N  the letter `N':  ìnka
nail  iron nail:  achoopa.   plugs, nails, pins:  istachosli.   spike, big nail:  achoopachoba.   thumb tack, carpet tack, small nail:  achoopasi.   anything nailed up or used to nail something up:  istachosòoli.   anything used to pull nails:  achoopa issiihka.   toenail, hoof, claw:  iyyaksi.   to be nailed, be stuck into (e.g. of a dart) (once):  achosòoka1.   to nail, drive in (a sharp object), stick in, stab, pierce, impale (one object):  achosòoli
nail file  ilbaksissohkachi
nail polish  ilbaksihomma.   to apply nail polish:  ilbaksihommachi
nails  fingernails:  ilbaksi
naked  ilokfíkso
name  holchifa.   surname, family name:  holchifastanóoka.   nickname:  holchifafíhnòkkohchi.   traditional woman's name:  Awakáhyi.   a girl's name:  Sihooki.   Clem Fain:  Kilim Finka.   Clenson:  Kilinsi.   Cooper:  Kòpa.   McConico (Battise):  Kaniko.   name of Chief B.C. Sylestine's mule:  Chòotka.   to name (someone), call (something) a name:  hochifa.   to be named:  holchifa.   to name after someone:  ahochifa, onahochifa.   to be named after:  aholchifa, onaholchifa.   to give a nickname to:  hótchìifa.   to inherit a name (first or last name) of, take someone's name (as a woman in marriage):  istonaholchifa
namer  hochìifa
nape  ichiksa
napkin  istilichoopaska
narrow  narrow road, alley:  hiniɬibaata.   to be narrow:  ɬibaata, ɬibáatàssi, chokíibossi
nasalize  to talk through the nose, nasalize the speech:  ibisaani isnaaɬiika
nasal mucus  ibiɬkani
nasty  to act hateful to, be nasty to, treat cruelly:  impalatka
nation  mixed nations, races:  ittimaɬahkóyha
Native American  aati, aati aapihchi hómma, aatihòmma.   American Indian baby or child:  aatosi
nausea  nokwaalatilka, nokwaliiya
nauseate  to be nauseated, sick to one's stomach, queasy:  nokwaala.   to make vomit, nauseate:  ahootachi
navel  chokbi, inchokbi
navy bean  chastokhátkasi
near  close, near (in time or space):  ayákha.   near, close together (of two):  ittayákha.   nearer or closer, a little farther back, close to:  íilòosi.   to be near, next to, close to:  ayákhàasi.   to be next to, be near (of one):  lapahli, láppàali.   to be put next to, near, or beside (of one):  apotòoka1.   to get next to, near, or beside (of one):  apotòoka2.   to get next to, near, beside each other (of two):  ittapotòoka2.   to be at a distance getting nearer, as in nearing the destination of a trip:  maatáyyákhàachi.   to be getting nearer to:  istáyyákhàachi, áyyákhàachi
neat  to be neat, clean:  sopátkàasi
Neches River  Nìichi
Neches Village  Nìichi Oola
neck  nokbi.   back of the neck, nape:  ichiksa.   anything worn around the neck:  wataaka.   to burn the neck (as sunburn):  noolibatli.   to chafe the neck (as a collar):  noomiɬoffichi.   to have a crick in the neck:  noohalatka.   to have whiplash, have a wrenched neck:  nokpanayka.   to get the meat off the neck of a hog or other animal:  nootaɬafka.   to put around the neck, put on (a tie), wear (a harness):  wataali, wáttàali.   to put in a sling, put a pendant on a chain around the neck:  iswataali.   to chop off at the neck (one object):  noochakaffi.   to twist off at the neck (as the head of a chicken), wring the neck (of a chicken):  nokpanayli
necklace  okchopi, wataaka
necktie  wataaka.   to put on a tie, wear a necktie:  wataali
nectarine  takkoosàwwa
need  need, want:  balinna.   to want (some thing or occurrence), need, like, be inclined to, try:  banna
needle  pin, needle:  chofa, choyyihissi.   sewing needle:  chofisɬopòoli, chofistoolfa, chofa isɬopotli.   sewing machine needle:  istolfachi inchofa.   knitting needles:  istaɬka.   eye of a needle:  chofisɬopòoli iⁿɬobafka, chofattiɬi.   stickers, thorn, sliver, burrs, dart, needle, arrow, knife, etc.:  achosòoka1
needy  to be dependent, needy:  onasikóopa
Negro  loocha
neigh  to neigh, bray:  pahka
neighbor  ayákhachókkòoli.   neighboring house, house next door:  ayákhàasi iisa
nephew  iⁿsabàyyanaani, imaalokòosi naani.   niece or nephew:  iⁿsabàyya.   nephew, stepson, anyone like a son:  ochòostoba
nervous  something that will make one nervous:  wisisihka.   to be nervous:  wisisihkachi.   to be jittery, nervous, fidgety (as horses or a teenager getting ready for a dance):  yawoota.   to be uneasy, tense, nervous, apprehensive (as when watching an acrobat):  yowaapa.   to twitch, shake, quake, tremble, quiver, be nervous, wiggle:  yòolichi.   to make somebody nervous:  wisisihlichi, yowaapachi
nest  kopi.   place in a tree (esp. a pine) where branches are twisted together to form a kind of nest where something might hide:  aatosi ilhichíkso imiisa.   to build a nest:  kopiichi.   to have a litter or nest (of offspring), to be nesting:  chíkkìili, chíkkìili
nestling  foososi
net  sakla, taɬka sakla.   fish net:  ɬaɬo istokhiɬilka.   throw net (for fish):  ɬaɬo istokbohòokachi.   window screen, net wire, chicken wire:  ochonasakla.   to fish with a net:  okɬolohka, imokbohòolichi, okhiɬka, ɬaɬo okbohòolichi
netwire  wire fence, netwire fence:  ochana isholihta
never  never, only (?):  -máɬɬi
nevertheless  anyhow, nevertheless, yet, although, despite:  sáhtík
new  to be new:  hahpa.   to be renovated, be made like new:  paahahpa.   to make like new, completely overhaul, rebuild, renovate:  paahahpachi, hahpachi
newcomer  aatihàhpa
new moon  tankahasiháhpa.   new moon, first of the month (also new clock, new calendar):  hasiháhpa
news  naaɬiilka
newspaper  holisso
New Year's day  lokbahaháhpa.   Happy New Year!:  bonolee
next  next, subsequent:  mìntama.   then, next, and then, so:  máamòosi.   next month:  hasimìnta.   to be next to, be near (of one):  lapahli
next door  neighboring house, house next door:  ayákhàasi iisa
next time  atokláali, hitòkla, atóklama.   next time, seconds:  atòkla.   to be twice, be two times, again, next time:  atòkla
next to  to be near, next to, close to:  ayákhàasi, láppàali.   to be second to, be next to, next in line:  istimatòkla.   to be next to, be close together (but not touching):  ittilapàalòosi.   to be next to, beside but not touching, alongside, side by side (of more than one):  apòotka2.   to be moving next to something:  istáyyákhàachi.   to be lined up next to each other but not touching:  ittapòotka1.   to be put next to, put beside but not touching, side by side (of more than one):  apòotka1.   to get next to, near, beside each other (of two):  ittapotòoka2.   to get next to, near, or beside (of more than one):  apotka2.   to have been put next to (of more than one):  ittibachaskachi.   to join one to another, put next to, add on to, expand (one object):  apotòoli, apotòolichi.   to put next to (one object), put (two objects) together:  ibachasàali
next year  lokbáahaama, ostillokbaha
nibble  to nibble:  sáwwàasin ipa.   to gnaw on, nibble on:  kaɬɬi.   to take little pieces of to nibble:  niplichi
nice  to be kind, nice, good:  alíila.   to do something nice for, be very nice to:  nàasfináachòssi
nice-looking  to be nice-looking, attractive, beautiful:  ilhicha kano
nickel  nickel, five cents:  pikayo
nickname  holchifafíhnòkkohchi, hótchìifahchi.   to give a nickname to:  hótchìifa
niece  àhpotayyi, iⁿsabàyyatayyi, ipokitàyyi, imaalokòosi tayyi.   niece or nephew:  iⁿsabàyya.   niece, stepdaughter:  ostaykitoba
night  tanka.   tonight:  tankaama.   midnight:  niɬhóota.   previous night, last night:  tankaako.   tomorrow night:  níhta tankaama.   to spend the night at (someone's house) (of one):  imbalàaka
night after next  nìhta koɬa tankaama
night before last  tankaakok koɬaako
nightcrawler  lapcho
nightgown  istinnochi
nighthawk  kitini
nightmare  ichoowanha, ooltobalwahka, ooltobakánko
nine  chákkàali.   ninth, nine times:  ischákkàali.   to be only nine:  chákkàalossi.   to have nine:  inchákkàali.   to make nine, do nine times:  chákkàalìichi
nineteen  pókkòolawahchákkàali
ninety  poolihchichákkàali
ninth  ninth, nine times:  ischákkàali
nipple  pisi
no  no, it is not so, it is not the case:  ánkobi.   no, it wasn't X:  mókko.   no, not so, it is not the case, it didn't happen like that, it was nothing:  mànko
Noah  Nowa
nod  to nod at (once):  innìili.   to nod once (involuntarily, e.g. sleepily):  nìili
no good  to be bad, evil, no good, rotten, worthless:  kànko
noise  to make a noise:  aksobaachi
noisy  noisy person:  aksobàachi.   to be noisy:  aksómbàachi
nomad  albinàachi
none  to not be, not have, be absent, be empty, be none, have any, not be here, be lacking:  íkso
noon  pontókkòoli.   today at twelve noon:  himáaka pontóoliiyon.   yesterday at noon:  pihaakopontókkòoli.   tomorrow at noon:  nìhtapontókkòoli.   tomorrow after noon:  nìhtapontókkòot ɬopotli, nìhtapontókkòot taɬoffi
normal  to have one's weight drop back to normal:  ɬoyka.   to recede (of floodwater), return to a normal level from a high (as weight):  ɬoyli.   to return to normal (of water level in a creek or lake) after having been completely dry from a drought:  oki aɬkatanooka
north  falammi1
northeast  maafalammi hasi maatassaliika iⁿhókkìita
northern prairie lizard  hanaabiya pàlki
North Star  falámmifa hochiiɬi, maafalámmihochiiɬi
north wind  maafalammi
nose  ibisaani.   to blow the nose:  ibisaanin ɬiihka.   to have a runny nose, have the sniffles:  ibissano
nosebleed  to have a nosebleed:  ibayya
nosey  to be nosey:  ibisaanik baskifíina, sómbàylifìinakáhchi
nostrils  ibisaani ɬomka
not  it can't be, it is not that way:  ánkohchoolo.   No, it is not an X:  mókko.   on the contrary, it is not the case that:  ínkotóot ommo
nothing  náasòkko.   no, not so, it is not the case, it didn't happen like that, it was nothing:  mànko.   to not have, not carry (of a store), have nothing:  imíkso
not so  no, it is not so, it is not the case:  ánkobi, mànko
November  hasiholtina istapókkòolawahcháffàaka, Nofìmba
now  himáakayàali.   now, and:  mooton.   now, now then:  mooliiya.   today, now:  himáakaya.   nowadays:  himáakayáhmiiyon, himàaka
nude  ilokfíkso
nudge  to push gently with the elbow or shoulder, nudge:  tiiɬi.   to nudge each other with the elbows (as a crowd exiting):  ittitiiɬi.   to elbow, nudge, jab or poke with the elbow (once):  inkowàasan ischifipka.   to give friendly nudges in the ribs:  chifka
nulliparous  to be barren, nulliparous, have no offspring:  ochoskíkso báana
numb  to have a numb spot, have the circulation cut off, have a body part be asleep:  iⁿsimohka, iⁿsobàyko, simohka.   to have a numb mouth:  ichoosimohka, ichoosobáyko
number  beginning, the start, the first, number one:  aɬɬámmòona.   one:  cháffàaka.   two:  tòklo.   three:  tótchìina.   four:  óstàaka.   five:  táɬɬàapi.   six:  hánnàali.   seven:  ontòklo.   eight:  ontótchìina.   nine:  chákkàali.   ten:  pókkòoli.   eleven:  pókkòolawahcháffàaka.   twelve:  pókkòolawahtòklo.   thirteen:  pókkòolawahtótchìina.   fourteen:  pókkòolawahóstàaka.   fifteen:  pókkòolawahtáɬɬàapi.   sixteen:  pókkòolawahhánnàali.   seventeen:  pókkòolawahontòklo.   eighteen:  pókkòolawahontótchìina.   nineteen:  pókkòolawahchákkàali.   twenty:  poolihchitóklo.   thirty:  poolihchitótchìina.   thirty-five:  poolihchitótchìinan awah táɬɬàapi.   forty:  poolihchóstàaka.   fifty:  poolihchitáɬɬàapi.   sixty:  poolihchihánnàali.   seventy:  poolihchontóklo.   eighty:  poolihchontótchìina.   ninety:  poolihchichákkàali.   one hundred:  táɬɬìipascháffàaka, poolispókkòoli, hanti, táɬɬìipa.   one hundred and two:  taɬɬìipa awah tòklo.   two hundred:  taɬɬìipastòklo, poolispókkòolawah tóklo.   two hundred and two:  taɬiipastòklo awah tòklo.   three hundred:  taɬɬìipastótchìina, poolispókkòolawah tótchìina.   four hundred:  poolispókkòolawah óstàaka.   five hundred:  poolispókkòolawah táɬɬàapi.   six hundred:  poolispókkòolawah hánnàali.   seven hundred:  poolispókkòolawah ontóklo.   eight hundred:  poolispókkòolawah ontótchìina.   nine hundred:  poolispókkòolawah chákkàali.   one thousand:  taɬɬìipaspókkòoli.   two thousand:  taɬìipaspoolistòklo.   three thousand:  taɬiipaspoolistótchìina.   four thousand:  taɬiipaspoolihchi óstàaka.   five thousand:  taɬiipaspoolistáɬɬàapi.   six thousand:  taɬiipaspoolishánnàali.   seven thousand:  taɬiipaspoolihchi ontóklo.   eight thousand:  taɬiipaspoolihchi ontótchìina.   nine thousand:  taɬiipaspoolischákkàali.   ten thousand:  taɬiipaspoolispókkòoli.   to mix together, combine, add numbers:  ittasaachi
numerous  to be many, numerous, be a certain number:  nàmpo
nurse  female nurse:  tayyi alikchi.   female nurse, woman doctor:  alìkchitàyyi.   male nurse:  alìkchinaani.   to nurse, suckle:  impisi.   to nurse (a child), breastfeed, give milk to:  pisiichi.   to nurse oneself with:  istilitalibòoli
nursing home  aathochòobimìistilka
nut  coconut:  sawaatisbakki.   hickory nuts:  ocha.   peanut, peanut butter:  hayaɬi.   pecan:  ochahobaski.   nut, screw, bolt:  istonasankachi