P  the letter `P':  pìika
pace  one measured pace, the length of one step:  maahaɬapilka cháffàaka
pack  burden, pack, backpack:  saapola, saapoli, ischiniika, saapoka
package  to wind onto a spool, wrap a package:  apakfòolichi
pack down  to tamp down, pack down, press down:  abitlichi.   to be packed down:  abitkachi
pack food  to pack food for camping, make a sack lunch:  pinakiichi
paddle  paddle, oar:  iswaliikachi, piɬɬastapiikachi.   hammer, mallet, paddle:  isbatka.   to paddle (a canoe):  istilokmayli.   to paddle, spank:  iⁿfomòoka
pagan  iyyìnko.   to be pagan:  yínko
page  to open to a page (of a book), turn a page (of a book):  iⁿfakopli.   to turn (pages), flip through (a book), riffle (pages):  fakohlichi
pain  chest pain, angina:  chikpihoopa.   to have an ache or pain in a part of the body:  inkomoolichi, iⁿhoopa
pain-reliever  pain-reliever for toothache:  innatihóopa aissi
paint  istaposohka, istalposooha.   house paint:  iisastapasoilka.   interior house paint:  iishayo istalpasoilka.   taking a photograph, painting a picture, drawing, copying, showing a movie:  holbachi.   to paint:  aposohka.   to be painted:  alposooha.   to put makeup on (someone), paint (someone's) face:  istibiiyaposohka.   to repaint a different color:  istimaɬahkachi
paintbrush  istaposoilka, istalposa
painter  iisaposòhka
pair  to be two in number, be a pair, be a couple, the number two:  tòklo.   to have two of, have a pair, have twins:  intòklo
pajamas  istinnochi
palate  noktakba, notakfa
pale  to pale, blanch, turn white (of a person):  hatkaabi.   to be pale, white, cream-colored, oyster-colored:  hatka
palm  palm of the hand:  ilbihókkìita, ilbipatha hókkìita, ilbipatha.   palm tree:  taala
palmetto  taalachoba, taala.   palmetto fan:  taala istilamahkachi
palsy  to have one's mouth droop, turn down (as with Bell's palsy):  ichoosaniffi, ichoosanayka.   to shake, shiver, quake, tremble, quiver involuntarily (as with palsy, chills, fever, nervousness):  wisisihlichi
pan  pan, cooking pot:  aaholponi, ochanaayàmpo.   metal cookware, pots and pans:  ochana aahoponka.   skillet, frying pan:  ochanispoyatli.   stew pan:  aapoyatli.   aluminum foil pan:  ochanaayàmpo sokpa.   bathroom, toilet, urinal, bedpan:  aaɬoyhilka.   dishpan:  aahaapilka.   pan for giving a bath (to a baby), basin:  aahapkachi.   lavatory, washing pan, basin:  aayilbaasiilka
pancake  paspapatha
pancreas  pancreas of an animal (esp. a hog) eaten as organ meat:  intakassi
paneling  iishayo lapàali
panfish  patassi
pant  to pant:  hahkachi.   to pant, take a deep breath, breathe deeply:  hifoskassoba.   to be short of breath, breathe shallowly (as when sick):  iⁿhifosilka imatipkachi.   to gasp, breathe intermittently, pant (for breath):  hifoska atiplichi
panther  kowi$, kowilocha
pantry  abachokòoli
pants  ilaanikofka.   blue jeans, denims:  ilaanikofka okchákko.   underpants:  hayilaanikofka.   to put on or wear (pants or trousers):  ilaanikoffi
pantsuit  to wear or dress in a pantsuit (of a woman):  istilaanikófkat istonáami
paper  book, paper, newspaper:  holisso.   cigarette paper:  hakchomma istatankachi.   paper tablet:  holisso hatka.   toilet paper, toilet tissue:  iskihka.   wallpaper, sheet rock, drywall, paneling:  iishayo lapàali.   wrapper, wrapping paper:  istaboknohka.   line on paper:  ɬahkachi
parable  the Bible, proverbs, parables, poems, etc.:  istilakostinichilka
paralyze  to stun, knock the wind out of, paralyze, knock unconscious:  haapolommi
parasol  istapahcha
parch  parched corn:  chassapayka.   to parch (e.g. corn):  apayli.   to roast or parch, dry out by fire, smoke (meat) to make jerky:  itasolotli.   to parch corn, roast corn:  chassapayli.   to be roasted, parched, fried:  apayka
parent-in-law  ikposikchi
park  to park (a car):  chókkolìichi, chokoolichi.   to park (cars):  chiili1.   to be put away, be parked (of a few):  chíkkìika1
parking lot  mobìlka chokookachi, mobìlka imaachiika
parrot  pachinaaɬíika
parsley hawthorn  okòoɬa
parsonage  maastinnaaɬìika imiisa, maastinnaaɬìika iwwìilka
part  to part (hair):  kanayli.   to be parted (of hair):  kanayka
particular  the exact, the exclusive, just, the mere, only, each, the particular:  -áɬɬi
partition  atipaska.   partitioned land:  ihaanitipkachi.   to partition, make a room by putting up a partition:  atipasli.   to be partitioned, divided:  ittatipkachi, atipkachi.   to be partitioned once, be cut off or stopped (of electricity or water):  atipaska
partner  impatna.   partner, spouse:  patna.   partner (on a job) forming a team working together:  intáɬɬa.   bed partner, mate:  apoɬòoka.   to be a partner, colleague:  impokta.   to be partners with, be buddies with:  intáɬɬa.   to be partners with each other:  ittintáɬɬa
party  happiness, fun, good time, party:  ayolikpa.   traditional Christmas party game:  óolalwi
pass  to pass by in front of (of one):  iⁿɬopotli.   to pass going in opposite directions (of than one):  ootamatli, ittootamatli.   to pass (food) to (at the table):  maastìnka.   to be passing by:  ɬóppotli.   to inform, pass on a message:  haalochi
pass away  to pass away:  tammi.   to die, pass away (of one):  nakaaɬa
passenger train  pàlki aatistàaya, pàlki aatwihàachi
pass gas  to pass gas:  hokcho, iⁿsobotlichi, istiⁿsitoffi
passion  to be amorous, sexually aroused, impassioned:  polooma
passionflower  opako
passion fruit  a vine with a fruit similar to passion fruit:  làanasi
pass out  to faint, pass out:  onafayli, istonafayli
pass through  to pass through (of one):  ɬopotli.   to pass (something) through, put through:  ɬopotlichi
past  beyond, past (in time or space), over there:  koɬa.   a little bit past, a little farther down, a little ways away:  kóoɬàasi.   during a certain period in the past up to or until some later time:  istíila.   to be past a certain time:  taɬoffi.   to be past (a time or place), be beyond some place (of one):  ɬóppotli
paste  istinchakissa.   to be mixed into a paste with water (as flour, mud, cement, etc.):  òlmo, òomo
pastor  maastinnaaɬìika
pasture  meadow, pasture:  waakimaayilpa, chichoba imaayoolimpa.   cow pasture:  waakiⁿholihta.   sheep pasture:  chokfalpoyba iⁿholihta
pat  to cuddle, hug, comfort, pat on the back:  ayyihoochi.   to pat on the back:  ayokpali
patch  aloopa.   patching:  aloopachitilka.   to patch together, mend by patching:  aloopachi.   to be patched, have a patch, be stuck together:  aloopa
path  path, trail:  hinosi.   way, path, route:  anɬiya.   to be the most direct way, straightest path:  maalamatkíichi.   to branch off, cut off from a main path (of one):  filammi.   to take a cut off from a main path:  filanka2, filkohka
patient  to impatient (esp. from pain):  nokhamohkachi.   to make impatient:  nokhamohlichi
pattern  measurements, pattern:  alpisa2.   anything used as a standard of measure or pattern:  istalpisa2.   dress pattern:  ilokfalpisa.   to be mottled, mixed colors and patterns:  lamlaki
patty  bread, patty:  paspa.   to be shaped into a patty, shaped like a biscuit:  ispaspaakáhmit
paunch  ikfi
pavement  hinipaapatàaka, hinipaawanha, talilocha
paw  front paw of an animal, foreleg, forefoot:  iyyibíkno
pay  a place to pay bills:  aayaltoba, aayaltobaachitilka.   to pay (e.g. a bill), pay for (something):  altobaachi.   to pay (money) to, repay a debt to someone:  imaltobaachi.   to pay to (someone) for (someone), pay someone's way:  imimaltobaachi.   to repay, pay off (a debt):  labosli.   to get paid, earn, make a wage:  imaltoba.   to be earning, getting paid, make a salary:  imaltóoba.   to work a day, earn a day's pay:  nihtachi, nihta tobaachi
pay attention  to hear someone (say something), pay attention to:  iⁿháalo.   to make listen, make mind, make pay attention:  haalóochi
payment  altobaachitilka
pea  beans, peas:  chastoki.   black-eyed pea:  ittiɬlocha, inchokbilocha, chastoki inchokbilocha.   cream peas:  chastokhátkasi.   crowder peas:  chastokchoba.   deer peas, coral bean bush:  ichinchastoki.   green peas:  chastokokcháako.   long peas:  chastokhobaski.   purple hull peas:  chastokaffakchi hómma, chastokaffakchi locha.   quail peas, English peas (coffee weed?):  kowwàykinchastoki.   speckled peas, field peas:  chastokholísso, chastokholísso
peace  ittimokla.   to be at peace, be friendly, be peaceful:  oolakano.   to make peace, become friendly:  oolakanoochi.   to work out differences, talk things over so as to get along with, make peace with each other (as a couple):  ittinkanoochi
peach  takkola.   wild peach:  ittokchakko
Peach-tree Village  Takkola Oola, Takkosàwwoola
peacock  fiithachibaski, fiitpàhka, fiitpàhka hachihobaski
peanut  hayaɬi
peanut brittle  hayaaɬichampoli
peanut butter  hayaɬi
peanut coffee  hayaɬkafi
pear  takkólchoba hobaski
peat  rich pine limbs, peat, pine knot used for torch:  choyyipokta
pebble  tali, talosi
pecan  ochahobaski
peck  to peck:  chakli.   to peck at (once):  chakaffi
peculiar  to be acting peculiar, acting as though crazy:  kostìnkokáhchi
pedal  haɬilka.   sewing machine pedal:  istolfachi iⁿhaɬilka
peek  to peek at:  maatakinitka, maatakinìika, akinitka.   to peek out of something at:  maastakinitka
peel  to flake off, peel:  faskachi, sokafka.   to peel (of bark), be peeled:  foska, foskachi.   to peel (something) off:  faslichi.   to peel, pull a long strip off:  sibapli.   to peel, strip (river cane), strip (bark) off:  simbi.   to peel (with the hands), take bark off, strip leaves:  fosli.   to peel off (e.g. bark) (with a knife), slice:  taɬafka.   to peel repeatedly with a knife, whittle, carve:  taɬka2.   to be peeled, stripped (especially of cane):  simka.   to get scraped up, peeled, scalped:  sokka
peep  to lift the head and look out, peek at, peer at, peep at (plural objects):  maatakinìika.   to peek at, peer at from a distance, peep at (one object):  maatakinitka.   to peek at, peer at, peep at (one object):  akinitka.   to peek out of something at, peer out at, peep out at (one object):  maastakinitka
pelican  haakha, oksipàali
pellet  ɬaki
pen  isholisso.   fountain pen:  okisholisso
pencil  isholisso
penis  bíkno atakàaka, chiichi, ikchi, inchichi, chiska.   genitals (male or female):  istiⁿholiswa
penny  toknaawa cháffàaka laana, toknaawalaana
pepper  hooma.   bell pepper:  hoomachoba.   black pepper:  hoomalocha.   hot pepper:  hoomahomi
peppery  to be bitter, peppery:  homi
peppy  to be excited, eager, peppy, enthusiastic, motivated:  iyyamiita
perceive  to find out about, learn, perceive, remember:  sobàyli.   to be visible, legible, perceivable:  mottaki.   to be perceptible to, visible to:  immottaki.   to be showing, be perceived, be seen, be visible:  móttàaki
perch  sunfish, bream, `perch':  patassi, bolokhòmma.   to perch on, sit on top of, alight on:  paachikìika, paachokòoli, paayisa.   to be perched on a line (of birds) (of one):  paachókkòoli
perfect  to be right, okay, correct, perfect, righteous (of a situation or thing):  máali2
perforate  to be perforated, have openings or holes (that can be seen through), be loosely woven:  sakla
perforation  hole, perforation (e.g. in a shoe or container):  ɬobafka.   holes, perforations:  ɬomka
perfume  istakomahkachi, hoofna.   perfume, cologne, hair tonic:  istilakomahkachi.   perfume, insecticide, paint, shaving cream, etc.:  istompoffichi.   to make smell good, perfume, deodorize:  akomahlichi
perhaps  máamiima
period  menstrual period:  tayyiha iⁿholpa, ɬakhaniɬopotli
permanent  hair permanent:  hissi ispokyo, hissispokyo.   to curl (the hair) for (someone), give (someone) a permanent:  impokyochi.   to get a permanent, get one's hair curled:  hissi impokyochi
perpendicular  okhawíita
persimmon  biɬko
person  aati
personal name  Clem Fain:  Kilim Finka.   Clenson:  Kilinsi.   Cooper:  Kòpa.   McConico (Battise):  Kaniko.   Thompson, as in Chief Charlie Thompson:  Tamsi.   a hero of 19th C., first English-speaking Alabama, raised by whites:  Mokáhyi
pester  to bother, distract, worry, heckle, pester:  pilàachi.   to be a bother to, keep pestering, be irritating to:  píllàachi
pestle  kistapi.   mortar and pestle:  ishochitilka.   to pound, pulverize, grind with a pestle:  hochi
pet  alpooba, alpoyba.   to fondle or pet to sexually arouse:  apoloomachi
petticoat  hayohombayka, hayolbaha, hayombahitilka, hayo holikfa
pew  paachokòokabaski, paachókbaski
phlegm  nokhiɬka.   to spit out mucus or phlegm:  nokhiɬkan ɬàali.   to cough up phlegm and spit it out:  nokhíɬkan maamaalichi
phone  masnaaɬiilka, naaɬiikapalki, maanaaɬihilka.   to call (someone) over a distance, call on the telephone:  maatiyyowwa.   to ring (of the telephone):  maatolaachi.   to talk to (on the telephone):  maatinnaaɬiika
photograph  holba.   picture (of a person), photograph, portrait:  aatholba.   taking a photograph, painting a picture, drawing, copying, showing a movie:  holbachi.   photographic film:  aatisholba istimalpitta
photographer  holbàachi
piano  piyàano
piano bench  paachokòoka
pick  pick (tool), pickax:  achokna.   toothpick:  natisfitilka.   to choose, pick:  isi.   to pick (e.g. cotton), harvest (a crop):  imo, ittanahli.   to pick (e.g. cotton) for, harvest (someone's crop):  imiimo.   to pick, pluck (flowers, fruit):  tipli, istipli, istipasli.   to take out, take away, pick, pull out, pluck:  paffichi.   to gather, pick (things that have to be looked for such as berries):  wihli.   to dig out, pick out, pull up:  fitipka.   to be picked, plucked:  ilmo.   to have something get picked:  imilmo
picket fence  holihta chakchaki, ittosholihta
pickle  kokòoma, kokòomakaskaha.   to pickle:  istooyaapitta, istooyaɬi
pick up  to pick up, take up (more than one) from below:  itapihli.   to hang, pick up, hold up, dangle (one object):  atakàali.   to go get, go pick up (more than one thing):  ospihli.   to go pick up (something) and bring back:  oswihli.   to be picked up and taken (of more than one):  pihka
picture  picture (nonhuman):  nàasholba.   picture (of a person), photograph, portrait:  aatholba.   picture (of oneself), any image:  holba.   taking a photograph, painting a picture, drawing, copying, showing a movie:  holbachi.   to take one's own picture, self-portrait:  iliholbachi
picture frame  aatholba istatakàaka
picture show  sòoka
pie  paspistimpaalapàali.   apple pie:  takkólchoba istimpaalapàali
piece together  to piece together (a quilt):  ittaloopachi
pier  block foundation, house pier, house supports:  iisintiili.   foundation blocks, house blocks (pier and beam):  iisinchiika
pierce  to stab in, pierce, stick in (once):  ɬopotka.   to pierce with (plural objects or repeatedly):  isɬopohka.   to drill a hole, pierce through once:  ɬobaffi.   to drive in (a sharp object), pierce, impale (one object):  achosòoli.   to get stuck or stabbed (repeatedly):  achoska1
pig  sokha.   piglet:  sokhasi.   white pig:  sokhahatka.   to eat like a pig, gulp or slurp food:  istokɬolohka
pigeon  pachi, pachi alpoyba, pachiyòsba
piggyback  to carry (especially a child) on one's back, carry piggyback:  impaapa
piggybank  toknaawalpitta
piglet  white piglet:  sokhasihàtka
pileated woodpecker  bakba
pile up  to pile up, stack up:  ittapaachiili.   to fall on one another (as two people fighting or two trees in a storm), pile on (as in football):  ittapaasofka.   to be piled up, stacked up (of more than one):  ittapaachiika
pill  medicine, pills, drug:  aissi.   sleeping pill:  istinnochi
pillow  albalikcho.   little sand pillow used so babies won't become `long-headed':  sancho albalikchosi.   to lay the head on, rest the head against, pillow the head on:  albakcho
pimple  choksanìipa
pin  chofa.   badge (sheriff's, etc.), brooch, pin (women's jewelry):  chofa ilachosòoka.   decorative pin, brooch, badge, little pin:  chofasi.   plug, nail, pin, dart, staple, tack:  istachosòoli, istachosli.   pins, clothespins, hairpins:  istachoska.   straight pin:  chofibiibonotka.   safety pin:  chofa poɬonka, chofastachosòoka
pincer  to surround, maneuver around, catch in a pincer movement, trap:  ittimataplichi
pinch  a pinch (unit of measure):  chinofka.   to pinch (once or one object):  chinoffi.   to take a little piece of, take a pinch of:  nachoffi
pincushion  albalikchosi, chofachoska
pine  choyyi.   loblolly pine:  choyyihoba.   longleaf pine:  choyyihissi hobaski, choyyinaani.   shortleaf pine:  choyyihissi kobayli, choyyitayyi.   pine kindling wood, pine tinder:  choyyiskilaaya
pine bark  choyyaffakchi
pine beetle  okyaali
pinecone  choyyaɬi
pinegrove  choyyaposa
pine needle  choyyihissi
pine needle basket  choyyissikolbi
pine resin  choyyiniya
pine roots  choyyassikchi
pine sap  choyyi okchi
pine stump  choyyikolòofa
pink  hot pink, fuchsia:  homman hatkaabin ittiⁿhókkìita.   to be pink:  hanakbi.   to be yellow, orange, brown, gold, beige, pink:  laana.   to be hot pink or rose colored, turn pink:  hatkáabòosi.   to be pale pink, faded, pale-faced from illness:  hatkaabi
pin oak  okwani
pins and needles  to be numb in a body part, pins and needles:  simohka
pinto bean  chastokhómma
pipe  pipe for blowing:  pofilka.   water pipe:  oki istimbalàaka
pistol  bihikoboksi
pit  barbecue pit:  nipostaboska.   barbecue grill, barbecue pit:  nipo aayaboska
pitch  choyyiniya
pitcher  immaakàali.   milk pitcher:  waakimpisi ishachàali.   water pitcher:  okistalàaka
pitchfork  isɬopoilkachoba, kopihkastitapihka
pitch torch  choyyapala
pitiable  sadness, pitiable circumstance:  achìhba
pitter-patter  to make the noise of light footsteps, pitter-patter:  kibìilichi
pity  istiⁿhaawaalìila, istiⁿhaawáalotilka, iⁿhaawáalotilka, iⁿhaawáalka, noksakaayatilka.   to be sorry for someone, feel sorry for, pity:  iⁿhaawáalo.   to feel sorry for (someone) over, pity:  istiⁿhaawáalo
place  there, that place:  akko.   different place, another place, different direction:  tòkpa.   here, this place, this vicinity, right here, this way:  yàali.   to be put, be placed, be set out, be laid out, be spread out (of one):  patàaka.   to be from a place, be born in a certain place:  aahofanti.   to lose one's place (e.g. in a book):  yosba.   to be there, be located at a place:  àaya, ayàachi.   to live at or in a place (of one):  chókkòoli.   to live at a place (of more than one):  ìisa.   to live somewhere, stay at a place, be located:  wìika, wiikàachi.   to misplace (something):  ɬakoffichi.   to exchange places:  ittatooba.   to take someone's place, trade places, replace (someone):  altoba, atooba
place names  Big Thicket:  ittaposa chihbichi, aboolissoba, bikɬikitka.   Louisiana:  loosiyaana.   Texas:  stìitka, teksi.   Colmsneil:  oola kolkbi.   Huntsville, Texas:  hantsfilka.   Galveston, Texas:  kalfisti.   Houston, Texas:  yosti.   Livingston, Texas:  liwisti.   Mill Creek:  oofátta.   Neches Village:  nìichi oola.   Peach Tree Village:  takkola oola, takkosàwwoola.   Rock Town, Texas:  talòola.   Taloola, Texas:  talòola.   Woodville, Texas:  wodwiila
placenta  aatosi imiisa
plan  to figure out a solution, plan how to do:  istimakostini.   to carry out (a plan), execute (a plan) (of more than one):  istamaaka.   to be talking something over, be planning:  ittinnaaɬiika
plane  airplane:  piɬɬawakáyka.   plane, adze:  istaɬiilka.   carpenter's plane, smoother, iron:  isɬinko.   ironing clothing, sanding lumber, planing wood, shining shoes, etc.:  ɬimichkochi, ɬinkochi.   to square (off), plane off sides of (one thing):  taɬìili
plank  ittopathasi
plant  cultivated plant, houseplant:  alpoobapakaali, alpooba.   planting, crop, agriculture:  nàasiyalchiya.   to plant (especially seeds):  achihli.   to plant by staking to a pole:  onabiɬka, abiɬka.   to transplant:  tosoyli.   to poke a hole in the ground to plant a seed:  biɬiika.   to poke holes in the ground to plant seeds:  biɬka.   to be planted, cultivated (of land):  alchiiya.   to be (a few) planted in rows:  ischíkkìika.   to be planted together with another crop:  istibaalchíiya.   to plant by covering seeds using the foot:  mastonkayapka.   to dig holes for planting with a hoe:  isbiɬka.   to have (a crop) planted, have a crop in the field:  átchìili.   to help each other with planting:  ittimachihli
plants  acorn:  bayaɬi.   African violet:  fayolitka.   alfafa:  hassi chichobimilpa.   beans, peas:  chastoki.   For complete list of edible legumes, see under:  `beans'.   beet:  assikchi hòmma, assikchìlpa hòmma.   bell pepper:  hoomachoba.   bitterweed:  hassihomi.   blackberry:  bakcho.   black cherry tree, rope tree, basswood tree (?):  ittotalikcho.   cabbage:  hissopáthasbomboki, ispaabomboki, istibiibomboki.   carrot:  assikchi laana, assikchìlpa laana.   clover:  kloofa.   collard:  hissihopàtha.   coral bean bush:  nita inchastoki, ichinchastoki.   corn:  chassi.   white Indian corn:  chassisokha.   cotton:  pakaalihatka.   deer plum:  icho intakkosáwwa.   devil's walking stick:  atchòobittabi.   dewberry:  bakcho itabatli, hayintalaali.   elephant-ear plant, catalpa:  aatipachobahakcho.   elephant ears plant (?):  ilifihakcho.   fern, any feathery leafed plant:  tapiitapi.   gardenia:  kaɬàaha pakaali.   ginseng:  aissihatka.   honeysuckle:  aatyammichi, pakaalakomahli.   hot pepper:  hoomahomi.   lettuce:  hissokcháakilpa.   lichen:  somo.   goatweed, mare's tail, ragweed:  hasaalapo.   mistletoe:  ipɬiⁿsapha.   morning glory:  niɬálli alpooba kano.   morning glory flower:  niɬállipakaali, niɬállòosi pakaali.   moss, Spanish moss:  ichokhiska hatka, somo.   muscadine:  chokko.   mushroom:  pakto.   okra:  kombo.   old type of corn with stickers in it that is difficult to shuck:  chashalokpa.   onion plant:  kosòomatosooya.   green onion:  kosòoma hissi okchákko.   passionflower, maypop:  opako.   peanut:  hayaɬi.   pecan:  ochahobaski.   pepper:  hooma.   poison ivy, poison oak:  baksakánko, ittokánko, hassikánko.   pokeweed:  kosiba.   pond scum, algae:  okiyyilihkachi.   popcorn:  chassitokàali.   potato:  ahataksi.   prickly pear cactus:  talaapàkha.   puffball mushroom:  hochiiɬiⁿlàyki.   purple thistle with sharp thorns:  ɬohpo.   coffee weed?:  kowwàykinchastoki.   rice:  onosi.   rosebush:  bakchopakaali.   sensitive plant:  hassihasàaya.   species of mint plant:  sonokkiɬayli.   strawberry:  biyyòkha.   sweet potato, potato:  aha.   tomato plant:  hapanchokko.   water-lily:  ayiipifo pakaali, okifoopatka.   watermelon:  okchaako.   wild azalea:  apatìlli.   wild grape vine:  baɬkapihchi.   wild violet:  fayolitka maɬátli.   wisteria:  chokfistimalbacha.   yellow horsemint:  snoktaɬaylichoba.   yellow jasmine:  aatyammichi.   grass, bear grass, weeds, hay, straw:  hassi.   bermuda grass, crabgrass, motor grass:  hassipatàaka, hassiwànha.   grassburrs, burrs, burr grass, sharp grass:  hassihalokpa.   grass sp.:  ɬaɬo imaissi.   species of tall grass:  hassihommachi.   yucca, bear grass:  tosìina istatakka.   rattan:  aatipachobinchaabi.   cane, reed, river cane:  iɬani.   vine:  apànkachi.   vine, runner:  ɬolotli.   any plant with thorns, brier:  bakcho.   blue vine with thorns, rattan?:  baɬkapìhchi okchakko.   crawling vine with purple flowers, prob. morning glory:  hapaafalala.   creeper, crawling vine:  apakfòoli.   greenbrier:  bakcho hollo, bakchokchako, kanta.   squash (generic), esp. winter squash, pumpkin:  choksi.   any winter squash:  choksitáyyi.   any yellow colored squash, esp. pumpkin:  choksilaana.   cushaw, a large, long-necked, green-striped squash:  choksichàakka.   gourd:  kochi.   striped squash, cushaw:  choksiɬahkachi.   cantaloupe, musk melon:  akomaali.   unidentified plant species:  waso iⁿhapanchokko.   unidentified plant species, prob. cocklebur:  ifatanayka.   plant whose roots are used as a cure for snake bite:  assikchi kosòoma.   a plant species:  holiswalaana aissi.   a tall weed with leaves like tomato leaves, ragweed?:  hassintalaali.   bush sp., wild azalea?, wax myrtle?:  ittoniyaachi.   tree (generic), wood, log, stick:  itto.   Allegheny chinkapin:  hachiⁿfakto.   American beech tree:  toomalàaha.   American holly tree:  ittohissishalokpa.   American sycamore:  akhatka.   white ash:  sinapo.   any hardwood, esp. ironwood tree:  ittowanha.   any red oak, burr oak, overcup oak, southern red oak:  aalaana.   a tree similar to ash, poss. slippery elm?:  silhoba.   a tree similar to ash, used in making horse medicine:  sinaphoba.   baldcypress, cypress tree:  siwaakola.   basswood tree, rope tree, wild cherry tree:  ittobaksa.   black chokeberry, also identified as blueberry hawthorn, little hip hawthorn, barberry hawthorn, parsley hawthorn:  okòoɬa.   blackhaw:  ɬakaacha.   blackjack oak:  chilaaka.   black oak, live oak:  okwani.   black walnut tree:  haahi, ochatapaski.   blue beech, ironwood:  ittosankachi.   bois d'arc, osage-orange:  ittokamo, ittokoomo, kamo.   catawba, catalpa tree:  ittotassikáya.   cedar, eastern redcedar:  chowwaala.   China tree, Chinaberry:  ittowachina.   common buttonbush tree:  sakcho imitto.   common persimmon:  biɬko.   common sassafras:  chihkafo.   cottonwood tree:  hasmalmo.   crab-apple tree:  takkólchobasi.   eastern hophornbeam, ironwood tree:  ayaanabi.   eastern redbud:  takkistàaya.   fig:  bihi1, bihichoba1.   Florida basswood, Carolina basswood:  ittobitìima.   flowering dogwood:  naskila.   French mulberry, crow grapes, American beautyberry:  haakhimbaɬka.   Grancy graybeard, fringetree:  aatichòoba ichokhiska, nita imìlpa.   hackberry, sugarberry:  kapko.   hickory:  ocha.   huckleberry tree:  osakohchi.   kind of tree:  ofolo intato.   loblolly pine:  choyyihoba.   longleaf pine:  choyyihissihobaski, choyyinaani.   magnolia, sweetbay:  kaɬàaha2.   maple:  akhommachi.   May haw:  chommilòmhi, sattilbi.   mimosa:  ittopakaali.   muscle tree, American hornbeam:  ittopankachi.   oak, esp. white oak:  baya.   palmetto:  taalachoba, taala.   peach tree:  takkola.   pear:  takkólchoba hobaski.   pine tree:  choyyi.   pin oak:  okwani.   plum:  takkoosàwwa.   post oak:  chisa.   prickly ash, toothache tree:  ittohalokpa.   redbay tree:  ittoissikosòoma.   red haw, turkey hawthorn:  chittiɬhómmachoba, chittiɬhòmma.   red mulberry:  bihi1, bihimaɬatli.   shagbark hickory, bitternut hickory:  ochatakba.   shortleaf pine:  choyyihissi kobayli, choyyitayyi.   small magnolia that grows along streams:  kaɬàahahatka.   species of wild plum:  icho intakkosàwwa.   sumac?:  tabosso.   sweetgum tree:  yassaako.   Texas honeylocust, water locust:  tato.   toothache tree?:  ɬacho.   toothache tree, Hercules tree, Hercules-club:  natikasahlichi.   tree species like hickory or pecan with a smooth trunk:  ochaachala.   tree species, ropetree?:  baksahachi.   water tupelo, tupelo gum:  okifa itto, yassaakohatka.   wax myrtle:  choyyiniyaachi.   wild cherry tree, Carolina cherry laurel (?):  ittokchakkosi.   wild fig:  bihimaɬatli.   wild peach:  ittokchakko.   willow:  ittokoowisa, okoowaykachi.   willow oak:  okwani.   yaupon tree:  aatichoosanàyli
plate  plate, serving dish, cup, saucer, bowl:  aayampo.   cup, plate, bucket, table, blocks:  paatalàaka
platter  aayampo báski
play  playing, game:  tòoka.   to play (games or sports):  hompani.   to play (a game, especially a ballgame such as stickball):  tòoli.   to play at (a game):  ishompani.   to play with:  ibaahompani.   to play with, act affectionately toward, comfort, like, love:  ayokpáalòssi, ayokpali.   to play hide and seek:  ittillonka.   to play the board game taniilka:  tanihka.   to play the game of tag:  halàyko.   to play with on water:  istimoohompani, istoohompani.   to shoot marbles, play marbles:  tali hotcha.   to play (of an instrument), make a musical noise:  ola, olaachi.   to be playing a horn instrument (such as a trumpet):  póofka.   to trick, play a trick or joke on:  istibitchichi.   to kid, joke, lie, play a trick on:  chokfi
play dead  to play dead, play possum:  illihchahooba
player  hompàani.   ball player:  pokkotòoli
playing field  aatòoka
pleasing  to like something, enjoy, find pleasing, feel good about:  istinkano
pleat  pakohkachi.   to bend (plural objects) backwards, pleat (material):  pakohlichi
Pleiades  hochiiɬikatalpo, hachikatalpo
plow  isbinafkachi.   to plow, till, turn soil, cultivate the ground:  binaffichi.   to plow for:  imbinaffichi.   to be plowed, tilled:  binafkachi
pluck  to be picked, plucked:  ilmo.   to get out (one object) that is stuck in, pluck:  fitipka.   to pluck, snap off:  istipli, tipli, istipasli.   to pull out, pluck:  tiifka, tiihka.   to take out, take away, pick, pull out, pluck:  paffichi
plucker  person who plucks chickens:  akaakatìihka
plug  plug, nail, pin, dart, staple, tack, poster:  istachosòoli, istachosli.   stopper, plug, cork:  istimokbahka.   to plug into (a cord to an appliance) a socket:  imachosòoli.   to plug up, stop up:  okbahli.   to unplug (one object):  istonasiipli, istimisi
plum  takkoosàwwa.   deer plum:  icho intakkosáwwa.   species of wild plum:  icho intakkosàwwa
plus  to be with, be together with, be added to, be plus:  àasa
pneumonia  to have pneumonia:  pakofka2
pocket  sokcha.   to put in (the pocket):  ilaɬi
pocketknife  talkoosasi
poem  the Bible, proverbs, parables, poems, etc.:  istilakostinichilka
point  arrowhead, arrow point:  ɬakiⁿhalokpa.   index finger, pointing finger:  ilbisbiɬiika.   to point at:  biɬìili.   to point at for (a reason):  biɬiilichi.   to point at with something, aim something at:  isbiɬìili.   to be pointed at:  biɬìika.   to point out the way to, show the way:  maatimbiɬìili.   to point out to, show to:  imbiɬìili.   to be pointed, have a point:  ibaksakaali.   to be sharp pointed:  halokpa.   to be cut to a point:  chakchaki
poison  aissikánko
poison ivy  hassikánko, baksakánko, ittokánko
poke  to poke (someone) with (especially for bloodletting):  istinchifka.   to stab, poke once (with a stick, etc.):  tahapka.   to poke, hit, kick (for instance, to see if something is dead) (once/one object):  chifipka.   to poke a hole in the ground to plant a seed:  biɬiika.   to poke holes in the ground to plant seeds:  biɬka.   to jab or poke with the elbow (once):  inkowàasan ischifipka.   to poke (a fire) repeatedly:  itachifka.   to poke (a fire) with repeatedly:  istitachifka
poker  fire poker:  istitachifilka, istitachifkachi, istitapaɬatka
pokeweed  kosiba
Polaris  f alámmifahochiiɬi, maafalámmihochiiɬi
pole  bean pole:  chastokistabiɬilka.   fishing pole:  ɬaɬo imokwàyli, ɬaɬistimokwayka.   pole for grinding corn:  kistapi.   stick, log (for a log cabin), any straight uncut piece of wood that can be used as a pole:  ittolóobo.   tent pole:  iisastiⁿhachàali.   to plant by staking to a pole:  onabiɬka, abiɬka
pole beans  chastokalbiɬa
police  aatasihka, aati iⁿɬakíisa, iⁿɬakíisa
polish  islimichkochitilka.   paint, polish:  istalposooha.   nail polish:  ilbaksihomma.   shoe polish:  wiloshamohka, wilostalpasoilka, wilostalposooha.   polishing shoes, making something dirty, charring something, etc.:  lochachi.   to polish to a shine:  limichkochi.   to make shine (e.g. by buffing), polish:  aɬaplichi.   to apply nail polish:  ilbaksihommachi
polisher  a polisher or buffer:  istaɬapkachi
polka dot  to be spotted, freckled, polka dotted:  chokchoki
pollen  tree pollen:  itto impofotli
polyglot  to speak other Indian languages, be a polyglot:  oolamiita
pomade  to anoint (the hair), grease (hair), pomade:  aksoopka
pond  okitalàaka, ayiipi.   small permanent water hole, pool, pond (not a puddle):  ayiiposi.   lake, deep pond:  oki ootalàaka, okistootalàaka.   small mysterious pond in which, if one gets too close to it or tries to cross it, one will drown:  okihòllo
ponderous  to make a ponderous sound, as of heavy footsteps, thunder, the rumble of a train:  timìilichi
pond scum  okiyyilihkachi
pony  colt, pony:  chichobasi.   shetland pony:  chichoba istimmánkasi
pooch out  to bulge, protrude, pooch out:  poksi
pool  any small pool of standing water, puddle, pond:  okitalàaka.   small permanent water hole, pool, pond (not a puddle):  ayiiposi.   swimming pool:  aayokhaboskacha, aahaapilka
poor  poor person:  aatsikòopa.   to be poor:  sikóopàssi.   to be poor, be destitute, suffer hardship, be shabby:  sikóopa, bassi.   to be poor, not rich:  isnáahotíkko.   to be poorer:  sikóhpa.   to be weaker, poorer:  báassi
pop  squeaking, creaking, cracking, popping sound:  wachàakachi.   any sweet soft drink:  kòkka.   to make something go pop, crack, snap:  tokahlichi.   to pop, crackle (of a fire), splutter (as hot grease), back fire (as a car) (repeatedly):  tokahli.   to snap the fingers, pop, bang (once):  tokaffi.   to squeeze open, burst, pop (a boil, blister, pimple, or sore):  ɬatoffi
popcorn  chassitokàali
porch  iisa achapata, iisa imapahcha, imapahcha.   floor, porch:  pata.   back porch:  imapahcha obàali.   brace, post (of a porch):  intiili
pork  sokhanipo.   pork cracklings:  sokhaniya.   spare ribs, pork ribs:  sokhanakchi
pork rind  sokhaffakchi
portrait  aatholba.   to take one's own picture, self-portrait:  iliholbachi
position  to be elected to office, assume an office, take on a position (of one):  hachàali
possess  to own, have, possess:  innàaho
possum  sokhàatka.   baby opossum, small opossum:  sokhàatkasi.   to play dead, play possum:  illihchahooba, hasaaya
post  brace, post (of a porch):  intiili.   fence post:  holihtastillokòoli, holihtastiⁿhachàali, istiⁿhachàali, poska.   wire fence post:  ochanaholihta istiⁿhachàali.   upright supporting posts for the frame of a house:  iisintonni.   posts:  istiⁿhisli.   goal posts:  ittolokòoli.   stickball goal posts:  poɬachi.   to have more than one thing posted around (e.g. notes or pictures):  islapaffichi.   to post (one memo or announcement):  islapaalichi.   to stand up (several things), set up, put up (for example, posts or a tent):  hislichi
postage stamp  holissomastolihna inlapàali, holissomastoliina impaalapàali, maastolihna
poster  istachosòoli
posthole digger  poskastiⁿsafka
postman  holissostàaya
post oak  chisa
pot  aykachi, aaholponi, ochanaayàmpo.   large three-footed iron cook pot:  iyyìisa, iyyìissoba.   metal cookware, pots and pans:  ochana aahoponka.   to put a pot on the fire:  istitahachaalichi
potato  sweet potato:  aha.   white potato, Irish potato:  ahataksi.   baked potato:  aha boska.   mashed potatoes:  ahataksi bahka.   potato chip:  ahataksi solotka
potato bug  aataksi ipa
potholes  kolkobi
potion  magic charm, hunting potion, love potion:  awihka
pottery  pottery, clay pot:  okɬipaspa aayampo
pouch  sack, pocket, bag, pouch:  sokcha.   hide pouch for carrying a baby on the back:  aatosischiniika, aatosischiniilka.   to have a pouched throat (as a lizard):  noopoksi
pound  one pound (weight):  baybascháffàaka.   to pound, pulverize, grind with a pestle:  hochi.   to pound, squeeze open in a vice:  liska.   to be pounded, ground up:  hoska, holchi
pour  to pour out, pour:  tosooyòoli.   to pour for:  intosoyli.   to pour out for, serve to:  imaɬi.   to put in, pour (plural objects or mass noun) into:  aɬi1.   to pour into another container:  tosoyli.   to pour (water) on, water (e.g. the lawn):  paatilìika.   to throw away, pour out:  tilìika.   to be poured, filled in, put in:  aɬka.   to fall at a distance (of more than one), gush out, pour out:  maasofka
pout  to sulk, pout, be angry, hot-tempered:  hasaaya
poverty  sikóolpa.   poverty, weakness:  balissa.   to be poor, destitute, poverty-stricken:  bassi
powder  impossi.   face powder:  istilibiihatkachi.   gunpowder:  istokaalimpossi, ɬaki impossi.   baking powder:  issofooli, paspasofoolichi.   powdered soap:  istaabohka póosi.   powder that comes out of a puffball mushroom:  hochiiɬiⁿlàyki.   to powder the face:  ilibiihatlichi.   to be powdery:  possi, lipha.   to be powdered:  póosi.   to grind up fine, crush to powder, pulverize:  liphachi
powdered milk  waakimpisipóosi, waakimpissolótka
powerful  to be forceful, strong, solid, powerful:  kamassa.   to be holy, sacred, spiritually powerful, magic:  hollo
power saw  issohkachi ibisnáaliwalíika
pox  to have a dry, crusty scabbing sore on the skin, have the chickenpox:  iⁿsatihpa
praise  to praise, boast about someone (honestly, sincerely):  alostichi.   to honor, show appreciation to, bestow praise on:  istayokpali.   to praise someone to:  imalostichi
pratfall  to fall down on purpose, take a pratfall (of one):  tammi
prattle  poskòosi innaaɬiilka
pray  to pray:  poliika, preylka.   to pray to:  iⁿsikòopa
prayer  impolìika, preylkatilka
praying mantis  hokchokosòoma
preacher  maastinnaaɬìika, policha, ookalasa
prefer  to favor, prefer:  istimáppìila
pregnant  to be pregnant:  onaapi, aatosi iwwìika.   to be pregnant with (a baby):  innàaho.   to make someone pregnant:  ayokchi, onaapichi, innáahochi
prepare  to prepare, get ready:  ittahoobachi.   to get (something) ready, prepare:  alpisaachi.   to prepare for, make ready for:  imakanoochi.   to get (someone) ready, prepare (someone):  imalpisaachi.   to be always ready, prepared:  imalpíisa.   to be prepared, trained:  apiisa.   to be cooked done, ready, prepared (of food):  lakha, hóppòoni
Presbyterian  iischobachòoba
present  to give (a present or gift) to:  istinka
preserves  fig preserves:  bihichampóoli
president  mikko chóhbaama, mikkofíino, mikko.   second chief, vice president:  mikko istatòkla
press down  to weight down, press down on:  abititlichi.   to tamp down, pack down, press down:  abitlichi
pressure  to take the blood pressure:  ɬakhani sobayli, ɬakhanistalpisa
pretend  to pretend:  iláhhobàachi, ilahoobachi, tómbàachi.   to act a certain way in regards to, pretend with respect to:  istilahoobachi.   to make oneself similar to, pretend to be:  istiliitómbàachi
pretty  to be good, pretty, well, fine:  kano.   to be good-looking, pretty, attractive:  ilhicha kano
prevarication  losilka
prevent  to control, prevent, or stop:  nokchobaachi
previous  previous, former, earlier, before:  koɬaaka.   the (previously mentioned) one:  yáali.   to be in front of, ahead of in time or space, be before, previous:  bíkno.   to be last (i.e. previous), former:  mìntako
previous night  tankaako
price  altoba
prickly ash  ittohalokpa
prickly pear  talaapàkha
print  footprint, step:  lataska, háɬɬapka.   footprints, tracks:  latka.   handprint:  póttòoliiso
prison  iisawanha.   to imprison:  onokbahli.   to be imprisoned:  onokbahka
problem  to be difficult, problematic:  átchihba.   to have thought about a particular thing, figured out a problem:  iskostini
produce  produce, vegetables:  nàaswaaya.   to produce five:  táɬɬàapichi.   to produce three:  tótchìinachi
promiscuous  to be sexually promiscuous:  hawi
prop  to brace with, prop up with:  intiilichi
proper  to behave oneself, act properly, be quiet, still:  nokchóoba.   to be correct, proper (of a person):  immáali
property  to have the right to inherit property:  ilahállatka
prophet  nàassobàayli
prop up  to prop up oneself (with a cane), lean on (a cane):  kottabiichi.   to have (one object) lying on top of something, have propped up:  paabállàali
proscription  aybachitilka
prostitute  tayyihapolòoma, tayyihastilichòopa, tayyihahawi
protect  to watch over, protect, guard:  ahíina, áhhìicha.   to shield, hide to protect:  atomhi.   to protect from:  imataaka
protrude  to bulge, protrude, pooch out:  poksi
protuberance  bokko
proud  to act proud toward someone, act superior to, look down on:  istimilahota.   to be a bragger, proud, vain:  ilahota.   to be proud, act invincible, act macho (e.g. beat the chest), show off:  innakni.   to be proud of:  istayokpa.   to be proud of something, vain about:  istilahota.   to brag about oneself, boast, act proud, act hubristically:  ilalostichi
proverb  the Bible, proverbs, parables, poems, etc.:  istilakostinichilka
provisions  pinaki
provoke  to make someone mad at one, to anger, provoke:  hasaayachi.   to provoke (someone) into fussing at one:  ilillikitlichi.   to be angry at someone, be provoked by:  iⁿhasaaya
prune  to prune, trim (a plant):  intohlichi
pry  to pry (more than one) out or away from:  iⁿsokli.   to pry out from with (a tool):  istiⁿsokli
pry out  to pry out from:  istiⁿfitipka, istiⁿfitka
psalm  saamka
pubic hair  pubic hair (of a man):  ikchihissi.   woman's pubic hair:  choochohissi
pucker  to pucker or purse the lips in distaste:  ilichoopayòoli.   to be puckered or pursed (of the lips):  ichoopayòokachi.   to be wrinkled, old looking, puckered up, shriveled:  ibiisanifka
puddle  oki ootalàakasi, okistootalàaka, ɬikaaya.   any small pool of standing water, puddle, pond:  okitalàaka.   standing water, (permanent) puddle:  okootállàakoolo
puffball mushroom  hochiiɬiⁿlàyki
pull  anything used to pull nails:  achoopa issiihka.   to pull a long strip off, break a long splinter off, strip (esp. bark):  sibapli.   to grab, hold, catch, pull (one object):  halatka.   to pull (plural objects or repeatedly), draw (a wagon):  halahka.   to pull (the tooth) of:  impaffichi.   to pull (the trigger of a gun):  iⁿhalatka.   to pull to tighten, stretch taut (one object):  ismaapka.   to pull up or draw something in a container:  maashalahka.   to pull (one object) and move it, drag:  salatlichi.   to pull limbs or branches off:  noɬɬichi.   to be pulled off (as fruit off a tree):  tipka.   to reach for to pull (as for clothes in the back of a closet) (plural objects or repeatedly):  maahalahka.   to pull (a rope) hand over hand:  tabahka.   to pull out of (esp. weeds from a crop):  intiihka.   to have a sprain, pulled or strained muscle:  ɬiifka1
pull a joke on  to fool, trick, deceive, pull a joke on:  haktíichi
pull apart  to pull apart, take apart (one object):  ittasokaffi.   to pull apart, open up (two things together, such as the prongs of a bobby pin separated so it will catch in an opening):  wakchaɬaalichi.   to split (one object), cut off a slice, pull two things apart:  chaɬaffi
pull away  to get away from, pull away from:  ayapka
pull down  to pull down, throw down:  ɬaalichi.   to take apart at the seams, pull down (a fence):  istiⁿsihlichi
pulley  istiⁿhaatanàali
pull off  to pull off (one object, such a piece of clothing):  siipli.   to pull off (clothes, shoes, etc.):  siihli.   to pull off, pull out, take apart:  istonasokli.   to pull off, strip off (e.g. leaves from a branch) (of more than one):  ɬiihka.   to remove, cut off, or pull off (a limb) (especially in butchering):  nipaffi.   to scrape off, pull off (hair, fur, feathers, etc.):  biiffi.   to pull off, take an ear of corn off a stalk:  noɬaffi.   to make (someone) pull off, take off (one object):  siiplichi.   to pry (more than one) out or away from, pull off (the arms and legs) of:  iⁿsokli
pull out  to pull out, take apart:  istonasokli, inchìllichi.   to pull out (a tooth):  siipli.   to pull out (a tooth) for:  iⁿsiipli.   to pull out loose threads, unravel (thread):  sihlichi.   to pull out, pluck:  tiifka.   to take away, pick, pull out, pluck:  paffichi.   to be difficult to pull out, be incapable of being pulled out:  fitipíkko
pull up  to pull up (something), lift, raise (as a flag on a rope):  abaalichi.   to pull up (covers) over oneself, drape oneself with:  anchi.   to pull up, get out (one object) that is stuck in, uproot, pluck:  fitipka
pulpit  maastinnaaɬìika impaahachàaka, mastinnaaɬìika impaawìilka, polichi impaawìlka
pulse  pulse, heartbeat:  iⁿhifóoska.   pulse (in the arm):  issakbafayya choffichi.   to have a pulse, throb, heartbeat:  inchoffichi.   to throb, throb with a pulse, have a heartbeat:  hifoska.   to throb with, as a pulse (in the neck) (from a fever, running hard, etc.):  nokchoffichi
pulverize  to grind up fine, crush to powder, pulverize:  liphachi.   to pound, pulverize, grind with a pestle:  hochi
pump  water pump:  okiwaliilichi.   water pump, water well with rope and bucket:  okimaatokoochi.   to pump, move (something) up and down:  abitlichi.   to inflate, pump up (a flat tire):  poffichi
pumpkin  any winter squash, esp. acorn squash, pumpkin:  choksitáyyi.   any yellow colored squash, esp. pumpkin:  choksilaana.   squash (generic), esp. winter squash, pumpkin:  choksi
pumpkin bread  choksipaspa
pumpkin bug  holikcho kosòoma
punch  to punch in the mouth, hit in the mouth (once):  ichoobatatli.   to slap on the face, punch in the face (once):  ibiibatatli
punk  kindling, torch, punk, etc.:  iskilaaya
puny  to be weak, sick, soft, puny:  ilakàlko.   to be sickly, weak, puny (of a baby):  possali
pupil  pupil of eye:  ittiɬlocha
puppy  ifosi
purchase  to have been bought, purchased:  choolpa.   to owe, borrow (money), buy on credit, charge a purchase:  ahachàali
purge  to vomit on purpose, purge oneself:  ahoota
purple  to be purple:  abàalokchakkoyáamikát hommaakáhchi.   to be reddish purple:  okchakkot hommakàhchi.   to be blue, green, purple, violet, in the blue-green spectrum:  okchakko.   to make blue, green, or purple (with dye, paint, etc.):  okchakkochi
purple hull peas  chastokaffakchi hómma, chastokaffakchilocha
purpose  to use for a specific purpose:  isnaho
purr  to purr (of a cat):  ɬikihkachi, talwa
purse  toknaawimiisa, toknaawa iⁿsokcha.   to purse the lips:  ilichoopakoffi.   to pucker or purse the lips in distaste:  ilichoopayòoli.   to be puckered or pursed (of the lips):  ichoopayòokachi
pus  sore, infection, pus, boil:  aniichi.   to burst, break open, ooze pus (of a boil):  ɬatofka
pus-filled  to have a pus-filled abscess, have an infected place:  imaniichi
push  to push once:  bahaffi.   to push (plural objects) away or toward:  maabahàali.   to push a button on:  imabititlichi.   to push backwards:  ibakhititlichi.   to push each other repeatedly (as children fighting or a crowd):  ittibàali.   to push gently with the elbow or shoulder, nudge:  tiiɬi.   to push forward, get someone to do something:  paatohno.   to bump elbows with each other, push at one another, jostle each other, nudge each other with the elbows (as a crowd exiting):  ittitiiɬi.   to push oneself up (as a person getting out of a low chair):  ilatabatka
put  to be flat, be put, be placed, be set out, be laid out, be spread out (of one):  patàaka.   to be put in a specific location (of a few):  aachikìika1.   to put the head back:  hanokfalanka.   to put up (hair) in a bun, wear (hair) in a bun:  bonotli.   to set down, put away, put down (one object):  chokoolichi
put across  to put across, serve over the net (one object):  abanatlichi.   to put across, lay (plural objects) across (esp. in a container or on horseback):  istabannichi.   to put (one object) across or over two objects, span the gap in between with (e.g. a wood frame):  abanàali
put around  to put around, go around with (one object) repeatedly:  atanatlichi.   to put (something) around:  istimapakfotlichi.   to have been put around:  istimapakfòotka.   to put (more than one) around, put around more than once, weave around the outside of a basket:  atanahlichi
put away  to leave, put away (one object):  piɬka.   to put away for, keep (one object) for:  impiɬka.   to put away, put down or set down (one thing in a container), store in, set aside in:  istalàali.   to settle, set down, put away (a few):  chikìili.   to be put away, be parked (of a few):  chíkkìika1
put back  to put back:  ɬoylíichit piɬka
put between  to put in between (of one):  samatka2
put down  to put down (one object) (on the ground or floor):  itachokoolichi.   to set down, seat, lay down, put down (plural objects):  chiili1.   to put down (one object) on top of:  paapiɬka.   to put (one object) down on (as a shelf):  paahachaalichi.   to put down on top of, lay down (one thing with a wide surface):  ispaapiɬka.   to put down in (water) to soak (one object):  oochokoolichi.   to put (plural objects) down in liquid:  oochiili.   to put down, lay out, set out (one object), set up (an upright object):  talàali.   to put down, set down (one object) and leave:  chókkolìichi.   to be put down, laid out, set out (of more than one):  talka1.   to go get and put down, fetch:  ospiɬka.   to go get and put down (one object):  ilpiɬka.   to have been put down in liquid, be set down in:  oochiika1.   to have put down in water to soak:  oochókkolìichi.   to have put or set down (one thing in a container) and left sitting (on the ground or floor):  istitachókkòolichi.   to do someone wrong, put down someone (of one):  paahachàali
put in  to put in (one object):  hokfi.   to put in (plural objects):  aapitta.   to put in, pour (plural objects or mass noun) into:  aɬi1.   to put (one object) in (a container):  ishokfi.   to put (one object) in (a container that already has something in it):  ishòokfi.   to put in the mouth:  ilichoohokfi, ilichooyaɬi.   to put in (the pocket):  ilaɬi.   to put in water:  oopiɬka, ooyaɬi, istoohokfi.   to put in jail:  onokbahli.   to put in the hospital:  balaalichi.   to be poured, filled in, put in:  aɬka
put in between  to put in between two things:  samatlichi.   to be put in between for someone:  iⁿsamatka.   to put in between two things for:  iⁿsamatlichi
put in liquid  to put in liquid in a container (plural objects) (e.g. flowers in a vase):  istooyaapitta, istooyaɬi
put inside  to put (one object) inside (a container):  ischokoolichi
put in with  to put (plural objects) in liquid, throw in with something else:  istoopatli
put next to  to put next to (one object), put (two objects) together:  ibachasàali.   to join one to another, put next to, add on to, expand (one object):  apotòoli, apotòolichi.   to have been put next to (of more than one):  ittibachaskachi
put on  to put on clothes (usually a skirt) worn from the waist down:  hombayli.   to put on (a hat):  yaatalàali.   to put on (a scarf or mask):  yaaɬipìika.   to put on (eyeglasses):  intalli1.   to put on (gloves):  aɬi1.   to put on (pants or trousers):  ilaanikoffi.   to put on (shoes):  haaɬi.   to put on (overshoes):  paahaaɬi.   to put on (stockings, socks):  istanaaɬichi.   to put on (a diaper or loincloth):  iboksi.   to put (a diaper) on (someone):  iboksichi.   to put on (a tie), wear (a harness):  wataali.   to go put another blanket on (as in cold weather):  maatalbitìili.   to cover, put a lid on (one object):  aɬipìili.   to go stick or put (one object) on, go attach to, take and put:  oslapaalichi.   to put a new handle on a tool:  ayoopi.   to put on, cover (in layers):  albitlichi.   to stick on (one object), attach to, weld to:  lapaalichi.   to stand one thing upright, esp. put a pot on the fire:  istitahachaalichi
put on top  to put on top of:  paachokoolichi, paayisaachi.   to have just been set out or put on top of (of one):  paatalàaka.   to put on top of, use in an upright position (one thing in a container):  ispaachokoolichi
put out  to set out, put (one object) out:  maastalàali.   to be set out, put out (in containers):  istalka.   to bud, put out leaves, leaf out (as a tree or plant):  fakopli.   to put out (a fire), extinguish (a fire), turn out (a light):  labosli
put over  to put over, put on top of, cover:  albitìili, albitlichi
putrid  to be putrid:  hapka1
put through  to pass (something) through, put through:  ɬopotlichi
put to bed  to put to bed with (one):  apoɬòolichi
put together  to put (two) together:  ittihokfi, ittapotòolichi.   to put together all of them:  ittoyhachi
put up  to put up a fence:  holihtachi.   to put up a fence around:  onaholihtachi.   to put up a tent, raise a tent:  iistalkan talbòoli.   to put up (people) overnight:  isaachi.   to stand (one object) in place (as a post in a hole, furniture in a room), put up (a tent):  hachaalichi.   to stand up (several things), put up (for example, posts or a tent):  hislichi
put with  to mix with, include, add on to, put with:  asaachi
puzzle  jig-saw puzzle, basket, etc.:  ittataɬka