rabbit  chokfi
rabbit cage  chokfimiisa
rabbit dance  chokfibitka.   rabbit dance song:  chokfibitka talilwa
rabbit dog  ifa chokfiɬòoli
rabbit fur  chokfihissi
rabbit story  chokfifatka, chokfinaaɬiilka
rabid  to be crazy, rabid (of animals), run wild, get a wild hair (as cows):  tasihmo.   to make crazy, make rabid (as when a rabid dog bites another), madden:  tasihmochi
raccoon  sawa
race  horserace:  chichobittimayya.   automobile race, stock car race, drag race:  mobìlkittimayya.   horserace track:  chichoba imaayittimaliyya.   automobile race track:  mobìlka aayittimayya.   mixed nations, races:  ittimaɬahkóyha.   tribes or races that have interbred, people of all ages:  ittayonkachi.   to run races with:  tooɬookat ittimayyachi
racket  to make a racket:  kobòolichi
racquet  stickball racquet:  kapachi
radiate  to give off shimmering waves of light (esp. as a heat mirage or tinfoil), radiate:  limìhkachi
radio  ochonanaaɬiilka, olaatilka
raffia  baksa
raft  okpállàali
rafters  iisastimpaalokòoli
rag  sponge, dishrag:  aayampostaasihka
rage  nokhammitilka.   to be in a rage:  nokhammi.   to be in a rage at:  innokhammi
ragweed  hasaalapo.   a tall weed with leaves like tomato leaves, ragweed?:  hassintalaali
railroad  railroad train:  pàalki, pàlkichoba.   freight train:  pàlkibaski.   passenger train:  pàlki aatistàaya, pàlki aatwihàachi.   railroad spike:  pàlkiⁿhini istachoska.   railroad ties:  tàiska, pàlkiⁿhini inchiika.   railroad tracks:  pàlkiⁿhini
rain  oyba.   to rain:  oyba.   to make rain:  oybachi.   to be freezing precipitation, freezing rain:  hipli.   to sprinkle (of weather), be a light rain shower:  boslichi.   to flood (from a hard rain):  yanàali.   to make a noise as of rain coming from a distance:  maafoopachi.   to stop, cease (of rain, sleet or snow):  hayohli
rainbow  hanakbootoklo, hanakbotóofola, hanakbotopli.   to appear, be out and visible (of a rainbow):  maahátchàali
raincaller  tree frog, raincaller:  okiyyowwa
raincoat  okilapàako
rainmaker  oybachichòobasi, oybachi
raise  to raise:  waayachi.   to raise, domesticate (an animal), cultivate (a houseplant):  apooba, apoyba.   to raise, rear a child, bring up:  chobachi.   to raise (the hand):  wayli.   to be raised, cultivated, domesticated, tame:  alpooba.   to pull up (something), lift, raise (as a flag on a rope):  abaalichi.   to put up a tent, raise a tent:  iistalkan talbòoli.   to raise a cloud of (e.g. dust), scatter (something on the ground):  itaboyotlichi, itaksobotlichi.   to raise a cloud of (e.g. dust), scatter:  boyotlichi
raisin  baɬka
rake  iskaykachi, istitakaykachi.   to rake, stir (a fire):  itakaylichi
ranch  nàasaawaayachitilka
rancid  to be rancid, fermented, slightly spoiled but edible:  ataanapli.   to be nearly rancid, almost spoiled:  atánnàapli.   to smell bad, as of body odor or spoiled or rancid food:  kamoska
range  mountain range:  bokbokislawa, bokbokissoba.   stove, range, oven, microwave:  aaholponi
rap  bumping, rapping sound:  timiikàachi.   to knock or rap (at the door):  maakobòolichi.   to knock, rap with the knuckles, bump, tap:  kibìilichi.   to make a banging, rapping, knocking noise:  kobòolichi.   to hit (plural objects or repeatedly), tap, rap:  batli
rape  to rape:  bihli, isbakahli, tayyihon pilàachi
rapids  river rapids:  okipalki, okiyanatli palki
rare  to be very few, very rare, seldom:  ayómmòosi.   to be very rare, uncommon, the only one, unique:  chafáaⁿkàasi
rash  to be broken out in bumps, have a rash:  askahka, liwahli.   to itch, have a rash, have eczema:  wasihli.   to cause a rash on, make (someone) break out:  liwahlichi
rasp  to saw, mill wood, rasp:  sohlichi.   to make a rasping noise:  sohlichi, kifahka
rat  chissi, lahka, lahkachoba
rather  rather, to the contrary:  -tíkkó
rattan  aatipachobinchaabi.   blue vine with thorns, rattan?:  baɬkapìhchi okchakko
rattle  iskaɬàahachitilka.   dance rattle:  wakkachi.   gourd or turtleshell rattle:  kochiba.   to rattle, vibrate, shake, bounce, echo:  ataawotlichi.   to rattle, cause a rattling noise:  taɬaapachi, chiɬiɬihkachi, chaɬaɬahkachi, kaɬàalichi.   to make a rattling, banging, hammering, tapping or rumbling noise:  kapàalichi.   to rattle, esp. of something metal:  chamamahkachi.   to rattle, make a rattling noise (as a wagon over a rough road):  kaɬàaha1, taɬaapa.   to rattle, make a rattling noise (of a snake), rustle, make a rustling noise:  chasàalichi.   to rattle, cause a little intermittent rattling noise or vibration:  taɬaapáachòssi.   to rattle along (in a vehicle):  iskaɬàalichi.   to be the sound of rattling, crackling:  chasàakachi.   to make a rattling noise in the distance:  maakaɬàaha.   to make something rattle, crackle, rustle:  ischasàalichi.   to produce a death rattle:  ɬikikihkachi.   to shake (a rattle):  wakkachi
rattlesnake  chintochoba.   ground rattler:  alba.   type of small ground rattler:  ihaanikosi.   type of small rattlesnake, about 12 inches long with spots on its back:  chikhito, chintochoba iⁿsabàyyi.   rattlesnake's rattle:  inchasàaya.   the sound a rattlesnake makes:  chsss
ravelled  to come unravelled:  sihkachi
ravine  kolokbischoba, kolokbi
raw  itch, raw spot:  wasihka.   raw eggs:  akaakochoski okcháako.   to be raw (not cooked):  hoponhíkko, okcháako, libátko
raze  to destroy, raze, flatten (vegetation), level (as a house) (used of a storm or tornado):  baɬapli
razor  isɬihkachi, istilichooɬihkachi, ichokhiska isɬihkachi
reach  to reach:  onóoɬa.   to reach, bend, or fall over (with the whole body):  abanàaka.   to reach for:  maatisi.   to reach for, go after (one object in a container):  maastisi.   to be able to reach (i.e. be able to extend to a certain point):  óoɬàasi.   to draw a line by reaching, reach for to pull (as for clothes in the back of a closet) (plural objects or repeatedly):  maahalahka.   to extend as far as, reach to (a place):  tíkkìili.   to extend or reach to a certain point (away from the speaker):  ostíkkìili.   to extend to a point, reach to:  òoɬa.   to measure up to, to equal, reach (some standard):  istimoɬa
read  to read from (printed matter):  innaaɬiika.   to read from (printed matter) to:  iminnaaɬiika
ready  to be ready to:  -máɬɬi.   enough!, amen!, that's it, okay!, ready!:  mòoli, mooli.   ready! (Let's go!):  haaki.   ready? alright? enough?:  mòoli.   to be always ready, have been gotten ready:  imalpíisa.   to be cooked done, ready, prepared (of food):  lakha, hóppòoni.   to be getting ready:  imittahooba.   to be measured and ready:  áppìisa.   to be readied, prepared, trained:  apiisa.   to be ready for:  immooli.   to be ready for, ready to do something, get ready for:  imalpisa.   to be ready (of inanimates):  alpisa1.   to fix, prepare for, make ready for, tend (a garden):  imakanoochi.   to get ready for:  immooli.   to get someone ready for:  immoolichi.   to make ready, get (something) ready, prepare:  alpisaachi.   to make (someone) ready, get (someone) ready, prepare (someone):  imalpisaachi.   to prepare, get ready:  ittahoobachi.   to serve or stand ready to serve (especially in office) (of one):  hátchàali
real  máffìinaamon.   to be real, true:  mafíhna.   to be real, the real thing:  fíhna.   to seem real to, appear realistic to (as a hallucination):  istimahooba
real estate agent  iisischòopa
really  exactly, right, very, really:  -fíhna.   really, very:  -àapi, -palammi, -mooli, -yáali.   very, really, a lot:  fíhna
rear  buttocks:  oowasi.   to raise, rear a child, bring up:  chobachi
rebuild  to make like new, rebuild, renovate:  paahahpachi, hahpachi
recede  to recede, dry up in several places:  topaaka.   to recede (of floodwater), return to a normal level from a high (as weight):  ɬoyli.   to recede (of water) to a level lower than normal (as a creek in the summer), dry up (as a puddle), evaporate:  topatka
recently  okíichòosiiko
recognize  to recognize:  sobáayli.   to recognize something as belonging to someone:  iⁿsobàayli
recommend  to recommend for:  istimbanna.   to recommend (someone) to:  imittinnaaɬiika
recorder  taperecorder:  naaɬiilka paffichi, ochana naaɬiilka, ochonanaaɬiilka
recover  to completely recover from an illness:  inkanotanooka
rectangle  iⁿsakàmpa óstàaka
red  to be red:  homma.   to be redder:  hóhma.   to be reddish purple:  okchakkot hommakàhchi.   to dye a shade of red, redden:  hommachi
red ant  town ant, large red ant:  iskaniyòossoba
redbay  ittoissikosòoma
red beans  chastokhómma
redbird  tiskòmma
redbud  takkistàaya
red bugs  wancholàski
redcedar  chowwaala
red crawfish  sakchohomma
red haw  chittiɬhómmachoba, chittiɬhòmma
redheaded woodpecker  fachala
red hot  to be red hot (of coals):  itahomma
red oak  baya, aalaana
red-orange  to be red-orange, salmon-colored:  hommatík yalàahayáhchi
red-tailed hawk  hachihomma
reduce  to reduce, lose weight (back to normal weight):  iliiɬoylichi.   to try to get skinny, be on a reducing diet:  iliisowiichi.   to cook (food) in liquid or oil and reduce or cook down:  ispoyatlichi
reed  iɬani
reel  istapankachi.   fishing reel:  istokwàyka istapankachi.   to reel in:  apànnichi
refill  to return to normal (of water level in a creek or lake) after having been completely dry from a drought:  oki aɬkatanooka
reflect  to reflect off of something:  aɬaplichi.   to reflect off, shine off of (something at a distance):  maataɬaplichi.   to be shiny (of a reflecting surface):  toobakaali
refrain  to cease an activity, refrain from doing, be still, be quiet:  nokchoba
refrigerator  iskasahkachi, aakasahka
refuse  to be disobedient, refuse to do something:  immankíhcho
regalia  dancing costume, regalia:  isbitka
regret  to be sorry for, be mournful, be apologetic, have regrets about, feel grief:  imachiiba
regurgitate  to regurgitate (as a cow to chew cud):  atibòoli
rein  rein, tether:  chichoba istiⁿhalatilka.   bridle, reins for a horse:  chichoba ichoohokfa.   to rein in:  nokchobaachi
reinjure  to reinjure oneself while trying to protect a wound:  istoonahli.   to reinjure, make an injury worse (as when a hunter injures a deer, tracks it, then shoots it again):  istimpaanahka.   to reinjure someone (on a part of the body):  istimoonahli
related  to be related to someone, kin to:  imalahka1
relative  relative, kin, ancestor:  imalahka1
relax  to be limber, loose, relaxed, flexible, slack:  yiɬohli
release  to release let go of (something):  fayli, faayahli, faayàali.   to release (e.g. a trigger, jack, etc.):  iⁿɬakoffichi
remain  to be left, be remaining:  alahka.   to leave remaining:  alahli
remainder  remains, leftovers, remainder:  ostalahka.   to be the remainder in division or subtraction:  alahka
remains  remains, leftovers:  alahka, ostalahka
remarry  to remarry (of a couple who separate and come back together):  ɬoyli
remember  to remember:  sómbàyli.   to find out about, learn, perceive, remember:  sobàyli.   to not think about something, not remember:  akostiniitíkko.   to think about someone in the context of something, remember someone:  akostínnìichi
remodel  to remodel (a building, etc.), repaint a different color:  istimaɬahkachi
remove  to take off of, remove:  onayisi.   to remove, cut off, or pull off (a limb) (especially in butchering):  nipaffi.   to remove from the throat:  nookoloffi.   to remove from water, take out of water:  ooyaskahli.   to remove (objects) from the throat of a choking victim:  maanoopihli.   to remove (one object) from a liquid, take out of a liquid:  ooyisi.   to remove tonsils:  nootaɬafka.   to choose, pick, remove:  isi.   to remove (an article of clothing) from, pull out (a tooth) for:  iⁿsiipli.   to remove hog jowls:  nootaɬafka.   to remove the outer layer from:  sokli, issokli.   to remove by singeing:  asohli.   to take (more than one) away from, remove from, divide from:  iⁿfilohli.   to remove more than one article of clothing:  iliisiihli
rend  to tear apart, rend in two:  binaffi
rendezvous  to meet at a certain place, rendezvous:  ittanahka
renew  to be renewed (as a license):  paahahpa
renovate  to fix, repair, renovate:  paatalbòoli.   to make like new, rebuild, renovate:  paahahpachi.   to be renovated, be made like new:  paahahpa
rental house  iisa onaɬka
repair  to fix, repair, renovate:  paatalbòoli.   to repair (one object) for:  intalbòoli
repay  to repay, pay off (a debt):  labosli.   to pay (money) to, repay a debt to someone:  imaltobaachi
replace  to take someone's place, trade places, replace (someone):  altoba
report  naaɬiilka, fatka
reportedly  onka1
represent  to represent a constituency in office, hold (an official seat) (of one):  inchokóoⁿli
representation  holba
reproach  to reproach for (something):  istillikitka.   to scold, reproach:  illikitka
reptiles  snake:  chinto.   venomous snake:  chintokànko.   copperhead snake:  alba.   coral snake:  ɬáahistimilbacha.   water moccasin:  okifa chinto, hiwa, hiwachoba.   rattlesnake:  chintochoba.   type of small ground rattler, rattlesnake:  ihaanikosi.   type of small rattlesnake:  chikhito, chintochoba iⁿsabàyyi.   species of green poisonous snake living near water:  hopohko.   gopher snake, cobra, hognose snake?, `spreading adder':  chinto isbakpàtha, isbakpàtha, chintopatha.   garter snake:  chintokchákkosi.   chicken snake:  abáksa, abáksalocha, abaksapàlki hatka, chintopalki.   coachwhip snake:  abáksapàlki.   green snake (a small snake that climbs trees):  chintokchákkosi.   harlequin snake, Mexican milk snake, coral snake, thunder snake:  kolkohkachinto.   kingsnake (dark green and speckled, not poisonous, not near water):  hopohko.   type of water snake:  okimoosi.   species of snake that is reputed to bite people on the nose:  ibisaanbánna.   alligator:  hachonchoba.   lizard, chameleon, anole:  hanaabiya.   anole lizard:  hanaabiya okchàkko.   horned lizard:  hanaabiya illapihchìisa.   kind of rough-skinned lizard:  hanaabiya pissíila.   lesser earless lizard:  pissìila.   lizard, poss. broad-headed lizard or five-lined lizard:  hanaabiya chómbo.   northern prairie lizard:  hanaabiya pàlki.   turtle:  satta.   box turtle, esp. three-toed box turtle:  sattapolo.   large edible turtle, terrapin:  hachitakna.   soft-shelled turtle:  holaawa.   terrapin, tortoise:  sattapolo.   type of water turtle (small but long):  sattabaski
request  to ask (a question), ask for, request:  ahaalo.   to ask for (something) from, beg of, request of:  imahaalo
rescue  to be saved, rescued, safe:  innihta
resemble  to resemble, look like:  hóolba.   to look like each other, resemble each other:  ittihólba, ittimáali
reservation  Indian reservation:  aathòmma imìistilka, aathòmma imoolachòoba
resettle  to resettle, bring and place (more than one):  ilchiili
residence  chókkòoli, inchokòoka, iwwìilka, alìtta
resin  choyyiniya
respect  to look up to, respect, admire:  innàaschóoba.   to treat with respect, value, not want anything to happen to:  ayyiho
respirate  to resuscitate, respirate, make breathe:  hifoslichi
responsible  to be lazy, irresponsible, shiftless:  hobakchi
rest  to breathe, rest:  hifoska.   to rest the head against, pillow the head on:  albakcho.   to rest on (the elbows):  paahátchalìichi
restaurant  aataayòompa
restraint  to untie (a restraint), unbutton (one button):  sitoffi
restroom  aahoppolka
resuscitate  to resuscitate, make breathe:  hifoslichi
retaliate  to fight back, retaliate:  maatittibi.   to stand up to, retaliate, fight back when provoked, be testy, touchy:  maahoyoopa.   to turn on and fight, get after when provoked (as an animal when cornered), retaliate against:  maatiⁿhoyoopa
retarded  to be retarded, mentally slow:  kostinka istimalpískòssi
retirement home  aathochòobimìistilka
retract  to make enter, let in, retract (one object):  chokkaliilichi
return  to return, retreat:  ɬoyohka, ɬoyka.   to return here, come back here:  ɬoykat ila.   to return (one object):  ɬoylichi.   to take back, return (something):  ɬoylíichit istoɬa.   to return (something) to (as change at the store):  iⁿɬoylichi.   to return to normal (of water level in a creek or lake) after having been completely dry from a drought:  oki aɬkatanooka
reveal  to show, reveal, make known, discover, find:  mottakiichi
reverberate  to reverberate (from an explosion):  ilkowàalichi
reverse  to drive in reverse, back a vehicle (of one):  istibakhititli
revive  to revive, make breathe:  hifoslichi.   to shake someone to revive from fainting:  ilkowàalichi
revolve  to revolve, rotate, be winding:  haatanahli
rewrite  to rewrite:  paahossochi
rib  nakchi.   spare ribs, pork ribs:  sokhanakchi
ribbon  bachaaka, bachaktapaski
rice  onosi.   any food such as rice or grits that absorbs water as it is cooked:  asolotka.   rice sofkey:  onosi hoɬka
rice cutter  onosikoloffi
rich  rich person, wealthy person:  aatisnáaho.   to be rich:  toknaawinchoba, isnáaho
rid  to get rid of, lose (one object):  wasatli.   to lose, get rid of (one object), make someone leave:  nakaɬaachi
ride  a ride, riding (in a vehicle):  holikfa.   to be on board, ride in (a vehicle) (of more than one):  aɬka.   to board, ride in (a vehicle) (of one):  hokfa.   to ride (a horse), ride in a car:  paachókkòoli, paachókkòoli, paachíkkìika.   to ride in (someone's vehicle), get a lift from (of one):  iⁿhokfa.   to ride with (in someone's vehicle):  imaɬka, imalpitta
ridicule  to laugh at, ridicule, tease:  afaalichi.   to be laughed at, ridiculed:  afaakachi
riffle  to flip through (a book), riffle (pages):  fakohlichi
rifle  bihi2.   thirty-thirty rifle, thirty-aught-six rifle, shotgun:  bihichoba2.   twenty-two caliber rifle:  bihosi
rig  oil well drilling rig:  apalokchi istiⁿsafka
right  exactly, right, very, really:  -fíhna.   all right, okay:  inna, inta.   that's right:  alíila.   right hand:  nàasi istinnahotilkafìina ilbi.   right side:  ismaakáakataɬɬa.   to be right, correct:  immooli.   to be right, correct, perfect, righteous (of a situation or thing):  máali2.   to be good for someone, all right for:  inkano.   to be not exactly right:  máalitíkkokáhmi.   to be right about (something in particular), choose the right one:  istimmáalo.   to do something right, do correctly:  máalìichi.   to be well, all right, feel better:  kàano.   to in one's right mind, to know right from wrong:  kostíini.   to be right (as opposed to left or wrong), correct, proper (of a person):  immáali.   to use the right hand:  mafíinamon
right here  yàali
rights  to have the right to inherit property:  ilahállatka.   to be one's right to inherit:  imilahállatka.   to inherit, hold title (to land), hold rights (to land):  támbatka
right side out  to turn right side out, flip over (one object):  ittafilimmi
rim  aɬíhchi, aɬíhchòosi, ibítto.   to be chipped (on the rim or edge):  ichoonachofka.   to bend the rim, edge, or mouth of:  ichoopayìili, ichoopáyyìili
ring  finger ring:  ilbihokfa.   earring:  hakchatakka.   for the moon or sun to have a halo or ring around it, caused by clouds:  intalli1.   ringing of the ear:  iⁿsamàayatilka.   ring, the sound of a bell:  kamàaya.   to be circular, ringlike, round:  bolokta.   to clang, ring, bang (of metal objects):  chamàaya.   to ring (of the ears):  samàaya.   to ring (of the telephone):  maatolaachi.   to make a ringing noise, clank, clatter:  chamàalichi.   to play (a musical instrument), ring (a bell):  olaachi.   to have one's ears ring:  iⁿsamàaya.   to make someone's ears ring:  iⁿsamàalichi.   to be unable to hear because the ears are ringing:  woomaapa
ring finger  ilbihókkìita hachàalistatòkla, ilbochòosi istatòkla
ring-tailed cat  katimaɬatli
rinse  hair rinse:  hissistaasihka.   to rinse:  paayaasihli.   to brush one's teeth, rinse with mouthwash:  ilichooyaasihli
rip  to rip apart, tear (as clothing):  istintipli.   to rip (of a seam in one's clothing):  istimootipka.   to rip out a seam or hem (of a garment):  istiⁿsihlichi.   to be ripped open in more than one place, rip apart, come undone from, be torn apart:  istintipka.   to be split in two, be ripped, broken in two:  ittapaɬatka.   to have (something) rip apart or tear open, have (clothing) come undone:  istimintipka.   to have a seam rip out, come unraveled:  istiⁿsihkachi
ripe  to be ripe, mature, mellow (e.g. of fruit), ready to harvest:  waaya.   to be soft (of food), overripe, overdone, bruised (of fruit):  ɬiboska.   to be tender (as of ripe fruit, young shoots or young animals):  walwaki, walwáakòosi.   to be very ripe, fully mature, still very tender (of vegetation):  walwáaki.   to ripen (of corn), turn brown (of corn tassels):  alabosli
ripple  to ripple, shimmer:  limliki
rise  risen cream:  waakimpisi imokpalàali.   for dust to rise in a cloud:  boyòoli.   to ascend, rise, take off (as an airplane), go up:  abahlichi.   to swell, be swollen, rise:  sofohli.   to come up, rise (of the sun):  assaliika, maatassaliika.   to finally manage to have something (e.g. bread) rise or swell:  iⁿsofohli, imabahli.   to make rise, cause to swell:  sofohlichi
river  river, esp. the Trinity River:  pahnichoba.   Neches River:  Nìichi.   Sabine River:  Sabìina, Sabìnka
river bank  paanilapaalika
river bend  okihaatanatli
river cane  iɬani
river rapids  okipalki, okiyanatli palki
road  hini.   asphalt, blacktop road:  hinilocha.   crossroad:  hini ittabanatli.   crossroads:  hini ittabanàaka.   narrow road:  hinipakítho.   narrow road, alley:  hiniɬibaata.   paved road, blacktop road:  hinipaawanha.   road or stream that forks and splits off, side road:  filanka1.   wagon road, country road, unpaved road:  tissanaha iⁿhini
road block  ataaka
road map  hinifatli
roadrunner  foospalki
road sign  hinifatli
roast  roast, barbecue:  aboska.   roasting ears, boiled corn:  chassifilakchi.   to roast:  apayli.   to barbecue, grill over a fire, roast:  abosli, italahpachi, itayikbachi.   to parch corn, roast corn:  chassapayli.   to roast or parch, dry out by fire, smoke (meat) to make jerky:  itasolotli.   to be roasted, parched, fried:  apayka
robin  chíiskokko, tiskòmma.   the sound a robin makes:  chíiskokoko.   sound made by a tiskòmma (robin or cardinal):  tististis
rock  tali.   to rock, swing (somebody) in:  iswinàalichi.   to shake (once), jar, jerk, rock (one time):  winotlichi.   to shake repeatedly, rock (e.g. a baby):  winòolichi.   to swing on (something), rock (in something):  iswinàali
rocket  shooting a gun, rocket, etc.:  onahotcha
rocking chair  paachokòoka iswinàaka
Rock Town, Texas  Talòola
rod  fishing rod:  ɬaɬistimokwayka
rod and reel  istimoohompani
roll  to roll once:  tonotli.   to roll (one thing):  tonotlichi.   to roll (repeatedly), roll over and over:  tonòoli.   to roll (as a wheel):  intonòoli.   to roll a cigarette:  hakchomma atannichi.   to roll down from the bank toward the water (of one):  ootonotli.   to roll (one object) into a mound as for planting, mound:  bonotli.   to roll (a car) by accident (of one):  istafilinka.   to fold more than once, wind up, coil up, roll up:  tànnichi.   to make little mounds (for planting), roll into balls:  bonnichi
rolling  to be rolling (of land), hilly, lumpy:  bokboki
roll over  to turn over, roll over repeatedly:  ittafìlkachi.   to be turned over, turned inside out, be rolled over (of one):  ittafilinka1
roll up  to roll up:  bonotli, pakohlichi.   to roll up (sleeves), turn right side out (more than one):  ittafillichi
roof  iisapaatalka.   roof of mouth:  noktakba.   to roof (a house):  aɬipìili
roofer  iisapaatàlli
room  iisa atipkachi, iisa ittatipkachi, iishayo, atipkachi, ittatipkachi.   bathroom, outhouse, restroom:  aahoppolka, maataaɬoyhilka, aaɬoyhilka.   bedroom:  aabalàilka, aayinnochi.   living room, den:  aayìistilka.   dining room:  aayoolìmpa.   barn, shed, tack room:  aba.   to partition, make a room by putting up a partition:  atipasli
roost  akaaka imiisa.   to roost:  paanochi.   to sit down, settle, roost (of a few):  chikìika
rooster  akaakchòoba
root  root, tree stump:  assikchi, ittassikchi.   pine base or root:  choyyiyikchi, choyyassikchi.   hardwood tree root or base:  ittoyíkchi.   to send out roots or shoots:  oncholha
root cellar  abasi
root up  to root up (e.g. of a hog or armadillo), root around:  wòolichi
rope  talikcho, baksa.   knot (in a rope):  talikchoyaasikopka.   to rope:  takcho.   to be roped, tied with rope:  talikcho
rope tree  ittobaksa, ittotalikcho, baksahachi
rose  bakchopakaali.   to be hot pink or rose colored, turn pink:  hatkáabòosi
rot  just sit there and rot!:  chókkòolit tosbi.   to rot, die (of plants):  tosbi.   to be decayed, rotten, dried up (e.g. of nut meat):  haɬbi.   to be dead for some time and beginning to rot (of animals):  hapka1.   to be rotten, decaying, dead (of vegetation):  hapko.   to be turning rotten, beginning to go bad:  tòosbi
rotate  to spin, revolve, rotate, be winding:  haatanahli.   to turn around once, make a 180-360 degree turn, rotate:  haatanatli.   to turn (something) around once, rotate:  haatanatlichi
rotten  to be bad, evil, rotten, worthless:  kànko
rouge  to apply (rouge or blusher):  ilibiihommachi
rough  roughness, coarseness:  chakaawatilka.   to be rough, bumpy, coarse in texture:  chakaawa, paɬakna.   to be rough (e.g. of a road):  álpìisa.   to be choppy (of water), rough (of water):  ooyilkoyòoli, tokbinàali
round  to be circular, ringlike, round:  bolokta.   to be round, spherical, circular:  tonohki, bonotka.   to be rounded, spherical:  bombóoki.   to be round, mounded, contoured (as planted rows) (of more than one):  bomboki.   to make round, make in a circle:  boloktachi.   to round the bases (in baseball):  atanatkat oɬa
round-shouldered  to be round-shouldered, hunchbacked:  paabonotka
route  anɬiya.   to be coming, on the way, underway, en route:  íila, iláachi.   to be the shortest route, straightest path:  maalamatkíichi, imaltókkòoka.   to take a fork off a main route, branch off, cut off from a main path (of one):  filammi, filkohka, filanka2
row  planted row (in a field):  ischíika.   to be in a line, be in a row:  isbállàaka.   to be lined up in a row, be one behind the other, be one after another:  ittachákkòosi.   to steer, row (a boat):  apihlichi
rub  tool for rubbing hide:  iskasookachi.   worrystone, something one rubs all the time:  hamohka.   to rub, stroke, feel:  hamohli.   to rub oneself (e.g. to keep warm):  ilikasohka.   to scratch an itch, rub, scrape:  waslichi.   to rub, scrub (repeatedly):  kayòolichi.   to scrub, rub clean:  aabohli.   to rub (something) on (someone):  istiⁿhamohli.   to rub the body for (someone), massage:  iⁿhamohli.   to massage the back, rub the back:  paakasohka.   to move back and forth (a part of the body) (as the hands to massage the scalp):  kasohka.   to rub medicine on oneself:  istilaposohka.   to rub on (balm or medicinal salve):  istilihamohli.   to be rubbed, stroked:  hamohka.   to irritate, rub the wrong way, make impatient:  nokhamohlichi.   to rub all over, rub to soften (as in tanning hide):  kasohlichi.   to rub all over with, rub with to soften (as in tanning hide):  iskasohlichi
rubber ball  solid rubber ball:  pokkochoffi
rubbish  kopihka.   to gather (trash or rubbish) together to burn:  kopihli
rub off  to scrape, rub off (one object):  miɬoffichi
ruffian  pasàali
ruffles  istiwwiliksi
rug  itapatàaka
ruin  to break something, tear up, ruin:  alwahli.   to break up, ruin, disrupt (someone's possession):  istimalwahli.   to to be broken, torn, damaged, ruined:  alwahka.   to be decayed, dried up, ruined, deteriorated, lifeless:  pakfo
ruler  tape measure, yardstick, ruler, etc.:  istalpisa2, istapiska.   queen, king, ruler, president, leader:  mikko
rumble  rumble, rumbling noise (e.g. thunder):  wininihkachi.   for there to be the sound of heavy rumbling (as a train going along tracks):  timtihkachi.   for there to be thunder or a rumbling noise in the distance:  maatimiikáachi, maatimimihkáachi.   to make a rumbling noise, rumble:  wininihlichi.   to be making a rumbling noise in the distance (as thunder):  maawininihkáachi.   to make a ponderous sound, as of heavy footsteps, thunder, the rumble of a train:  timìilichi.   to make a rattling, banging, hammering, tapping or rumbling noise:  kapàalichi
rumor  fatka
rump  holposko
rumple  to wrinkle, rumple, crumple:  chokyohlichi
run  wild person, person running around all the time:  àayapalammi.   to run away, run (of one):  waliika, tooɬka, tooɬooka.   to run (dogs after game), hunt with dogs:  ɬohlichi.   to run into (one object):  achosòoka2.   to run off, run out (one object):  assaliilichi.   to run races with:  tooɬookat ittimayyachi.   to be running:  wállìika.   to be running around (of one):  àayafíhna.   to be running around, go a lot (of two):  ayáachifíhna.   to be running around a lot together (more than four):  ittanowwafíhna.   to run, operate, turn on or start (a vehicle or machine):  waliilichi.   to run, manage, operate (something) on a regular basis (as a branch business):  wállìilichi.   to drive in (sharp objects), run in, stick in (plural objects or repeatedly):  achosli.   to run the bases (in baseball):  atanatkat oɬa.   to score a run (in baseball):  imiisafa oɬa.   to be running late, be late (of one):  obaltammi
run after  to chase, run down, run after:  ɬohli
run away with  to run away with:  iswaliika
run downward  to run downward, run downhill (of one):  oowaliika
run into  to collide, run into each other:  ittabatapka.   to have a car accident, car wreck, run into (in a vehicle):  istabatapka.   to run into, bump into, collide with (of one or once):  abatapka.   to run into each other, meet by chance:  ittabaaka
runners  to spread (of a vine), send out runners (of a plant):  ɬolotli
running sore  to have an oozing sore, have an open running sore:  imokchi
runny  to be burst and runny (of one):  ɬatofka
runny nose  to have a runny nose, have the sniffles:  ibissano
run off  to avoid, run off a ways from:  iwwállìika.   to flow, drain off, run off (of water):  yanatli.   to run someone off:  waliilichi.   to let out, chase out, run off (more than one object):  askahli.   to run off the road accidentally (in a vehicle) (of one):  isfilanka.   to run off with (someone's spouse):  istayapka
run out  to have run out of (a supply), be out of (a supply):  imanooka
run toward  to run toward, run up to meet someone:  onawaliika, onatooɬka
rupture  to rupture, burst, break open (of a container):  istalwahka.   to be about to rupture (of an organ):  istimalwahli.   to have an infected place rupture, have a sore break open, have the appendix burst:  istimalwahka
rust  to decay, become rusty, rotten:  tosbi
rustle  to make a rustling noise:  chasàalichi, sofòolichi.   to come making a rustling or shuffling noise:  maasofóolìichi.   to make something rattle, crackle, rustle:  ischasàalichi
rustler  cattle rustler:  waakhòoba