, hitòkla, atòkla.   once, once upon a time:  acháffàaka.   sometime, at some point (specific indefinite occasion):  sáhmifòokóot.   sometime in the future:  himáakayáamiimon.   sometimes:  himaayáami, sàhmiláhkaamon, sáhmiima, sáhmimáɬɬiiya.   the old days:  óohchàayáali.   long ago, in the old days:  óohchàako, himáakayáamifòokon.   a long time:  hímmáhkàastíkkobi, hímmáhkókko.   beyond, past (in time or space), over there:  koɬa.   during a certain period in the past up to or until some later time:  istíila.   it will be far in the future:  óohchat aɬíinaama.   last year:  lokbáahaako, lokbahaakítto.   next year:  lokbáahaama, ostillokbaha.   next month:  hasimìnta.   all day:  nihtóyha.   now:  himáakayàali.   nowadays:  himáakayáhmiiyon, himàaka.   now, and:  mooton.   now, now then:  mooliiya.   right now; today:  himáakaníhtaya.   today, now:  himáakaya.   today:  himàaka nìhta.   this morning:  himáakaniɬálli.   today at twelve noon:  himáaka pontóoliiyon.   this afternoon:  himáaka pontókkòolit ɬopotliyyon, himáaka pontókkot táɬɬoffi.   this evening:  himáakatánkàasiiyon.   tonight:  tankaama.   yesterday:  pihaako.   yesterday morning:  pihaakoniɬálli.   yesterday at noon:  pihaakopontókkòoli.   last night:  tankaako.   day before yesterday:  pihaakokoɬaako.   night before last:  tankaakok koɬaako.   recently, not too long ago:  okíichòosiiko.   tomorrow:  níhtama.   tomorrow morning:  nìhtaniɬálli.   tomorrow at noon:  nìhtapontókkòoli.   tomorrow after noon, tomorrow after dinner:  nìhtapontókkòot ɬopotli, nìhtapontókkòot taɬoffi.   tomorrow night:  níhta tankaama.   day after tomorrow:  nìhtakoɬa, nìhtakoɬaama.   night after next:  nìhta koɬa tankaama.   day after day, this day and the next:  nihta istinnihtahchi.   early in the morning, before the sunrise:  niɬállòosi.   dawn, daybreak:  nihtataɬɬa.   in the morning:  niɬállima.   noontime, mid-day:  pontókkòoli.   evening:  tánkàssi.   midnight:  niɬhóota, tankatóohcha.   one minute:  kanatlischáffàaka, chofotlischáffàaka.   week:  nihtahóllo.   weekdays, workweek:  níhtahollo ittimaltàala.   to be timely, be in time:  mayóoba.   to be a long time:  óhhòocha.   to be a very long time:  óohcha.   to be a long time ago:  ohóocha.   to be very long ago:  óochafíhnaama.   to take a long time:  óochachi, ohóocha.   to be a while ago, some time ago:  óhhòochàasiiko.   to be during the day, still daytime:  níihta.   to be earlier:  máhhàasi.   to be getting on towards evening:  óppìiya.   to be late (in the day):  opiya.   to be past a certain time:  taɬoffi.   to be past (a time or place), be beyond some place (of one):  ɬóppotli.   to be last (i.e. previous), former:  mìntako.   to be short (in length, time, distance):  koboksi.   to be twice, be two times, again, next time:  atòkla.   to be how many, how much, what time:  nàmpo
timid  timid person, scaredy cat:  aatimaɬatli.   to be shy, timid, ashamed:  oofaaya
tin  tin can:  kànka.   (metal) bucket, tin can:  ochanàtka, ochanàtkabila.   small tin can:  ochanàtkasi
tinder  choyyiskilaaya
tingle  to be tingling, pins and needles:  simohka
tinkle  for to be a jingling, tinkling sound:  solòoya.   to clink, tinkle, jingle:  chamàalichi.   to make something jingle or tinkle (as a small bell):  solòoyachi
tinnitus  iⁿsamàayatilka
tiny  to be tiny:  chinóofàschi, chakosi, chipíilàasi, chaki, sáwwàasi
tip  ibíttòosi, ibítto
tipsy  to be tipsy, a little drunk:  yámmòossi
tiptoe  to stand on tiptoe:  sikkilipli.   to ballet dance, dance on tiptoe:  sikkilíplit bitli
tire  fatigue, tiredness:  hoyapka.   to be tired:  hoyapli.   to be tired of, worn out from, ready to give up:  imálpìisa.   to make each other tired:  ittihoyaplichi
tissue  toilet tissue:  iskihka
title  to hold title (to land), hold rights (to land):  támbatka
to  at, to:  aa-, -fa.   on, at, to:  ona-.   so, in order to:  -móska
toad  okwaala, okwaalasi
toast  toasted bread:  paspitaksolotka, paspachoba solotka
tobacco  hakchomma.   chewing tobacco:  hakchommilpa.   to smoke tobacco:  hakchommasonka.   to chew tobacco:  hakchomma ipa
today  himàaka nìhta, himáakaya, himáakaníhtaya.   today at twelve noon:  himáaka pontóoliiyon
toe  iyyiswáatali, iyyochoski.   big toe:  iyyiki, iyyikichòoba.   little toe:  iyyochòosi.   to stub the toe:  háɬɬapka
toenail  iyyaksi
together  all of us together:  ittolilha.   near, close together (of two):  ittayákha.   partner (on a job) forming a team working together:  intáɬɬa.   to be together:  akkáhmi.   to be together, be with each other, be both:  ittàasa.   to be together with, stay with:  ahíina.   to be with, be mixed with, be included with, be together with:  àasa.   to be all together:  ittóyha.   to be mixed together:  ittapaanakaakachi.   to fit together, join, chain together:  ittihokfi.   to be fitted together, interlocking (of two):  ittihokfa.   to be mixed fine together:  istitalipha.   to patch together:  aloopachi.   to piece together (a quilt):  ittaloopachi.   to be patched, be stuck together:  aloopa.   to stick together, glue together (two things):  ittilapaalichi.   to come together, meet:  ittipóttòoli.   to come together, come up to one another (of two):  ittapotòolichi.   to come together with, meet (someone), esp. head on:  abaaka.   to meet at a certain place, gather together:  ittanahka.   to gather together, get together (of several):  ittillokòoli.   to put next to (one object), put (two objects) together:  ibachasàali.   to mix (two) together:  ittapaanaɬi.   to mix together (more than two):  ittapaanakahlichi.   to mix together, combine, add numbers:  ittasaachi.   to mix together, put (several) together (in one container):  ittapaayaapitta.   to mix together, intermingle (of things that should not be mixed):  ittayommi.   to mix together (things that should not be mixed):  ittayommichi.   to go around together (more than four):  ittanòwwa.   to get along together:  ittimayokpa.   to marry, get together:  onnaaɬi.   to sleep together, be married (of two):  ittapoɬòoka
toilet  maataaɬoyhilka, aaholiswa, aaɬoyhilka, aahoppolka, aaholippola.   to flush (the toilet):  soofi
toilet paper  iskihka
tomato  hapanchokko
tomboy  naanosi.   to be a tomboy (of a girl):  naani
tomorrow  níhtama.   tomorrow morning:  nìhtaniɬálli.   tomorrow at noon:  nìhtapontókkòoli.   tomorrow after noon:  nìhtapontókkòot ɬopotli, nìhtapontókkòot taɬoffi.   tomorrow night:  níhta tankaama.   day after tomorrow:  nìhtakoɬa, nìhtakoɬaama
ton  baybastáɬɬìipan poolistòklo
tongs  itto istabáilka
tongue  ichoolaksi.   tongue of a shoe:  wilichoolaksi.   wagon tongue:  tissanaha ichoolaksi.   to stick out the tongue or lip:  ichoklàmbi.   to stick out the tongue or lip at (someone):  imichoklambi
tonight  tankaama
tonsilectomy  to remove tonsils:  nootaɬafka, maanoopihli, noopihli.   to perform a tonsilectomy on:  maanootaɬafka
too  -fíhna.   also, too:  mók.   (do) a lot, (do) too much, very, too:  áalòosi.   to do or be as well, also, too:  máaloolo.   to be lots, a lot, too:  fíhna
too high  to have something be too high for one:  imabahli
tools  istintolihno.   arc welder:  istonaɬatofka.   arrowhead:  ɬakiⁿhalokpa.   ash shovel:  histo istitapafkachi.   adze:  ittissahkachi.   awl:  istiⁿɬopoilka.   ax:  chaafi.   branding iron:  waaka isholisso.   broom:  istitapaska.   bullwhip:  waakisbatka.   can opener:  ochanàtkasi istintiyapka.   carpenter's plane, iron:  isɬinko.   chain saw:  issohkachi ibisnáaliwalíika.   circular saw:  issohkachipálki.   clamp:  istatiɬifilka.   cold chisel, hacksaw:  ochonaskòlka.   cotton gin:  pakaalaaboyotlichi.   crosscut saw:  issohkachibaski.   crowbar:  istafinapka, nàasistiⁿsokka, ochonastafinapka.   crowbar, claw hammar:  achoopa istiⁿsihkachi.   crusher (anything used to crush):  isbosotkachi.   double-bit ax:  chaaftóklo.   draw knife:  ittossahkachi.   drill:  ispalailka.   edge, blade:  ichooyákpa, ichooyákpàasi.   egg beater:  istokchiwahilka.   fence stretcher, wire stretcher:  ismaapilka.   fire poker:  istitachifilka, istitachifkachi, istitapaɬatka.   flat ax:  chafpàtha.   floor mop:  istitayaasihka.   fork:  isɬopohilka.   grater:  isbotooka, ismiɬihkachi.   grindstone:  isbotooka.   hammer, mallet, paddle:  isbatka.   hammer, sledgehammer:  islisilka.   hand drill:  istiⁿɬobafka.   hand saw:  issohkachosi.   hatchet:  chaafosi.   hoe:  ittopatha.   ice hook:  akmistabatilka.   knife, table knife, blade:  talkoosa.   large wooden mortar:  kihcho.   lawn mower:  hassi istitakolofka.   lever, jack handle:  iswakayka apihchi.   long handle of a tool:  apihchi.   metal square (tool):  ochonastalpisa pakofka.   metal wedge for splitting wood:  ittospaɬka.   nail file:  ilbaksissohkachi.   opener:  istintiyapka.   paintbrush:  istalposa.   pestle:  kistapi.   pick, pickax:  achokna.   pitchfork:  isɬopoilkachoba, kopihkastitapihka.   plane:  istaɬiilka.   plow:  isbinafkachi.   posthole digger:  poskastiⁿsafka.   pulley, block and tackle:  istiⁿhaatanàali.   rake:  iskaykachi, istitakaykachi.   rice cutter (harvesting tool):  onosikoloffi.   saw, handsaw, two-man crosscut saw:  issohkachi.   sawhorse:  chichoba.   scale:  isbaybachilka.   sewing machine:  istolfachi.   shovel, spade:  issafka.   sifter:  saklapatha.   small sawhorse:  chichobasi.   soldering iron:  ɬaki onaɬatoffi, istonabilaachilka.   stick (for striking), club:  ittaposa.   sythe, sickle:  hassi ischakka.   tape measure:  ilokfastalpisa.   washboard:  iskayofka.   welder:  istonabilaachilka.   whip:  isbatka.   wood chisel:  ittoskolka.   wooden wedge:  ittohalokpa.   wrench, screwdriver:  istonasankachi.   tool for rubbing hide:  iskasookachi.   tool for scraping hide in tanning:  isɬahka.   tool to stretch out fencing:  ismaaka.   tool used in spinning moss:  somo isfahka.   tool used to weave, knitting needles:  istaɬka.   anything used as a standard of measure or pattern:  istalpisa2.   anything used for picking up heavy objects:  iswakayka.   anything used to pull nails:  achoopa issiihka.   any tool for hoisting and hauling logs:  itto istabáilka.   any tool used for sharpening:  ishalokpa.   any tool used for sifting:  isyòokachi.   heart wood, the hard core of a tree used in making tools:  chonoska.   to work with an implement or tool:  istintohno.   to use a tool to spread on:  istaposohka.   to put a new handle on a tool:  ayoopi
too much  to be too much:  lawafìino.   to be expensive, too much:  achihba
tooth  nati.   any large tooth:  natichoba.   baby tooth:  innati lokòolímmòona, innatosi.   false teeth:  naticholpa.   front molar, grinding tooth:  natiskachàaka, natiskaɬka, natisyasilka.   front tooth:  natibíssa, innatibíkno.   molar tooth:  innatichóoba, iskachàaka, nati nàasisliphachitilka.   wisdom teeth, back teeth:  innati obáali.   top teeth, uppers:  innatipáana.   tusk:  innatihobaski.   to fill (the teeth) of:  imaapitta.   to have one's teeth filled:  imalpitta.   to pull (the tooth) of:  impaffichi.   to have one's tooth fall out, lose one's tooth:  inchiloffi
toothache  natiholpa.   pain-reliever for toothache:  innatihóopa aissi
toothache tree  ittohalokpa, ɬacho, natikasahlichi
toothbrush  toɬbroska
toothpick  innatisfitilka, natisfitilka
top  on top:  paa-.   top (e.g. of tree), tip:  ibítto.   top side:  páana.   top of the shoe:  wilo iⁿhakcho.   toy top:  bitlosi.   to be located on top of something:  paatállàaka, paayíisa.   to be located in (a container) on top of (something):  ispaatállàaka.   to lay (one object) down on top of:  paabalàali.   to sit on top of:  paachokòoli, paachikìika.   to seat on top of, put on top of:  paachokoolichi.   to stack up on top of one another (as cups, cans):  ittalatlichi.   to put down (one object) on top of:  paapiɬka.   to put down on top of, lay down (one thing with a wide surface):  ispaapiɬka.   to put over, put on top of, cover (one object):  albitìili.   to ride (a horse), sit on top of, be settled on, ride in a car, be perched on a line (of birds) (of one):  paachókkòoli.   to ride, sit on top of (of a few):  paachíkkìika.   to be lacking on top, missing on top, gone on top:  paayíkso.   to be not quite to the top:  ámbahli.   to float, be on top of the water:  okpalàali.   to spread over the top of:  paapatàali.   to be spread over the top of (of one):  paapatàaka.   to scatter, spread, or put on top of:  paayisaachi.   to scatter, spread, or leave on top of for:  impaayisaachi.   to scrape, slice off the top of:  tiɬɬichi.   to have just been set out or put on top of (of one):  paatalàaka
torch  iskitaaya, kilaaya.   pitch torch:  choyyapala.   rich pine limbs, peat, pine knot used for torch:  choyyipokta.   kindling, torch, punk, etc.:  iskilaaya.   arc welder, welding torch:  onaɬatoffi
tornado  mahlikánko, hanaafololo
tortoise  sattapolo
totally  to finish doing, do completely, do thoroughly, be totally:  anooli
touch  to touch, feel (something) once:  potòoli, potli.   to touch, tag:  halayli.   to be put next to, near, touching each other (of two):  ittapotòoka1.   to have one's hand on, be touching:  póttòoli.   to be touched once:  potòoka
touchy  to retaliate, be testy, touchy:  maahoyoopa
tough  to be hard, tough:  wanha.   to be tough, stiff (in texture):  chalakbi.   to act mean, act tough, act bad:  álpìisa.   to be tough and crusty (as of bread cooked wrong):  chakáawa.   to make tough, overcook, cause to harden:  wanhachi
toupee  hissispaachokòoli, hissistilaɬipìilka, hissisyaaɬipìilka, hissisyaatala
toward  over there, that way, towards:  màafa.   to run toward, run up to meet someone (of one):  onawaliika, onatooɬka
towel  istilibiipaska
tower  water tank, water tower:  okispaachokòoli, okispaahachàali
town  oola.   to found, establish a town:  oolachi
town ant  iskaniyòossoba
town crier  messengers who tell people to come to the yearly Christmas óolanwi party:  tahpala
tow sack  sokchapaɬakna.   to catch (fish) with a tow sack:  imokbohòolichi, ɬaɬo okbohòolichi
toy  ishompankasi.   seesaw, swing:  iswinàaka.   toy top:  bitlosi.   toy wagon:  tissanahasi
trace  old Indian trace or trail through the woods:  aati imaayttanolìwwootoha.   trace, old trail:  aatiⁿhinootoha, aatiⁿhinosootoha.   trace, trail, footprints:  italàtka
track  háɬɬapka, latka, haɬilka, italàtka.   buggy tracks:  chichoba bàki istiⁿhalàilka.   railroad tracks:  pàlkiⁿhini.   horserace track:  chichoba imaayittimaliyya.   automobile race track:  mobìlka aayittimayya.   to track, go after, seek, stalk:  ayosli.   to make tracks with something (e.g. mud), track (e.g. dirt) around:  istitalatka
trade  to trade something:  atooba.   to exchange places, trade, take turns:  ittatooba, ootamatli, altoba.   to trade places with each other:  ittootamahli
trail  hinosi, aatiⁿhinootoha, aatiⁿhinosootoha, italàtka.   old Indian trail through the woods:  aati imaayttanolìwwootoha.   vapor trail:  ɬaafka
trailer  iswiha
train1  railroad train:  pàalki, pàlkichoba.   freight train:  pàlkibaski, pàlki nàaswihàachi.   passenger train:  pàlki aatistàaya, pàlki aatwihàachi.   flat car of a train used for carrying logs:  ittistàaya.   caboose:  kabòska.   train cowcatcher:  pàlki ibisaani
train2  to teach (a skill, how to do, the practical applications) to, train:  imponnachi.   to teach, train how to talk (as a baby):  naaɬiilichi.   to be difficult to handle (as a wild horse), hard to train:  istachihba.   to be readied, prepared, trained:  apiisa
train of thought  to lose one's train of thought:  imayosba
trample  to trample, step on, stomp on:  paalatka.   to trample, destroy (especially vegetation) (of an animate agent):  baɬapka
transcribe  to transcribe, translate:  paahossochi
transfer  to transfer from one container to another:  tosoyli
translate  to interpret, translate:  ayitika.   to transcribe, translate:  paahossochi.   to interpret for, translate for:  imittinnaaɬiika, imayitika
translator  ayitika, imayitika, kapitani
transplant  place to which plants are transplanted:  aatosooya.   to be transplanted:  tosoyka.   to transplant:  hachaalichi, tosoyli
transvestite  male transvestite:  aatinaani tayyihahókkìita.   female transvestites:  tayyiha aatinaanihókkìita
trap  mouse trap:  chissi impatàaka.   spring operated steel trap:  istimpatka.   to set a trap for:  istimpatli.   to surround, catch in a pincer movement, trap:  ittimataplichi.   to block, cut off access, often in order to trap:  ataplichi
trash  náaskànko, kopihka.   trash bag, trash box:  kopihkaɬka.   trash basket, trash can:  náaskànko alpitta.   to clear a field (of trash), gather (trash or rubbish) together to burn:  kopihli
tread water  to tread water (of one):  ooyatákkàaka
treasure  to treasure, have affection for:  ayyihoochi, ayyiho, iyíihòssi.   to treasure or cherish something belonging to someone else:  imiyíihòosi
treat  to treat (a patient) (of a healer), doctor:  imalikchi.   to treat with (e.g. medicine):  istimalikchi.   to treat a certain way, treat that way:  akkamìhchi
tree  itto.   For complete list, see under:  `plants'.   burl, lump on a tree:  ittopoksi.   hollow tree, hollow log, tree with a big hole:  ittoobi.   nonbearing fruit tree:  naani.   grove, little wooded area, stand of trees:  aboolòosi, aposa, istalàaka.   tree branch, branch, limb:  ittowassalakchi.   hardwood tree root or base:  ittoyíkchi.   any tree bark:  ittaffakchi.   tree sap:  ittokchi.   tree stump:  ittokoloofa, assikchi, ittassikchi
tree frog  okiyyowwa
tremble  to shiver, tremble, quiver involuntarily (as with palsy, chills, fever, nervousness):  wisisihlichi.   to twitch, shake, tremble, quiver, be nervous:  yòolichi
trial  to have a trial, hold court:  kootka istíisa
triangle  iⁿsakàmpatótchìina
tributary  pahnosi ostachóssòoli
trick  to fool, trick, deceive, pull a joke on:  haktíichi.   to kid, joke, lie, play a trick on:  chokfi, istibitchichi.   to perform a miracle, do a magic trick:  istilahollochi.   to perform a miracle for (someone), do a magic trick for (someone):  istimilahollochi
trickery  haktichitilka
trickster  to be a joker, trickster, liar:  chokfi
trigger  bihi iⁿhalatilka.   to pull (the trigger of a gun):  iⁿhalatka
trim  silver trim on a belt:  istilalsiha lapaffi.   to prune, trim (a plant):  intohlichi.   to trim (hair) for, cut off (hair) for:  inkaslichi.   to trim (the hair) on the back of the neck:  nookaslichi.   to be trimmed:  inkaskachi
Trinity River  pahnichoba
trip  to trip:  chifipka.   to miss a step, slip, trip once:  istiⁿhamoffichi.   to trip on, trip over (once):  istiliichifipka
tripe  waakintakba, iⁿholisso lawaachi
triplets  tótchìinasiiha
trotline  ɬaɬo istimooyatakka, ɬaɬostimoobalàaka.   main line of trotline:  baksa baski.   to set (a trot line):  istimooyatakli.   to tie small lines onto (esp. on the main line of a trotline):  baksa achitli
trough  horse feed trough:  chichoba imaayilpa.   horse water trough:  chichoba imaayisilka, chichoba oki imaayisilka.   trough where salt or sugar is put for animals to lick:  imaafohka
trousers  ilaanikofka.   to put on or wear (trousers):  ilaanikoffi
trout  chaalo
truck  ibisnáaliwalíika
true  to be real, true:  mafíhna
truth  truthfully, seriously, honestly:  mafíinàasi
try  to try for and miss (a step):  ɬakoffichi.   to work hard, try hard, expend effort:  kafihli.   to try hard continually, strive, struggle:  káffihli.   to try very hard, try too hard:  onakafihli.   to want (some thing or occurrence), be inclined to, try:  banna
tub  bathtub:  aahaapilka
tube  blow tube:  istapofilka.   cane tube used for blowing into a medicine mixture:  istoopofilka
tuberculosis  toɬɬoilka kánko, holpafàyko
tuck  to tuck (the shirt) in:  samahka.   to have (the shirt) come untucked:  paasiipka
Tuesday  atòkla, nihta atòkla, nihtastatòkla
tug  to tug on to tighten (one object):  ismaapka
tunnel  oobihchi.   hole, tunnel, hollow (in a tree or log):  oobi.   tunnel, underpass, overpass:  hininota ɬopotka
tupelo  black tupelo, prob. also water tupelo:  kosapa.   water tupelo, tupelo gum:  okifa itto, yassaakohatka
turban  isbakkostalsiha
turbulent  to be turbulent (of a body of water):  tokbinàali
turkey  fiito.   to gobble (as a turkey):  kaloklohka
turkey dance  fiitobitka.   turkey dance song:  fiitobitka talilwa
turkey hawthorn  chittiɬhómmachoba, chittiɬhòmma
turkey vulture  sayki, saykichòoba
turn  to twist, turn, make something crooked:  ittapanayli.   to twist, turn, make (one object) crooked:  panayli.   to turn (pages), riffle (pages):  fakohlichi.   to turn a page (of a book):  iⁿfakopli.   to turn (a lock), lock (a doorlock):  iⁿhaatanatlichi.   to turn (one object) to another side:  ittafíllìmmi.   to be twisted, turned, coiled, crooked, gnarled, curved, warped, spiraled, wrung, serpentine:  pànkachi.   to congeal, turn to jelly, clot (of blood), curdle (of milk):  wolohki.   to have a sprained or turned ankle:  panayka.   to make (more than one) take a turn off, divert:  filkohli
turn around  turnaround, crossover in a divided highway:  aahaatanatka.   to spin, wheel (in flight), revolve, rotate, be winding:  haatanahli.   to turn around once, make a 180-360 degree turn, rotate:  haatanatli.   to turn around repeatedly (of one), spin, twirl:  haatánnatli.   to turn (something) around once, rotate:  haatanatlichi
turn in  to voluntarily surrender, turn oneself in:  ilifayli
turn inside out  to turn (one object) to another side, turn inside out:  ittafíllìmmi.   to be turned inside out, be rolled over (of one):  ittafilinka1
turnip greens  assikchìlpa
turn off  to turn off (a machine):  labosli.   to turn off anything flowing or running (such as water or electricity):  atipasli.   to turn off a path (of one):  filanka2.   to turn off (in a vehicle), branch off (in a vehicle) (of more than one):  isfilkohka.   to be forking, have a turn-off (of a road):  fíllanka.   to be passing by and get off at an exit or turn-off (of one):  maafilanka
turn on  to turn on or start (a vehicle or machine):  waliilichi.   to light, turn on (a light):  apalaali, kilayli, kitayli.   to turn (a lock), turn on (a machine):  iⁿhaatanatlichi.   to turn on and fight (as an animal when cornered), retaliate against:  maatiⁿhoyoopa
turn out  turnaround, turnout, crossover in a divided highway:  aahaatanatka.   to turn out (a light):  labosli
turn over  to turn over (one object) (e.g. a mattress):  istafilimmi, ittafilimmi.   to turn over on the other side once:  ittafilinka2.   to turn over face up:  hanokfalanka.   to turn over when lying down (of one):  haatanatlit balàaka.   to be turned over inside a vehicle, roll (a car) by accident (of one):  istafilinka.   to be turned over, turned inside out, be rolled over (of one):  ittafilinka1.   to turn over to, convey (as property), leave up to:  istiⁿfayli
turn right side out  to turn over, turn right side out (one object):  ittafilimmi
turns  to take turns with each other:  ittootamáali
turn sour  to turn (something) sour:  kamoslichi
turn upside down  to turn upside down:  ibakpilaachi.   to turn (one object with a top and bottom) upside down:  ɬipìili.   to be bent over, turned upside down, turned over (of one):  ɬíppìika.   to have (one object) turned upside down:  ɬíppìili
turn white  to pale, blanch, turn white (of a person):  hatkaabi
turpentine  choyyiniya
turtle  satta.   box turtle:  sattapolo.   large edible turtle:  hachitakna.   soft-shelled turtle:  holaawa.   type of water turtle:  sattabaski
turtle shell  satta affakchi
tusk  innatihobaski, natichoba
TV  tiifiika
twelve  pókkòolawahtòklo
twenty  poolihchitóklo.   twentieth:  ispoolistóklo
twenty-five cents  iskalitóklo
twenty-two rifle  bihosi
twice  istatòkla, hitòkla.   to be twice, be two times, again, next time:  atòkla.   to do twice, score two points, produce two offspring:  tóklochi
twilight  to be partially dark, twilight, dusk:  tánkàasi
twin  twin, twins:  pokta.   twin babies:  poktasiiha, tòklosiiha.   one of twin babies:  tòklosi.   identical twins:  tòklo ittihólbasi.   to have two of, have a pair, have twins:  intòklo
twine  baksa.   to intertwine, fit together:  ittihokfi
twinkle  to twinkle, shine brightly, be brilliant:  aɬapɬáali
twirl  twirling a rope:  fahli.   to circle around, go around (repeatedly), spin, twirl:  atanàakachi.   to turn around repeatedly (of one), spin, twirl:  haatánnatli
twist  twisting (esp. moss) on a stick:  fahli.   to wring once, twist:  sanayli.   to twist or wind around something (e.g. a spool):  onapànnichi.   to twist or wind (esp. moss) on a stick for:  iⁿfahli.   to twist, make (one object) crooked:  panayli, ittapanayli.   to be a little lopsided, twisted, slightly askew:  kawáknàasi.   to be twisted, crooked:  ittapanayka.   to be twisted, coiled, gnarled, curved, warped, spiraled, wrung:  pànkachi.   to be crooked, bent, lopsided, twisted:  kawakna.   to be twisted, bunched together, snarled (as of thread):  ittachitka.   to keep twisting, coil:  pànnichi
twister  hanaafololo
twist off  to twist off (as the head of a chicken):  nokpanayli, nokpànnichi
twitch  to twitch, shake, tremble, quiver, be nervous:  yòolichi.   to have a muscle spasm, twitch, tic:  yóllichi.   to have a tic or twitch in the eye:  ittiɬi iyyòolichi
two  tòklo.   twice, two times:  hitòkla.   to have two of, have a pair, have twins:  intòklo
two bits  iskalitóklo