quack  sound of a duck or mocking bird:  aksobáachi
quail  kowwàyki
quail peas  kowwàykinchastoki
quake  to shiver, quake, quiver involuntarily:  wisisihlichi.   to twitch, shake, quake, tremble, quiver, be nervous, wiggle:  yòolichi
quarrel  fussing, quarreling, growling:  akayihatilka.   to fuss with, quarrel with, talk angrily, argue with:  ittimakayiha
quarter dollar  iskalitóklo
queasy  to be nauseated, queasy:  nokwaala
queen  mikko
queen ant  iskaniyòosa immikko
queen bee  foho immikko
question  to ask (a question) of:  imahaalochi.   to ask (a question), ask for, request:  ahaalo
quick  as soon as, quickly:  náasíkson.   quickly, suddenly (as a car on a drag strip or someone with a quick temper):  tóospàasi.   to be hasty, fast, quick:  tòospa.   to hurry, be quick:  tospa.   to have a quick temper, get mad easily:  ilaapalàskano
quiet  to be quiet, silent:  nokchòoba.   to be quiet, still:  ponhaalo.   to be quiet, still, desolate (of a location):  chokkilissa.   to quiet down:  nokchobat anooka.   to make be quiet, silence:  nokchobaachi.   to be alone and experience the quietness of a location, have it seem quiet to one:  inchokkilissa.   to behave oneself, act properly, be quiet, still:  nokchóoba.   to be still for, quiet for, to listen to someone:  imponhaalo.   to listen to someone, be quiet for someone, obey:  imponháalo.   to cease an activity, refrain from doing, quit, be still, be quiet:  nokchoba.   to move around quietly or stealthily, ease up on something while stalking it:  ayapaali
quilt  ittalòopa, albitìika.   cotton bat (in a roll, for quilting):  pakaalitanáyka.   cotton quilt batting:  pakaali ittalòopa istalbòoka
quit  to cease an activity, refrain from doing, quit:  nokchoba.   to quit doing, be through with, leave off doing:  faayàali, faayahli, fayli
quiver  to shake, quiver (esp. as leaves on a tree):  wananahkachi.   to shiver, tremble, quiver involuntarily (as with palsy, chills, fever, nervousness):  wisisihlichi.   to twitch, shake, quake, tremble, quiver, be nervous, wiggle:  yòolichi.   to exercise, move oneself about, shake, quiver:  ililkowàalichi.   to move around, shake, buck, vibrate, quiver:  ilkowàalichi